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Diamond In The Rough – Episode 4

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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




Episode 4



Madison’s POV


“Michelle come on…you’re gonna be late”I called out..I wonder what that boy is doing inside..

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“Mama my shoe”he came out with one of his shoes in his hands and the other is till worn


“Michelle,I wore this for you the other time why did you pull it off”


“I donno”he replied as he licked his Popsicle


I helped him wear the shoe and sighed in satisfaction


“There…now let’s go”I took his hand and we made for the door..


“You ready for school I see”Mrs Russell said as she came out of her house..she’s ready for work…she’s a nurse


“Yes Mrs Russ”Michelle said and she smiled “Good morning Mrs Russ”


“Good morning my dear,come on,let me drop you off”she said and we made for her car

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We all got in and I sat in the passengers seat with Michelle on my laps She drove us to Michelle’s school and I walked him to his class “Be a good boy to Miss Gold okay”


“Yes mama”he nodded with a pout and I smiled


“So mama will be going now,I’ll come pick you when school is over okay?” He spread his hands for a hug and I hugged him


“I love you mama”that almost made me cry


“Love you too baby”I pulled out of the hug and opened the door to his class and he entered


Mrs Russ doesn’t drive me to work because..you know,she’s a nurse and she has to be early.


“Taxi”I hailed a cab and he stopped


“Olivers”I said and the driver nodded as he hit the road “Hey Abigail”Andrea my co-worker greeted



“Hey Andrea..good morning”


“Morning..come on,there are a lot of customers”she pulled me by the arm to the kitchen..I put on my uniform and apron and set to work


“Table three needs a waiter”Madam Oliver,the owner of the restaurant said…


“I’m on it”I screamed as I took my notepad and pen


I walked to the table and gave the customers my best smile…its two guys..probably in their twenties and they didn’t hesitate to send me lustful gaze as I approached them..well,who wouldn’t?..I’m a brown skinned beautiful girl with hour glass figure


“What can I get you gentlemen”


The blonde one licked his lips and I mentally rolled my eyes


“I’ll take a Cajun chicken burger and a plate of pickled onion rings”the other one said and I nodded as I wrote down his order


“What about you sir”I asked the blonde one


“Um..just give me pecan pie with maple cream”


I wrote it down


“Okay sirs..be patient while we bring your orders”I said and they both nodded I walked to the kitchen and wow…this place is busy,I wish I can cook in this kitchen for once…just once


“We have two orders coming in”I said as I waved my notepad up


“What do we have”Sally,one of the cooks asked I gave her the note and she widened her eyes..


“Jeez,do these people wanna kill us?…why would they order for pecan pie?…and is that maple cream?I’m not even sure we have maple cream”I wander why she’s



whining,pecan pie is so easy to make and she can just make homemade maple cream..its so easy


“Gosh I’m exhausted”Andrea whined as she emptied the used dishes in the


sink..she’s the only person I have a little bit of close relationship with in this place


“I have to do all these dishes..I’m tired”


I chuckled and patted her back


“Get to it”I smacked her head playfully and she laughed


“You’re not to lazy around Abigail,we have a lot of customers”Mrs Oliver said as she cut up some veggies..I really admire her,she’s a great cook and a very hardworking woman..her restaurant, “Oliver’s Place” is the number one selling restaurant in the whole town…I said town,not city..not the whole Texas.


Making this place to be jam packed with people all day and night and that’s why the pay is good


“Another order”I said as I walked into the kitchen


“Abby,order for table three is ready”Sally said and i rushed to her…I arranged the orders carefully in a tray and I carried it as I made for the table


“Here is your order”I said as I placed their respective orders on their table..


“Sorry your order is kinda late..we didn’t have maple cream so we had to make new one for your food”I said to the blonde one and he nodded in understanding I wiped the sweats on my forehead and gave an exhausted sigh..I’m damn tired




“Jeez..today is the busiest day in the history of Oliver’s”Andrea said as she rested her head on my shoulders


“I know right”I took a long gulp of water and sighed as I swallowed it


“Our break will soon be over you know”she said as she raised her head from my shoulders



“Yeah..in the mean time,lets go check what’s going on in the kitchen..and see if we could help”I said and she scoffed


“You mean..and see if you could help”she emphasised on the “you” part


“I’m gonna rest for a while here”she laid well on the mattress..


“Okay…I’ll be back”I said and she waved her hands in dismissal I went to the kitchen and its still as busy as ever


“Hey Sally,need any help?”


“Yes please,help me with that pasta”she said as she points to the boiling pasta on the gas cooker


“You need sauce for it?”I asked and she nodded




“Hmm mm,sauce sauce sauce”I mumbled as I ransacked my eyes round the shelf I picked out the necessary ingredients and I set to work..


“You’re really good at this”Sally commented and I smiled




“You’re chopping the onions really fast,even I can’t go as fast as that…how did you get that fast?”she asked in amusement and I chuckled


“I just..know how to do it”I said with a shrug and she tsked


I was still working on the pasta sauce when someone barged into the kitchen


“Kelly,what the hell!”Micheal,one of the chefs yelled


“Shhhhhh…keep it down”Kelly whispered as she closed the door quietly


“What is wrong with you”Madam Oliver asked


“Alexa Grande is here”she said and everywhere became silent


“What?”Madam Oliver exclaimed in a whisper


“Yes…she’s here and she wants to see you”


Madam Oliver quickly washed her hands and removed her apron..she smoothened her hair with her hands and breathed out before opening the door…I’m guessing you’re wandering why we are all surprised and worked up because Alexa Grande is here..let me explain


Alexa Grande is the number one chef in the whole America…in fact I see her as the best chef in the world..she has won many competitions..she got the award of the “Golden Spoon”last year..that’s the biggest award of all times..she’s rich, influential,she has restaurants all over the world..not just any restaurant..5 star restaurants..she’s my role model,I got inspired by her and I’ve been dreaming to meet her one day and guess what?..she’s at my work place…like OMG!!!!


But the real question here is…why is she here?..we didn’t get any appointment from her and our restaurant isn’t a type of restaurant she can come to,like its too low for her standard..you get what I mean


I wander what’s going on out there with her and madam Oliver Oh..finally she’s back


“How’d it go”I asked as soon as she came back to the kitchen


“We’re in trouble”she said and we all looked troubled,I’m sure our hearts skipped a beat


“Wha..what happened”Andrea asked…when did she get here anyways


“Does anyone know how to prepare Pasta e Fagioli?”she asked and they all scrunched up their nose..some gave her a quizzical look


“Pasta e what now?”Kelly asked with a raised brow


“Isn’t that like…a Mexican dish?”Sally asked



“Yeah”madam oliver replied


“Why are you asking if anyone can cook it..who ordered for it?”Andrea asked


“Alexa Grande”she said and Micheal exclaimed


“We are screwed…so screwed”Sally lamented


“Where are we gonna find who can cook that…that dish is damn complex..and besides we don’t serve mexican dish here..”Micheal said and I cleared my throat making everyone to turn their gaze in me


“I can cook Pasta e Fagioli”i said and they are gave me quizzical looks


“You?…cook it?”Andrea asked unbelievably and I nodded


“Are you sure?..we don’t want any mistakes”Madam Oliver said and I nodded..I’m sure I can cook it,its one of the recipes I’ve been studying..its kinda complex but I can make it


“I’m sure..I’ll be done in the next 1hr but I’m gonna need some help”


“Okay…Andrea,Micheal..you’re in charge of the ingredients…Sally,James..help Abby in cooking..Kelly,take Tequila(a type of wine)to Alexa to keep her busy..the rest of your go attend to the other customers..everything must be in order..now,go go go!!!”she instructed and we all set to work..


I’m so tensed right now..I’m gonna be cooking,for the first time in the restaurant and for Alexa Grande!!!!I feel like I’m gonna blow up


“Okay so Andrea I’m gonna need..beef,carrots,tomatoes,onions,ring pasta,lettuce,cabbage,cheese,honey and avocado sauce. ”


“I’m on it”Andrea said as she rushed to the kitchen store to get the ingredients I washed my hands and put on my apron and my cooking cap..okay Madison..you’re about to make a dish of a life time..make it count





“And then I’ll just sprinkle the cheese on it and voilà meals done”I said as I placed the bowl of pasta e fagioli on the tray with a plate of apple pie ice cream pie..you can’t have Mexican food without Mexican dessert..I hope Alexa likes my food


“You ready?”Madam Oliver asked and I nodded as I removed my apron and hung it


“Let’s go”


I carried the tray and I exited the kitchen and there she was sitting in all glory..with


an aura of deliciousness(LOL)


Okay..I can do this


“So sorry ma’am for keeping you waiting”Madam Oliver said and Alexa smiled


“No problem..I know the dish I ordered for would take much time”she said in her beautiful no so American accent..it sounded more Mexican


“Here is your order”I said as I placed her food carefully on the table


“Looks nice..I bet it’ll taste nice”she said and I mentally squealed


“I bet it will,enjoy your meal and we are at your service if you need us”Madam Oliver said and she nodded


“We’ll be going now”with that,we both bowed and left her presence


“How’d it go?”Andrea asked as soon as we got back to the kitchen


“Fine…I guess”I said with a shrug


“I hope she likes your food Abby”Sally said and I crossed my fingers


“I hope so”


“Hey let me see”


“No..I wanna see what’s going on too”


“Jeez you’re stepping on me”




Micheal,Sally and Andrea are peeping through the door to hear what Alexa is telling Madam Oliver..not that they can hear anyways


“They are coming everybody shut up”Andrea whisper yelled…we weren’t even talking


The door creaked open and Alexa walked in with Madam Oliver trailing behind


“Are these your workers?”Alexa asked


“Yes my Lady”Mrs Oliver answered


“Hmm”she bummed as she strode checking us out one after the other..my breath almost hitched when she got to my front


“Who made the pasta”she asked and my heart skipped a beat


“Its Abigail ma’am”Ma’am oliver said and I stepped out..I was so scared..didn’t she like my food?..was it too spicy,salty?..or she didn’t like the honey I put in it…different questions ran through my mind


“You are the Abigail?”she asked


“Yes ma’am”I said trying hard not to shutter


“Where did you learn that recipe?”




“Online?..just that?”she asked and I nodded


“How many times did you practice or before you got it?”



“I tried it once and I got it that very first time”I said and she smiled


“Did you go to any catering school?” Jeez,why is she asking me these questions


“No ma’am,not at all”I answered




What does she mean by wow


“That dish is the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my whole life”




“Yes..that was superb,no superb is not the word,the word is…perfection”she said and OH MY GOD


Alexa Grande loves my food…she likes my food!!!




“Thank you ma’am”it took me a lot of self control not to scream out


“You don’t need to thank me…that meal deserves a 5 star”she said and I couldn’t stop smiling..I faced side ways and Andrea gave me a thumbs up with a grin


“And for that…”she reached into her bag and took out an envelope..the envelope was kinda big..like it is stuffed with something heavy She took my hand and placed the envelope on it


“Madam Oliver,I give your restaurant a big thumbs up…and I’m ready to sponsor you in any area”she said and Madam Oliver beamed in delight


“Oh my God…thank you ma’am ,thank you so much ma’am ”


“You’re welcome and….I’ve not paid for my food.”


She reached for her bag again and took out almost 4 bundles of money…how can four bundles of money be in a bag,I’m sure there are still more in that bag



“Oh my God,this is too much my Lady”Madam Oliver said and Alexa chuckled..you know those rich and influential chuckle


“You earned it..now if you would excuse me,I have a meeting to attend to..kudos to you workers as well,you’re doing a really good job here..keep it up”with that,she proceeded to the door and left the kitchen


“We just got a good recommendation from the best chef in the world”Micheal said unbelievably


“We just got sponsored by the best chef in the world”Andrea squealed


“Oh my God”I squealed and they all laughed


“I can’t believe this”Sally said


“Neither can I”Kelly added


“Someone should hold me,I’m about to die of excitement”Madam Oliver said as she came inside the kitchen


“We can’t hold you because we are all dying of excitement”I squealed and they all squealed with me


“Today is the best day of my life”Madam Oliver said in a sing song as she danced around the kitchen with the money bundles on her head


“What’s in the envelope Abigail”Kelly asked and I gazed at the envelope in my hands…I don’t know what’s in it but what’s in my head right now is… ALEXA GRANDE LOVED MY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!








I’m dancing for Madison oo



I’m so happy for her










Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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