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Teens’ Heart – Episode 85

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Chapter 85 Story by, Rejoice












Alexandra ‘s POV


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[After church] Lili and I drove back home..


It was 2pm when we got to the house and Lili had to go meet a friend she called, Prissy.


So she changed into another wear of trouser and a shirt.


“Alex, be careful. And don’t go far.” She said, gave me a peck and left.. I smiled, “Bye Lili.” I said and closed the door…


Soon, I heard her car zoom off.


Whoa.. Im alone in the house ..


And seriously, I don’t like it.


Jeremy said he wanna see me. I wonder when and where..


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I walked back to my room and changed into a blue bomshorts and white top and packed my hair into a ponytail cos I left it to fall down my shoulders for church cos I wore a panama hat, but now im back and I want it back to a ponytail. I took my phone and walked back to the sitting room.


I don’t feel hungry, so I just took a chocolate candy from the fridge and decided to watch Disney Tv,


I’ve missed it.






# Jeremy ‘s POV


I was alone at home now cos both mom and Moni are at the hospital, though Mom had come home and freshen up but she’s back to the hospital with Moni. She’s actually changing.


I layed on my bed and im just on my boxers.


I checked the time and it’s 3:20pm.


I gotta go see Andra.


I got up, walked to my closet and opened it.,


Got out a black jean and white shirt and pulled on.


Then I closed it, took my phone and walked out.


Im gonna go to her house.


She’do go wit me to the saloon.


Gotta fix my hair.




When I got to her house, I saw no car.


Not back from church yet?


Or they are out?


I hope not.


Andra gotta be at home..


I got down from my car and walked to the door.


I pressed the doorbell and few minutes later.


The door opened to review my babe,






Gawd!??? What’s this hot thing she’s putting on?


I checked her cute slender legs and looked at her dazzling eyes..


Why’s this girl so pretty? And she’s looking hot!


“Andra.. I sent you a message that I wanna see you..” I said coldy.


“Yeah, you did.” She said


“Can I come in?” I asked.


“Fine.” She said and left the door and I stepped in.


I can’t find Lili nor can I hear her voice either.


“Lili’s out to see a friend..” She said.


“Andra..”I called.


“Huh.. have a seat. Was watching disney.” She said.


“I want to hug you.” I said and before she could react, I hugged her already.


I really love this girl..


“I gave my mom another chance and my dad is on a wheelchair now and his driver is now awake from the coma now. Im kinda happy but without you, my happiness isn’t complete..Im so happy Im here wit you.” I said.


Then, I pulled away and stared into her eyes.


“I wanna go fix my hair. I need you to come with me.” I said and she let out a smile.


“Alright. Just stay back while I go change into something more okay.” She said, then left.


I watched till she left and I smiled..


Argghhh! she look so hot in that bomshort..




#Alexandra’s POV


When I got into my room, I couldn’t help it but smile.. Where did he learn to say all that breath taking words from? Jermyyyyy…


And gosh! I had bomshorts on me.




I got out a blue jeans and a yellow shirt and wore then…


Then took my phone and came out and he turned to me and gave a little frown.


“Andra I’do love that white shirt on you..” He said.


I glared at him, but he smiled in return.


“Pleaseee…” He said.


I rolled my eyes and went back to my room.


I pulled off the yellow shirt and wore back the white shirt I was puting on then.


I wonder what’s his plan.


He’s on a white shirt and he wants me to wear white shirt too.




I saw my black bobble hat… and got it out.


It’s been a while I wore this so I decided to wear it.


I pulled the hairband off my hair and my hair fell down my shoulders, Then I wore


the bobble hat and maybe it fits me.


I guess Jeremy would tell me if it do.


I walked out to the sitting room and met him looking at Lili’s picture frame. He saw me and is like wowwww,


“You look damn pretty Andra.. Oh gosh!” He said as he came over and hugged


me, with the frame still in his hand.




“You look so cute babe.” He said with a smile. and pulled away…

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