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Dare To Love – Episode 13

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Dare to love




The king never gives any of the servants this special treatment What makes her so special


No Way the king can ever be in love with her That not gonna happen


The Kings never falls in love

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I think am over thinking things


There is absolutely nothing going on between



Am very sure there is nothing between them Am sure of that


Nothing is going on between them


I repeated this in my head trying to convince my self




I went to the kitchen smiling at myself likei


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This Gerald will definitely be the end of me


He will


‘Sir Mugello wants to see you in the sitting room’ one of the maids said as she walked away




Why does that bully wants to see me


Why the hell does he want to see me


I really do not like that guy


And Gerald told me to stay away from him


I suspended whatever I was doing In the kitchen and went to meet him ‘you called for me’


He looked at me and dropped his glass of wine ‘why don’t you sit first’


‘I think am fine standing’ I said and he smirked


‘normally stuffs like this is non of my business, but I just have to tell you this….’



‘and what is that’ I asked


He stood on his feet and said ‘I can’t help but notice the awkwardly close relationship between you and Gerald’


Even this jerk has noticed us


Are we that obvious


‘I just want to tell you not to get your hopes up…. Gerald can never be the man for


you…he is nothing but a demon that can never fall in love…he will end up f**king you and you will just be one of his cheap whores… That what you are…. And that


what you will be…. It is up to you to decide who you want to be…. If it about Gerald falling in love…. I want you to forget about that totally… Gerald is not the right guy for you sweet little girl ‘ he said and walked away


But come to think of it


Is he right


Am I developing some kind of feelings for Gerald knowing fully well that all he wants from me is nothing but s*x


Just s*x


. Does he want me to fall in love with him soi can give him that willingly


What going on


I really need to find out why that Gerald is doing all this


Does he like me or is what Mugello saying the truth


Am just so confused


I went back to the kitchen and started cutting vegetables


It 10:00 already….am not meant to be here by now


But Gerald is not releasing me


I wonder when he is going to let me go home


‘here are more vegetables.. I want you to chop them’ The chief maid said as she brought more vegetables


‘but ma’ m…..i can’t Chop all this alone … It gonna take me Atleast 3 hours ‘


‘ well that none of my business… Figure it out on your own ‘


and why should she? ‘ a voice said Gerald


your majesty… Well the queen, your mother is coming tomorrow so there’s gonna be a feast, we have alot to prepare ‘she said and Gerald walks towards me


this one is my help… Not the one for everyone… You do the vegetables yourself we have 50 maids here ‘


okay your majesty ‘


no Gerald…. Do not worry, I got this, I will chop all the vegetables ‘


leave that’ he said


‘but I have to help… I want to chop the vegetables’


He sighed and said ‘I really do not understand you….. Few minutes ago you were


complaining about chopping them, what happened all of a sudden?’


‘well I can’t just leave them to do all this alone, I feel like I have to help… I was only complaining because I needed someone to chop the veggies with…. I needed someone to help and help to make my work faster’


He sighed and said ‘okay then’


He removed his jacket and gives it to one of his maids and grabbed one of the aprons and put it on



‘Gerald what are you doing?’ I asked looking zhockex ‘you wanted a partner… You got one’ he said


The expression on the other maids face was priceless Even the chief maid looks absolutely shocked


‘your majesty please do not do that… I will find someone to join her right away’ the chief maid said but he ignored her ‘we got this… Please do not worry your ma




‘All of you…. Leave… Now’ he said focused on chopping the vegetables


They all turned their back and walked out of the big well furnished kitchen ‘Gerald, what are you doing?’


‘being your partner, what else’ he said still focused on the veggies There is no point talking to him


He doesn’t look like he is going to listen anyway


I couldn’t take my eyes off him


Why exactly is he doing this


Whst exactly does he want from me


Why is he confusing me


Just why


‘ouch’ I winced In pain as I cut my finger with the knive Gerald looked at me


‘can’t you be more careful?’ he asked as he slowly grabbed my finger


His eyes turns red and the cut closed up immediately


It seems his eyes always changes it color whenever he wants to use his power


“be more careful and stop hurting yourself ‘


‘ can i ask you a question?’


‘sure why not’ he said focused on the vegetables


This is a very embarrassing question but I have to ask


Before I fall head over heels


‘what exactly are my to you?’ I asked and he stopped chopping the veggies and focused on me


“I don’t know ‘ he said as he went back to the vegetable


‘oh…. I bet am one of those girls you want on your bed right” I said and he looked


at me and smiled before going back to the veggies ‘ hey what was that suppose to mean and will you stop being so focused on that vegetable ‘I said as I snatched the knives from him


He sighed and moved close to me


My back was resting on the kitchen table while he placed his hands on the table blocking my left and right side and trapping me between him and the table


‘ yes I see you as a girl I want to f**k’ he said and I looked at him


‘waw you are pretty raw with your words and painfully honest too’ I said looking so sad


That means Mugello was right


He only wants me for s*x


Am just one of his whores


‘but this days, it so strange cause I see you as someone I want to be with for the rest of my miserable life’ he said as he tucks my hair behind my ear


My heart was beating so fast I felt like it gonna pop out of my chest


‘forgive me for being such a confused being, I do not know what i really feel about you… But for now, just know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, I promise and I never promise unless I mean it.. Try to trust a jerk’ he said and I smiled


At least we are on the same page


We are both confused about our feelings for each other


I hope we find out how we really feel very soon


Very soon


With the look on his face I know he wants to kiss me


And i also want to do the same




I could feel millions of butterflies in my tummy as our lips touched each other


And This time around he isn’t willing to back out anytime soon


I wrapped my hands around his neck and stood on a tiptoe as his hand went around my small waist


My hand traveled it way through his soft black hair and his second hand went to the back of my neck for support


The kiss was soft and passionate and the way he kisses


It like a part of him telling me that he has feelings for me and then there is another part trying to fight that feelings




Tears rolls down my eyes as I saw the two of them kissing So


There is something between them


I ran out of the house and into the garden


I fell on my knees unable to control the tears


I thought she was my friend


Why did she betray me like this


Why did she do this


I trusted you


Whyyyy her






About 2 hours later Gerald and I were through with the vegetables


I called Amaya few minutes ago telling her that I am spending the night here since it already too late to go home


Am sleeping in the maids room tonight


I was on my way to the bathroom when I bumped into the idiot Mugello


‘seems you did not take my advice’ he said



‘you know what zip it Mugello, thanks for your advice and please accept my middle finger as a token of appreciation’ I said showing my middle finger which means f**k you


And This clearly upset him.


I don’t care what people say about Gerald anymore


I want to know him properly before I judge


I can’t judge him by what the peopl


e say


They do not know him at all









Tell me who loves Kira


Did she betray Charlotte and was her reply to Mugello the right thing


Drop your comment




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