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A Prayer And A Dollar – Episode 20

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He paced about the room not knowing what to do, the issue at hand was very critical. A child was not something that you just walk away from without feeling an ounce of guilt in you. He had been married to his wife for a very long period of time and she had told him countless times that she would never give him an heir as long as he continued to sleep around.


Yes a part of him desperately wanted one but none of the girls he had been with were worthy to carry his child. He considered them loose and dull and so he made sure none of them got pregnant. And if they did he had his own doctor that helped in terminating those pregnancies.


Miso on the other hand was intelligent, she knew what she wanted and he was certain she would make a good mother.


‘Damn it woman!’ he screamed hitting into his office chair


He was upset that she had kept such information from him, yes it had hurt a little when she just went mute on him but that had changed as time went by because he had found himself in the arms of another woman.


He picked up his phone and called his assistant. ‘I need you to find me someone.’ He said strongly


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‘Yes I will send you the details in a text and make sure she is here in twenty four hours.’ He said dropping the line


He picked his brief case and started off for home, his day was not going as planned and another minute in the office would just make him lose his mind.


‘Who has died today?’ Denise asked not even looking at him


He clicked his tongue, they had both stopped trying. They knew their marriage was not working and so pretending that it was the last thing they wanted to do.


‘Go on, the best thing you do now is just walk away from me.’ She screamed after him



‘Woman what is wrong with you? Can’t I have some peace in my own house?’ he asked


She shook her head and went back to the wine she was drinking, the only thing she was good at the past days.


Immediately he disappeared into the bedroom she allowed the tears to fall, yes he was not her favorite person on most days but this is not how she had imagined her life to turn out. She had been so engrossed in getting married to Josphat, a young man with a promising future and when the money had started coming in she couldn’t be happier. She thought she loved him but it was what he came with that she loved, he had been very intelligent to see this and so he found comfort in whatever he could. She toured the world with his resources, she literally drowned in his money that by the time she was coming to the top she realized money is just vanity without any love.

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She allowed the hot tears to burn her cheeks as she thought of all those times she aborted his children because she believed babies would make her figure go away. And now the doctor’s report said she would never have children again, something had gone absolutely wrong on her last abortion.


She picked herself up from the floor and decided to follow Josphat to the bedroom; she couldn’t drown in her sorrows alone, she needed him to be there for her. To not just be a husband but friend too.


Without knocking she entered the room and found him pouring himself some vodka from their bedroom refrigerator. She stood there and watched as he gulped the contents of the alcohol then poured himself another glass.


‘Will you stand there looking at me like I am some sort of stranger?’ he asked coldly


She blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall, she was vulnerable and now more than ever she needed him.


‘When did we become like this?’ she managed to ask He looked at her like she had lost her mind


‘Are you talking to me?’ he asked looking around the room for a third person ‘Josphat come on drop the act, of course I am talking to you.’


He chuckled then walked to the bed, sat down and started to remove his shoes. She watched him as he struggled with his laces, she remembered a time when she found joy in doing that for him. The little things that made both of them happy – he had been over the moon for him as he fought for his way up the ladder.


‘Let me help.’ She said moving closer



She knelt before him and undid them like she did back in the days, after that she removed his socks which she put on the side and helped him out of his tie.


‘Are you okay?’ he asked her surprised


‘I miss you, I miss us.’ She said looking down as tears fell


He looked at her trying to digest what she had just said.


‘What is wrong with you?’


‘What?’ she asked


‘I just miss you, I just miss us.’ She responded He shook his head then got away from her


‘I haven’t met you today Denise, remember we have been married for a long time and honestly speaking if at all you missed me I would have seen the sincerity in your eyes. All I see now is.’ He paused


‘What do you see?’ she asked


‘I don’t know but you don’t miss me, there is more to this.’ He said now undoing his buttons


She sat quiet for a while as the tears continued to flow, she was debating on telling him but what did she have to lose?


‘Josphat I will never have a child.’ She said the words tasting bitter both on her lips and tongue


He laughed sarcastically


‘You find it funny?’


‘Well I thought you are the one that always preached that you don’t want to have a child with a man like me, so why now are you telling me this?’


She looked at him with shock


‘I didn’t want to have a child with you because you have never loved me.’ ‘Woman your friends out there have children just to tie themselves to a man and you, you had to deny me that chance of being a father for that reason?’ he clicked his tongue


‘Josphat you have never loved me, how was I supposed to carry a child for a man that never even loved me?’


‘I always thought you were an intelligent person, a child would have been a win


win for the both of us. I would have had an heir and you would have had someone


that would always love you. But no, you didn’t think of all that right?’ he asked


shaking his head


There was silence


‘It doesn’t matter now.’



‘It sure doesn’t because my son is already two as we are speaking right now.’ He said dropping the bomb





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