Overlook Love – Season 2 Episode 7

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Ryan and I became a power couple in matter of days. I officially introduced him Tyson, who was shocked but very happy for me. My stability meant a lot to him. He was working on his marriage through my guidance on what to buy, what to do where to go and many more. Tracy was thrown behind the boot. She tried some drama and was silenced by Calvin.


Travis was the happiest man alive. Stealing from an innocent woman for him was like squeezing an antelope’s neck. I felt for Tess and really wanted to press the reset button so that we could back to how things were, but after how she treated me and called me ratchet, I didn’t care even if she lost it all. But I told Travis not to leave her empty handed. She needed some investment for Skyla and money in the bank too. But anyway, as long as she was still dating her boss, she would still make more.


I was in love and love was me. We met almost every evening. Sometimes I went to his shop and helped him change the set up. I was running Ryan’s life while he was in charge of mine. Everything worked well and for the better. Money wasn’t an issue coz we had genuinely stolen from my other “family”.


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RYAN: Jade, I am not a bad person but I don’t like being used. Raksha used me, abused me and tormented with empty threats all the time.


JADE: I know you are not a bad person, but even if you were, who cares! You are good to me and you love me, that’s what is important to me.


RYAN: Does that mean you want a future with me?



JADE: Are you for real? We are already having a future here and it won’t stop until death do us part.


RYAN: That’s all I needed to hear. Now to our deal, you now know that I don’t need money to renovate that building, but to buy it you will have to chip in.


JADE: As long as it is in both our names


RYAN: That goes without say. I trust you Jade, and the best part of this whole thing is that I love you so much. And it was from the first day I saw you. That kiss was a true one.


JADE: That kiss was the game changer.

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I couldn’t believe how fast things changed for me. I remained humble and never even bothered to own a car or the luxuries that people rush for when they have money. As much as Ryan wanted me to resign and go help him run his business, I told him my independence meant heaven to me. Tyson was like my dad and I wasn’t going to ditch him just coz I had found love. He gave me a job when I needed it so badly. He mentored me, taught me sales and how to deal with men. I owed him and I was going to stick with him until he sacks me.


Ryan had done a good job to the building and I was impressed. Apart from being an IT expert, he was also good in construction but he wasn’t an engineers, he contracted people to do the job. The finishing was perfect. I loved it and couldn’t wait to own it.


Two months later, Ryan and I became bonded. We moved in to the penthouse together. House warming was attended by two other guests only, Tyson and Sandra. It was on a Saturday evening and all was running smoothly until I received a call I had been waiting for, for quite some time. I had a chance to rub it in. I went from the living room to the bedroom so that I could talk in private. But first I had to pretend that I didn’t know who she was…….change of tact.


TESS: Hi Jade


JADE: Hello, who is this?



TESS: Really jade? It has reached that point?


JADE: Oooh! Now I get your voice Tess. Yes, it has come to this point. You know ratchets survive longer than you classy people coz we live underground. I hope you are calling to invite me for your wedding with Travis.


TESS: You don’t have to be sarcastic. I am calling to ask you if you know where Travis is.


I laughed so loudly, I am sure her eardrum broke.


JADE: Ooh Tess, how can you call me about Travis. Are you not the one who told me that you were together and planning a future as a couple? And I wished you all the best. I didn’t even fight back, I let go because I was just a side chick.


TESS: You mean Travis is married?


JADE: He didn’t tell you? Yes he is married and that is why I wasn’t attached to him. I wanted to warn you but you called me ratchet and a poor person. So I left birds of the same feather to flock together.


TESS: Please Jade, help me find him.


JADE: I can’t coz I don’t have his contacts. I deleted his numbers and blocked him. He was just a client, not a personal friend that I should bother about if he is lost. Once a man walks out on me, I let him go. I don’t cling on them and I don’t beg them to stay. They are many….. I will just jump on the next available one. Am

I clear?


TESS: He has conned me a lot of money Jade.


JADE: How and you were planning a future together. Travis has money, lots of money so why should he con you? You must have sent him the money willingly and out of excitement. Chill, he must be doing some business with it and will call you soon.


TESS: Please Jade, help him find him.


JADE: I am too busy planning for my wedding.


TESS: Wedding? You are getting married, when? Who is the lucky man?


JADE: You don’t want to know. Give me an hour, I will call back and give you full details, but as for Travis, that’s your weakness, deal with it. Kindly excuse me, I have a house warming party going on.


I said and hung up. I don’t know why but it hurt me so badly that someone I once adored so much and is my blood, was now like and enemy. That was my half-sister, you know! I always gave people second and even third chances but Tess, no. She abused me and lowered my dignity. She first took Ryan from me, and then Travis. She deserved what had come to her. I was yet to give her the worst news ever.


I was about to return back to the living room when Ryan joined me in the bedroom.


I didn’t like the look on his face.


RYAN: Jade, I have been wondering where I saw Tyson’s wife. From the moment they came in, I knew she was familiar but I needed to know exactly where I knew her from.


JADE: Please don’t tell me you have slept with her too.


RYAN: Cut me some slack madam, I don’t just sleep around.


JADE: Then how do you know her?


RYAN: She has been seeing a client of mine. They once came to my shop to buy a laptop. She bought that guy a laptop worth 60K.


JADE: Jesus Christ! When was that?


RYAN: Two months ago. The client introduced her as his “catch”.


JADE: Do you know if they are still together?


RYAN: I am not sure, but I can find out.Kindly share out more interesting stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon button below.


JADE: Call him now.


RYAN: What?


JADE: Yes darling do it. I am not going to let her fool Tyson anymore. He is a good man. He is using Tyson’s hard earned cash to buy laptops for her lovers. Do you know how hard he works in that office? And I made him to dump his side chick and rekindle his love life with the wife. Useless woman! Call


RYAN: Don’t get involved babe, they seem happy.


JADE: She is pretending. I won’t tell Tyson, but I will tell her.


RYAN: There is only one thing I don’t like about you


JADE: I know, I don’t easily back off. Now make that call.


Ryan made the call and believe it or not Sandra was still seeing the guy and had even made plans to meet him over the weekend. I wanted to go to the living room and slap her so hard. She was there all over Tyson like a tick on a cow and yet she had other plans ahead. I had to take her head on without creating drama. We went back and they were kissing right there in the middle of the room. If my phone wasn’t that expensive I would have used it to disfigure her lips forever. I don’t know why I felt so bad for Tyson, probably because he was the only ‘parent’ I knew.Read and enjoy more interesting stories fromnTopster stoeies app. JADE: Break the romance now. Sandra let’s go to the kitchen and serve food. Gentlemen, you relax and wait for what’s coming.


TYSON: I hope it is not pork.


JADE: You are a guest here sir, you will have what’s served. Keep your allergies to yourself.



Sandra followed me to the kitchen and I didn’t waste any time with her.


JADE: So Sandra, what’s the secret to a long lasting marriage? I haven’t started mine and I am already scared.


SANDRA: You just have to be loyal and true to your spouse. Respect him and be there for him whenever he needs you.


JADE: Does that include cheating on him too?


The plate she was carrying in her hand fell and broke. I expected that. The look on her face was that of a rattled snake. I smiled at her sarcastically.


JADE: That plate you have broken is worth 500 shillings. But that’s not as important as you cheating on Tyson and at the same time all over him with forced kisses. If you don’t love the man anymore walk away. Go start a new life.


SANDRA: What do you want from me?


JADE: Nothing, what do you have that I can really need? I just don’t want you to hurt Tyson anymore. If he loses his senses, no one will be there to run his company and the losers with be his kids and his employers. I don’t want to lose my job.


SANDRA: Tyson and I are finding ourselves again, please don’t ruin this for me, I beg of you.


JADE: I am not going to tell Tyson anything, I can’t be the one to break his heart. You will go out there and confess everything to him. Don’t forget to tell him about your weekend plans with Erick. I wonder how much you spend on that guy. I know about the laptop too.


SANDRA: Have you been following me?


JADE: Am I your body guard? I don’t have the time my dear. That laptop was purchased from Ryan’s shop and he remembers you very well…”The catch”



SANDRA: From one woman to another, please let this end here. Tyson will be devastated if he knows about my cheating.


JADE: No he won’t. Just go out there, confess everything and call Erick and break it off. I will handle my boss coz it seems I know him better than you do.


SANDRA: You are such a weasel.


JADE: Call me another animal name and I will make sure he divorces you so fast and leaves you with nothing but your pants and bras.


She started to cry and I gave her a serviette to wipe her tears. I had made myself clear. I wasn’t going to let anything ruin our house warming so we came to an agreement. I forced her to call Erick and call off the relationship and tell him that her husband had found out about the affair and was NOT giving her any allowance anymore, so it would be difficult for her to book for the hotel rooms, leave alone by him any gifts. Erick didn’t take it lying down, he accused her of using him for sex and now that she had found another lover, she was dumping him. He called her old and ugly and that really hurt her. Once she calmed down and took 4 shots of Tequila, she was back in her usual self.


We served food and dinner was wonderful. We discussed a lot and I was happy to see Tyson enjoying himself. I hoped that Sandra would not back track to her stupidity. But after Erick’s reaction, I doubt if she would cheat again. After dinner we danced for half an hour before we saw them off. Ryan and I did the cleaning and sat down to relax. I was so contented and over the moon. Love was in the air. A girl baby was all smiles. I had a beautiful home, the man I loved and good money in the bank to plan a family.


But wait a minute; I had one last thing to deal with. My hands were itching.


RYAN: That smile is very sly, what do you have in mind?


JADE: I haven’t told your ex-lover about us.


RYAN: Do you have to? She will see our wedding on TV


JADE: I want to prepare her for it


RYAN: You are a hard nut to crack


JADE: And you love me, don’t you?


RYAN: Very much my pineapple.


JADE: God! Can’t you use apple.


RYAN: Next time.


I prayed before making the call. Ryan held my waist as if I needed special support. I wasn’t doing it to hurt Tess but to make things clear. I was also going to tell her what Tyson had told me about Travis.


She didn’t answer even after five rings. That was a bad omen.


I waited for about ten minutes, and then she called.


JADE: Hi Tess


TESS: Tell me you have found Travis.


JADE: I have tried to locate him in vain. So I took a step and asked Tyson if he knew anything.


TESS: And?


JADE: I am sorry Tess. Travis left the country a week ago. He went to Europe with his wife. No one knows when he will be back.


TESS: Jesus of Nazareth. He robbed me a lot of money.


JADE: He didn’t rob you; you gave him the money Tess.



TESS: I transferred a cool 10M to that man to buy me land in Nairobi. You mean he was a con?


JADE: How was I to know? He was just a client and a banged him once in a while. I had no money to give him, but even if I had, why should I? I can invest on my own. You told me you were dating, so it is your foolishness and pride. Now you see. Blame yourself.


TESS: You have no idea which country he went to?


JADE: He didn’t call to say bye. Talk to Interpol, maybe they will help you find him, but if there was no agreement you signed with him, count the money gone. He will say you were paying him for sex.


TESS: What kind of sex costs 10M?


JADE: The kind that he did to you. But don’t cry, that’s a little money and you, have been stealing it too. So it is a case of a thief stealing from another thief. You will get more where that came from.


TESS: You bitch!


JADE: Yes, me bitch and there is more Tess, don’t hung up yet or should I call you back? I have 1000 worth of airtime. Ryan and I are getting married next month.


TESS: You wish. Ryan can never date a mean person like you. He is with Raksha and I am sure they are together right now. Your dreams will never be valid.


JADE: Are you sure about that?


TESS: 100% sure


JADE: Okay, just a second.


I put the phone on louder speaker and gave it to Ryan to say hello.


RYAN: Hi Tess. It is Ryan.



TESS: You stupid fool, what are you doing with that python?


RYAN: I am a Cobra; birds of the same feather flock together. I love my Python very much and we are getting married next month. You are invited. Bring Travis with you.


TESS: You can both go to hell.


RYAN: Thank you


Ryan hung up. That was it. I had done what I had to do. My real life had just begun. I had a job, a good man beside me and Tyson my boss as my guardian angel. Two days later he gave me good news too. Sandra had requested that they renew their marriage vows. She confessed everything and promised never to cheat. Tyson also confessed and, they forgave each other. Sandra called to thank me for opening her eyes. I told them to renew their vows the same day of our wedding. Life couldn’t be better. I had OVERLOOKED my LOVE for Ryan but finally God had brought us back together. I repented my sins and God for sure forgave because I am expecting Triplets, Jordel, Israel and Cameron.



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