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A Prayer And A Dollar – Episode 23

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It had been three days since she learnt that her husband had shamelessly made another woman pregnant and now was fighting to get his child from her, she felt nauseated at the thoughts of a man as powerful as Josphat stooping so low. This is not what she had imagined her life turning into and after much thinking; she came to the conclusion that the branches were not wrong. It was the roots that she was keeping in her house that were wrong. She didn’t have to do anything to the six inch heels, or the twenty two inch Peruvian hair because at the end of the day even



when you pluck out the branches; as long as the roots are in the ground, the tree will still grow.


She powdered her face one last time, she had called Miso earlier to meet her at Meraki cake and bar at Makeni mall where she usually went to have her cake every time she was stressed.


She looked at herself one more time, she had gone out of her way this time to just look like a married woman. All these years she had just done things to impress herself and now more than ever she felt maybe if she had not neglected her home one bit maybe Josphat wouldn’t have gone out there chasing after skirts.


She looked at herself on the mirror again, turquoise bandage dress with nu.de heels. Her hair was a bob grey that made her look younger than she really was. She sighed deeply and went through everything she was going to say before heading out.


Luckily congestion wasn’t heavy and an hour later, she was seated on the table that she had reserved. She looked at her watch and wondered why Miso wasn’t there yet, she had hoped to find her so that she makes a grant entrance.

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She ordered a fruit shake and started going through her phone when she heard laughter coming her way.


It was Miso and Khan, she was in a black floral flared dress with yellow heels. Khan was clad in a black slim fit suit with a peach shirt and was carrying the baby on one hand and holding her hand with another.


Denise swallowed hard, she still couldn’t get over the fact that Khan had denied her all those years but had settled for a girl without so much education.


‘Sorry we are late.’ Miso apologized with a smile ‘Hey Denise.’ Khan greeted her with so little emotion


‘I guess this is where we say goodbye little man.’ Khan said kissing Xavier who was busy smiling


‘I will see you later beautiful.’ He said now kissing Miso on the lips Her cheeks flushed


She got the baby from him and kissed him on the lips one last time before he left. She took a seat just opposite Denise so that they could be facing each other ‘Can I order you anything?’ Denise asked


‘No thank you, we are fine.’ She responded smiling at Xavier who seemed to be hyper

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Denise called for a waiter and ordered a slice of dark forest cake, she wasn’t going to miss her specialty for anything in the world.



‘You asked me to meet you here.’ Miso said when Denise was busy digging into her food, forgetting that she had a guest


‘I am sorry, I am just in love with their cake.’ She confessed wiping her mouth with a napkin


‘Then why not learn how to make it?’ ‘Excuse me?’ Denise asked taking offence


‘I mean if you like the cake so much, why not learn how to make it? Don’t you think it will help you serve a lot of money and time? Plus you can have it at whatever time you want.’


‘I appreciate your thoughtfulness but I think I have my reasons for coming here.’ ‘Which are?’ Miso asked not giving up


‘So that I can get away from my problems, so that I can forget that baby mamas like you exist.’ She screamed drawing attention


Miso sighed heavily.


‘That didn’t go well.’


Denise shot her an eye


‘I asked you to come here just for one thing, I understand Josphat is the problem here and I will only be doing you a favor because I have decided to help you and make sure that he doesn’t get your child.’ ‘I am all ears.’ Miso said


‘You see I know a lot of secrets about Josphat and if he decides to take you to court, I could stand as a witness. I could tell the court why I haven’t had children for him all this while. Because I believe he will be the worst father to my children, I will tell the courts about all his affairs and that will work against him and in your favor. You can have your child to yourself and Josphat will suffer for the rest of his life.’ She said excitedly


‘And what’s in it for you?’ Miso asked after a while


‘Well, I don’t have to see you again. Or your child and I can watch Josphat wallow in sadness forever.’


Miso kept quiet for a while.


‘I am sorry but I won’t take it.’ She said on her feet ‘What?’ Denise asked with shock written all over her face ‘I won’t take it.’ She repeated then got up


She walked to the car park with Xavier in one hand and her handbag in another in search of a cab only to find Khan there.


‘You didn’t leave?’


‘I don’t trust Denise.’ He said starting the engine



They drove the whole way and she explained what Denise proposed. ‘Why didn’t you take her offer?’ he asked when she was done explaining ‘My child won’t be used as a pawn in her quest for revenge.’ She said ‘And why do you say that?’


‘Denise is bitter, she is angry and doesn’t care about I or Xavier. What guarantee do I have that she won’t do the same to another child who God forbid Josphat might father some day? We will sort this out without hurting anyone in the process, we won’t allow bad weeds to grow with the good ones least we bring down the whole harvest.’


He smiled; proud of how much she had grown.







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