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Must Read: Secrets – Season 2 Episode 3

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Episode 3




12:59 pm, Marcus Villa


The car conveying Stella cruised into the grand hotel and parked. Already in a room next to the one Stella booked, Eve, Stanley and their squad waited. Stella made her way into her room, undressed quickly and tucked her clothes into the wardrobe neatly. Her heart was beating fast; she knew she could die trying to help catch Baribote. After the night she found out how Baribote had stolen a sex video from her and sent a man to kill her before her husband stopped him, she swore to pay him back. She was not going to agree to help, until she found out the truth at the Helmsman’s holding house. Eve and Stanley had left her tied to an arm chair for much of the night, fearing she would kill herself if she was let lose. But when she made up her mind to fight back, she banished the thought of killing herself. She was the one who actually came up with the idea about how to lure Baribote to a trap. Working like an ant, she applied small doses of a poisonous substance on her breast, finger and stomach, and lay herself on the bed wearing only a pant and then waited.


About ten minutes later Baribote knocked on the door to her hotel room and gently pushed it open. She had told him she would leave the door open for him. Seeing she was already unclad and waiting for him, Baribote shut the door and sashayed toward her as the sex maniac in him took over.


“You look better than the last time I saw you na.ked,” he said before planting his lips on hers, his tongue wandering about in her mouth with feverish intensity. Minutes later he was breathing heavily and hurrying to go into her. Stella maneuvered him and offered him her breast to suck, “You don’t have to rush it, we have the whole day together don’t we?” Baribote grabbed her breast and pushed them into his mouth. Stella wasn’t done yet, she wanted much of the poison into his system, and so she dug her poisoned left fingers into his mouth and the foolish chief began to lick them. When Baribote made for her thighs, she offered him her stomach and asked him to lick them. He didn’t refuse. He was ready to do anything just to get into her. Confident that he had swallowed much of the poison, Stella pushed him aside and made a dash for the bathroom. Baribote wasn’t done yet, like



a tiger he grabbed her and flung her violently on the bed. Stella was surprised by his strength. She could tell the poison hadn’t kicked in yet.

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She was determined not to let him have his way and so she started a fight. Sadly, she was no match for the chief. He slapped her across the face, tearing her skin. Stella yelled in pain, and Eve who listening from the other room almost busted in with her gun in hand. Stella tried to poke her fingers into his eyes, but he saw that coming and ducked. Like a beast, he turned and landed punches on Stella’s stomach. The impact of the punches left Stella gasping for breath. She could no longer fight back. Seeing he had overcome her, Baribote ripped off her pant and made to go into her. Without warning, he fell off her and hit the tiled floor with a cracking thud. By letting Stella engage him in a fight, his heart had begun to pump blood faster and therefore spread the poison throughout his body. Stella managed to drag herself off the bed and reached for her phone. She dialed Eve and told him that Baribote had gone down. She was bleeding from the face and her stomach was churning terribly. She had to crawl on her feet to the door and unlocked it. In a jiffy Eve, Stanley and their men stormed into the room. When Eve saw how badly beaten up Stella was. She ran over to were Baribote lay on the floor, sat on him and began to tear up his face with the butt of her gun.


The Helmsman and Stanley had to pull Eve up from Baribote. Quickly Stanly gave him a shot of an antidote to reduce the effect of the poison. Eve had to help Stella into the bathroom, cleaned her up and helped her into her clothes.


Outside Annabel and her team kept watch just in case they were to be surprised. Inside the room upstairs, Stanley lifted Baribote into a seat and tied him to it. Minutes later he began to recover. He was shocked to see Eve and Stanley standing in the room. He looked from Stella who had dressed up and had been patched up to the others.


“So it was an ambush?” he asked Stella.


“What do you expect when you steal a sex video from me, send a man to kill me and sent a video of you and I in bed to my husband?” Stella replied.


“You should not have messed up with me. I am a powerful man and very ruthless. I am going to make sure I behead every one of you when I get out of here. If you untie me now and let me go, I am going to forget that this ever happened.” “Sorry Chief Baribote, you are not in the position to make such threats. You have been poisoned with a lethal poison. If you don’t get an antidote shot in the next thirty minutes, you are going to start bleeding from the mouth, nose and eyes. You see, you are a dead man walking. How do you think we got you? While you were busy sucking and licking breast, you were actually ingesting death,” Stanley said



mockingly. Baribote was stuck dumb. In a bid to wriggle out of his fix, he boasted, “I came here with enough men to take all of you down. If I don’t get out of here in the next thirty minutes, they have my orders to come in with their guns blazing.” Eve who was controlling herself not to shoot the Chief point blank moved over and gave him a deafening slap to the face and said, “Stop bluffing, we were here before you arrived. You came with only five men and we have already poisoned every one of them. You are alone and you are going to die here. Now tell me who made the videos, where are they and who hired Leroy to shoot I and my husband?”


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02:06 pm.




Lizzy and her younger brother drag her bags into a Toyota. Her children were happy to see their uncle. Lizzy had asked him to bring along some security while coming to pick her up at the airport. Their presence gave her some assurance. “Did you tell anyone I was coming?” Lizzy asked. “No,” replied her brother, Austin.


“Good.” Not much was said between Lizzy and her brother on the drive home. When they arrived at her brother’s simple home, Lizzy felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off her shoulder. Her brother’s domestic assistants were on hand to take her light luggage inside. The security officers who had accompanied them home could not take their eyes off her. She felt good about that. After three children, I could still turn the heads of men in my direction, she thought. Though love was the farthest thing on her mind, she still loved it when men ogle at her. She knew she had a great body and loved it when men take notice of it. Upstairs she took pain to go through her stuff which her brother had brought home from Steve’s house. Austin stood beside her while Lizzy’s children tried to climb up his body like a tree. They loved Austin like air.


“I brought everything you asked for, you don’t have to worry,” Austin said, having noticed how her eyes ran frantically over the loads he had brought home from Steve’s house.

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“It’s a new life for me from now on. Phew! I just came out of the valley of shadow and death. Is any of your friends looking for a baby mama to love? I am up for it,” Lizzy said jokingly.


“What is going on?.



You just can leave your matrimonial home without letting anyone know what happened. How did your children end up in Ghana? Where is Steve. Why are you leaving him?”


“I don’t want to talk about it now.”


“Maybe you should talk about it now. When my men moved your stuff away from Steve’s house, they were followed.


I have been calling Steve for days and he just won’t take my calls…”


Austin walked over to a closet, opened it and removed a brown envelope and dropped it at Lizzy.


“Someone mailed this to me,” he continued. The sight of the green envelope alone made Lizzy to tremble. Her eyes moistened and she began to pant. Austin was shocked to see his sister react that way. He took her in his arms and held her firmly.


“No one else has seen what is in the envelope, you don’t have to be afraid,” Austin


whispered into her ears. Lizzy’s children stood wondering why their mother was


shedding tears. “Austin, send your domestic assistants to look after my children,


we have to talk now,” Lizzy said and dug into the envelope to see what it








59 pm, Mayo’s Secret house




In the living room upstairs, Bimpe, Mayo and Mr. Femi sat. They were in a meeting to end their impasse. Bimpe hit the floor on both knees and pleaded,


“Femi, I am very sorry for the things I have done. I already know our marriage is over, and I won’t bug you about that. You deserve better. I pray you will find a woman who will love you the way I could not. All I am asking you to do is to call off the assassins you sent to kill me. Please call them off.” Femi said nothing. He only stared at her with burning hatred in his eyes. After what seemed like eternity, he spoke up, “There is only one thing which would make me forget what you did, and that is to watch you die painfully and slowly. Do you have an idea of what you did to me?.Four children and none of them is mine! .You have slept with every man in this city and made videos of them! How do you want me to forgive you?. If you don’t want me to kill you, then leave this city. Leave this nation and never come back. If you refuse to leave, I will find you somehow and I will kill you. I just won’t kill you, I will watch you die slowly. That is a promise!.



As for you Mayo, you can have all the charms in the world but if I get out of this place alive, I will find a way to kill you. I will sell my soul to Satan just to kill you. I will cut out your testicles and feed them to the dogs. You have a wife don’t you?. Hell will shudder at what I will do to her and your children. This is also a promise.”


There was silence in the room. Mayo and Bimpe had not expected Femi to react the way he did. They had thought he would be scared after what Mayo had done to him. Mayo stood to his feet, tapped Bimpe on the shoulder and said, “Come with me.”


Bimpe stood up from the floor and left the living room with him.


Away from the living room, Mayo said, “He has made his choice. Now it is either we kill him or he kills us. I am going right back into that room to finish him off.” Bimpe stepped closer to Mayo and stood before him shoulder to shoulder. “If you want to kill my husband then you will have to go through me!. When you were fu.cking me night and day you should have known I had a husband!. I swear by God, if you lay a finger on my husband, I will cut out your testicles and hand them to him right here!”.


Mayo moved his face into Bimpe’s face as though he was going to kiss her and whispered, “When you begged for my pe.nis, you should have known you had a husband. Stop acting righteously. If we don’t kill him now, he is going to kill us.” “I didn’t beg for your stupid pe.nis.. You used your charms to turn me into this. I wasn’t always like this. If my husband wants to kill me, allow him to try. I am not going to watch you kill him. I have already done enough evil and my husband’s blood is just one more evil I don’t want on my hands.”.


“Fine, but if he comes after me, I will return the favour with all that I have.










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