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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 10

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The hullabaloo and intense pandemonium generated in the city by the invincible souls was consequential in the life of citizens. People ran helter skelter for their lives, but some, unfortunately ran into their death. Those on the road in a car saw the souls walking like zombies then stopped their cars. There was no movement, neither did the souls allowed those inside to come outside. They gradually began to dominate every part of the city. Any attempt tried to stop or harm them will cause the death of the very person. People were yet to understand that.


Nevertheless, when everybody in the research sanctum stared at na.ked Nelson and Christiana, the souls also stopped attacking them. It was like a paused action movie. Sooner did their concentration deviated from the two na.ked bodies back to the motionless souls.



“Did you see that?” Nelson asked with his hands covering his dick.


“Yes, they aren’t attacking unless we attack first” Ben responded.


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“Then tell this one to leave me alone!” Charlie shouted from the floor. Everyone looked at her to see how she was prevented from being on her feet by the horrible soul. Suddenly, all the souls from different places vanished without people knowing why? Nelson used that opportunity to run inside his room while Christiana went back into the elevator to pick her cloth, but Sam called on her with a gun. “Hey woman, you’re leaving this place na.ked. Now come out” he moved to her with the gun, making sure she adhered to his instruction. Meanwhile, her men had been killed by the souls while some ran for their lives.


“I’m old enough to be your mother, young man” Christiana proceeded to the exit as others watched her.


“That’s why you should thirst and hunger for righteousness not for sexually satisfaction” Sam replied, aiming the gun at her head.


Just before the exit made way for her to pass, Nelson came out well dressed in a casual cloth. “You’re not letting the woman walk na.ked on the street, are you?” he said. Everyone looked at him without replying. Even Sam speechless. “Jane, get Christiana’s dress and take her to a room. Are you okay?” he showed concern after the command.


Jane did not only snub him but also disdained him without carrying out the instruction. Therefore she walked out from their midst.


Sam looked surprised at Nelson decision. “Man, why do you like this woman so much?” he wanted to know.


“This woman needs repentance, not to be disgrace like this”


“Are you for real? When did you become apostle Paul, the preacher?”


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Nelson ignored him. He told the woman to go dress up. Immediately she went into the elevator, a siren came from a distance. That was the governor, coming with anger and questions. They knew that there was no other place he could head to except there, following the reason why Nelson ignored his calls earlier that day. Everybody’s mind sank into their stomachs.


“Ben, thank God you’re here.” Nelso directed his eyes to the frightened fat man.


“What do you mean?” he asked.


“You gonna help me convince the governor on the issue at hand” Nelson looked at others. “Now everybody should go back to their duty posts” he commanded. Before they knew it, the siren stopped at the gate. Nelson walked out to go welcome him. He could see the governor coming briskly to him with a mean face, while his escorts followed from behind. He wore a black senator with an Italian sparkling shoes. Though he was an old man, but still leaves his hair punk. “You’re welcome your excellency” Nelson prostrated with a hand shake.


“Keep your hand to yourself, Mr Nelson” the governor passed him, walking into the building. He stopped at the general sanctum where he only saw Sam, Ben and Charlie with other lab works.


Nelson welcomed him again.


“Mr Nelson, you claimed that Delgado killed himself because of fear of what has just happened. Yes, I believe because it was terrible. Go to the street to see my people lying dead and others shivering in total fear. You knew about this, you said it early today on television that something greater than V2 is coming. Now it has come and gone, yet no remedy. What is actually bringing all this? First Delgado said it was V2, now you’re saying souls have to be released. From where exactly?”


Nelson swallowed hard. “Your excellency, this whole thing is complicated. You won’t believe it if you are told but it’s true and real” he gestured at Ben to take over. Ben narrated the issue starting from the root to the peak. “God wants men to see the spiritual aspect of sex through this way” he concluded.



“Then what are you waiting for? Use the Tunalin or whatever you call it and free the souls. You must do this before these creatures come back for the second time otherwise it will take your head. After all, your father brought this upon humanity” the governor walked out angrily.


The placed remained quiet for some times as all glanced at one another.


“Nelson, are you ready for the teleportation to another world?” Ben broke the silence.


Nelson hesitated for some time before saying with a sad tone, “No, I’m not. I need to go see my mother”


“I guess I need to see my granny too” Charlie added.


“I’ll be in the lab” Ben left.


“Who do I see?” Sam asked, spreading his hands. “I’m going nowhere. I gonna stay here to see the recompense of the wicked like your father who was so inquisitive to make love with an alien.”


Nobody talked to him as everybody turned to leave. Just then, Nelson saw Christiana shedding tears just before the elevator. Others who saw her, moped in confusion. What could be making the woman cry? Already, she had worn her clothes, looking like a boss again.


“What’s the cause of your tears, woman?” Nelson asked her.


“I overheard the fat one speaking when the governor came” Christiana began “It’s just strange what happens during sex. I’m.. I’m.. really touched” she walked closer to Nelson. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done with you”


Nelson smiled. “Philip said that God is ready to release you’re soul from hell if you turn away from sin especially sexual immorality. Now go tell God sorry, not me” he said.



“Alright, woman!” Sam’s voice came loud again. “You can go now. Go and sin no more!” he added as Christiana took her leave. Sam approached his friend in surprise saying, “Did I just hear a street gambler and a regular customer to whores quote Philip from the bible?”


Nelson smiled. “It’s Dr Philip Hammond. The man we visited today”


“You’re gradually becoming a priest, man.” He looked around. “This place will be good for a church, you know. You, the pastor while i will be the offering collector. It gonna give us more money. Trust me”


Just as Sam was being himself, Ben’s voice came from the research lab. “Oh my God!!”


Hearing the voice, everybody, including Jane who was at the bar ran to the lab to see Ben with the Tunalin before him on a glass table. He took off his eyeglasses at the moment, staring at the device.


“What’s wrong, Ben?” Nelson broke the silence, noticing Jane by his side.


“Mr man, talk to us. Did any alien attack you from this thing?” Sam added.


“That would have been better” Ben replied.


“Holy shit!” Sam looked at others faces to know if they were surprised as he was.


“You’re scaring us” Charlie chipped in. “Just go ahead and tell us what…”


“I connected the Tunalin to activate it” Ben interrupted her. “It suppose to glow more yellow light which can teleport someone but is dysfunctional. Moreover, this device is di-teleportation”


“What are these dying function and dying telephone or is it teleport? Is the function dead?” Sam sounded stupid and hilarious.



“It simply means this device can only be used once to teleport someone to another planet, and I’m afraid it has already been used. Someone has gone to the planet ahead of you, Nelson” Ben looked up at them all.


“But the question is, who?” Jane said.


Nelson looked around. “Whete is Ernest?” he asked……












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