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Sequence 31




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Beach Road turned out to be a wonderful and beautiful haven that Adobea fell in love with immediately.


Theresa Gyeshie was also a great woman filled with kindness.


She was lovely and had a great personality. She received Adobea with open arms and gave her a room in her home. Adobea learnt that she had three children two of whom were working and married. The last one, the only boy, was having his educational attachment in Accra.

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Her husband was also kind and well-mannered and they made Adobea feel at home immediately.


Her restaurant was the Tessy’s Sweet Nibs and she introduced Adobea to the staff the following day. Adobea’s measurements were taken and her uniforms were sewn, consisting of two white dresses and a blue one.


It fitted her dark beauty quite amazingly, and Adobea could not wait to begin her new vocation and meet the only man who set her heart soaring and thundering to volcanic cadences.


Aunt Tessy, as she began calling her hostess, had long talks with Adobea and gave out information about the Larbi family that both astounded Adobea and made her increasingly concerned too. Aunt Tessy was particularly upset by what had



happened to Jack and led to him calling himself Shalom, and she was quite convinced that his family had a hand in it.


Adobea was told she would work everyday with one day off each week. On Sundays she would have the day to attend church if she wanted and would only go to the restaurant in the evenings when it opened.


She worked for almost a week but her Shalom did not put in an appearance, and she became increasingly sad and restless. Indeed, she tried to be strong and stay positive, but in the nights when she was alone in her room her tears always fell because of the sheer helplessness she felt at the enormity of the problems facing her. But she knew she could not give up especially if Shalom’s life was in danger. And then, on the sixth day, it happened.


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Actually, that day was a Saturday and she was supposed to have it off, but she simply could not bear to be away from the restaurant and risk Shalom coming in without her seeing him, so she insisted on being in the restaurant.


It was always busy but she quickly found out that Saturdays were quite hectic with an almost unending stream of customers ranging from singles to couples to groups. It was just past noon when she was serving a family of five – a man, his wife, two sons and an adorable young daughter – when she looked up suddenly and saw him. Shalom!


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And he was simply breath-taking!


He was amazingly groomed – beautiful haircut, beard trimmed and shaped, moustache nicely framing his lips. He was wearing black jeans and a black polo T-shirt with white trimmings, his feet encased in black and white sneakers, he was indeed a grand sight.


His eyes surveyed the cool interior of the restaurant and as he moved in deeper, several people got to their feet to greet him warmly, shaking his hand and going out of their way to make his acquaintance. He was obviously a well-known and liked man.


Adobea stared at him unable to breathe, and for one wild moment she almost rushed to him to fold him into a bearhug.


He climbed the sidesteps to the upper landing of the restaurant, and suddenly Aunt Tessy approached Adobea and took her arm.


“Come with me, dear girl!” she said tautly.


What happened next was a blur.



She soon found herself following Aunt Tessy upstairs to the upper terrace and going to the food shed. Soon, she was holding a tray laden with rice balls and palm oil soup.


Part of the upper terraces had special booths reserved for paid-up customers, and they were comparatively private. The Larbi Booth was the biggest and had the best set of furniture and its own dispenser, a small aquarium and a beautiful view over the outer courtyard.


The table was circular with four chairs around it.


Shalom was standing at the glass window gazing out over the courtyard when Adobea entered with Aunt Tessy.


“Ahh, Mr Larbi!” Aunt Tessy said in a breathless voice. “It’s been quite some time! I really missed you! Welcome back, sir!”


Jack Larbi turned from the sight and smiled gently at the elderly woman, his smile transforming his already handsome face into incredible lines of beauty.


“Mama Tess, but you exaggerate!” he said, and the familiar voice almost made Adobea spill the tray in her hand. “I saw you only yesterday, didn’t I?” “Yesterday?” Aunt Tessy enquired, shocked for a bit and Adobea quickly pushed her arm, and the woman recovered her composure quickly. “Oh, yes, yes, I do remember, my son. But your presence is always missed.”


Jack chuckled nicely, but he had a slight frown on his face.


“Those people downstairs were also behaving as if it had been quite some time before seeing me, but I saw most of them yesterday. Quite frustrating, if you ask me,” he said with a modicum of worry.


His voice was so soft and cultured, so gentle and well-modulated, a vast difference from the reckless, loud Shalom he had been, and Adobea found her heart thundering with a myriad of troubled feelings. He was Shalom, and yet he was not! They seemed like too very different persons! Whereas the Shalom she had known had been a little boy with absolutely no inhibitions and restraints, filled with amazing joie de vivre, this man was a cultured, controlled gentleman with such fine manners and the discernible air of affluence, and for a moment she seemed so flustered and disoriented.


But one thing remained constant though…


Her love! It raged even stronger, and all she wanted to do was go into his arms and kiss the very breath out of him.


Oh, Shalom, oh my love, I miss you so!


“That is because you’re such a wonderful man, Mr Larbi,” Aunt Tessy said quickly.


He smiled and his wonderful eyes rested on Adobea suddenly.


“New staff?” he asked casually as he pulled out a chair and sat down. “What happened to Cyndi?”


“Oh, Cyndi got married and moved to Accra,” Aunt Tessy said and Jack Larbi looked at her with horror.


“Married?” he asked with shock. “She served me yesterday! When did she get married?”


Aunt Tessy gasped and it was evident that she was now caught in a tight web she could not extricate herself from.


“Actually, she eloped with her boyfriend,” Adobea said calmly without looking up. “Her uncle was against her marrying him, but she loved him too much so…they left last night.”


“Ah, the power of young love, I see,” Jack Larbi said and he looked at Adobea frankly. “She was the one who attended to me. Let me know where she is and I’ll send my contribution to her, make her comfortable.”


“Yes, sir, I’ll do that,” Adobea said as she served his meal with hands that were not steady.


Could this be her Shalom?


What had they done to him?


Oh, didn’t he say she would always be in his heart?


Why then was he so off, why was he being such a total stranger and could not even have a flicker of recognition for her?


Adobea steeled herself against the tears that threatened to burst out of her body. She was in such agony! If he had completely forgotten about her then there was absolutely no need to stay any longer! She simply could not bear the agony.


“This is Adobea, Mr Larbi,” Aunt Tessy said quickly. “Our new employee. She would be serving you.”


“Ah,” he said softly. “Quite lovely. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Adobea. Can I call you Adobea?”


“Yes, sir, please,” she murmured with a deep sigh of pain and quickly turned and left the booth.


Jack looked at Aunt Tessy with mild surprise.


“Did I say something wrong?” he asked quickly. “She seemed quite perturbed!” “Oh, don’t worry, Mr Larbi,” Aunt Tessy said quickly. “Erm, she’s been seeing you for a while now and it seems you bear quite a resemblance to the love of her life, a man called Shalom who left her quite suddenly.”



“Oh, goodness me!” Jack Larbi said with instant compassion. “Please, do call her back, would you?”


Aunt Tessy nodded and quickly left the booth. She saw Adobea hurrying towards the staircase.


“Herh, Adobea, gyae nkwaseasem nu!” she said almost harshly. “Come back here!”


Adobea stopped and turned with a face filled with agony and tears covered her cheeks like pearls.


“I can’t take it, Aunty,” she whispered painfully. “He…he doesn’t even know me!” “And so what?” Aunt Tessy said in a gentler voice when she reached Adobea. “He fell in love with you when his mind was all messed up! Deep down it is still there, I know! It is now up to you to make him to discover that love no matter how deeply it has been hidden!”


“But, Aunty!” she whispered. “It is so painful!”


“I know it is painful!” Aunt Tessy said. “Well, I don’t really know, because I can’t feel what you’re feeling, but I can imagine it. Look, what matters most is his life and what those evil fiends are doing to him! Try and save him from that first, please, and then you’ll have all the time to find that love again!” “But I don’t know what to do!” Adobea cried in anguish.


“I told him you have been observing him and saying he reminds you of your old boyfriend called Shalom who jilted you. He wants to see you!” “You what?” Adobea cried, horrified. “Oh, Aunty!”


“Don’t oh aunty me biara!” Aunt Tessy said and pushed her towards the booth. “Go to him! He’s asking of you! And clean the tears from your eyes!” Adobea took out a handkerchief and cleaned her face.


Other eaters who were not in booths were staring curiously at her as she made her way haltingly to the booth, opened it and went inside.


And there he was…her Shalom!


He had poured soup on the two balls of rice and was eating with his right hand! And for one wild moment she was strongly reminded of Shalom in her house, eating rice balls so enthusiastically with his hand.


“Sir!” she said with a little giggle. “I brought you cutlery!”


He looked up at her, and when he smiled it was that goofy little boy smile she remembered so well.


“Ah, Adobea!” he said as he pushed a piece of fish into his mouth. “It tastes better when you eat it with your hand and scoop it with soup, don’t you think?”


She stared warmly at him and nodded.


“Indeed, it does, sir,” she whispered.


“And drop that sir thing,” he said gently. “Do sit down.” ‘Oh, no,” she said hurriedly. “I possibly can’t!”


“Sit down, Adobea, please,” he said gently. “Sit down and tell me about this fool Shalom who dared to break the heart of such wonderful beauty like you.”


Oh, if only you know! It is you, Shalom, you’re the fool who’s breaking my heart so much, so badly! Oh, my dearest, if only you know just how much I love you, miss you and crave to just be in your sweet arms!


But she said nothing as she slowly sat down in the chair opposite him and watched as he ate his rice balls heartily.


He suddenly stopped and smiled at her.


“You don’t mind if I enjoy my food, do you?” he asked with a chuckle. “My father


– he died recently – always told me one thing that has not changed about me is how I eat like a fool.”


Adobea chuckled at that, and for one moment he sounded so much like the old Shalom that tears came to her eyes.


“Ah,” he said gentle. “I see tears again, Adobea. You must have loved him very much, that uncouth boy!”


“I still love him,” she said as she gently wiped tears from her eyes.


“And is it true I remind you of him?” he asked as he popped a bit of tender lamb into his mouth.


“Yes,” she said miserably. “But he had this innocence about him, this happy zest for life, almost having a name for everything else!”


“Really?” he asked as he put a bit of rice ball into his mouth. “Like his own lingo?”


“Ahuh!” Adobea said with a nod. “Boodankadunks for gigantic buttocks, atopa fuchor for a really massive thrust of the waist and the last one he used was etutobi for a pe.nis!”


“Oh! Such a fool!” Jack Larbi said and began to laugh so hard that he began to cough as the palm soup rushed through his throat, and with a cry of concern Adobea stood up and fetched a cup of water from the dispenser for him.


He drank it in small sips, stopped coughing and then began to laugh again, and this time she also laughed.


“No wonder you miss him,” Jack Larbi said when he was finally able to breathe. “Oh, whoever heard of such a thing. Atopa fuchor indeed! Why atopa fuchor ?”


He drew the chair closest to him suddenly, just like Shalom used to do, and patted it with his free hand.


“Please sit down, Adobea,” he said.


Sit with me for a spell , Adobea thought suddenly, that was what her Shalom used to say.


“Sit with me for a spell, Adobea,” Jack Larbi said gently.


Tears came to Adobea’s eyes again as she slowly sat down on the chair beside him.


So near, Lord, so near, and yet so far!


Oh, Shalom, I love you!


He was looking at her intently now as his eyes crinkled with laughter.


“I daresay he was hitting your…how did he call your thing?”


“Vajayjay,” Adobea whispered, and he chuckled again, obviously enjoying




“So, he was hitting your vajayjay with some powerful atopa fuchors, huh?” he asked softly. “So what would be the plural of atopa fuchor? Would it be atopas fuchor, or atopa fuchors, or atopas fuchors?”


Both of them began laughing again.


“I wouldn’t know, sir,” she whispered.


“Call me Jack, please,” he said gently. “Oh, Shalom, if you want.”


“You wouldn’t mind?” she whispered desperately. “I wouldn’t call you that in the presence of others, of course.”


He nodded.


“Shalom, meaning peace, ah…nice name, I daresay,” he said gently. “By all means call me Shalom if it makes you feel better.”


“It does, my love…oh, no, please, please, so sorry…” she gasped, absolutely flustered as she tried to stand up. “I’m sorry.”


“That’s okay, Adobea,” he said as he stared deeply into her eyes. “It felt kinda of nice, actually, to hear you say that. I’m surprised at how easy it all feels like, you know, as if indeed I do know you.”


She was silent as her eyes roamed his wonderful face.


“So, you and Shalom were enjoying some wonderful fuchors, right?” he asked again.


“Oh, no,” she whispered. “He wanted us to wait until marriage. But now, I wish we did.”


“Ah, then I have to revise my ideas about him,” Jack said gently. “Sounds like a decent gentleman, better than me, I guess. With such budunkukas like yours…” “Oh, not budunkukas!” she said, giggling in spite of herself. “Boodankadunks!” Jack Larbi laughed.



“Yeah, yeah, boodankadunks, yeah right,” he said gently. “I wouldn’t have been able to stay away from giving you atopa fuchors!”


She giggled and shook her head at him.


“Oh, actually, the women wouldn’t leave him alone,” Adobea said. “Always tried to seduce him. The last one who tried was a midget called Calima. They were in this ancient building with weak windows and she wanted Shalom to make her see the sunshine.”


He raised his eyebrows.


“She wanted him to raise her to the sky to see the sun?”


“Oh, no, no,” she said, giggling. “That was what she called an orgasm, evidently. She was na.ked and standing on a chair to receive his thrust, so Shalom was behind her and gave her his atopa fuchor. But she was a midget, see, and the window metals were weak, so his thrust pushed her right out of the window!” “Shalawele!” Jack Larbi shouted and began to laugh again in a deep, booming voice.


And Adobea just stared at him with bulging eyes!




He said shalawele!








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