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The Best Guys – Episode 5

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Episode 5


IVOR:It’s our Job to monitor you, we have to on the cameras,You are free to do whatever you want in the room, No one is stopping you? AIKEN:Are you questioning me right now?


IVOR:Of course am not


AIKEN: Then switch it off, why are you questioning me?


IVOR:It’s an order from above


AIKEN:Fuck you and that order! (Logan and Jason ran in)


LOGAN:What’s going on here


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HUGO:He wants us to switch off the cameras in his room


LOGAN:Aiken but you know they can’t do that


AIKEN:But I need some privacy, Call the boss


LOGAN:What? Common Aiken we don’t need to do that


AIKEN:Then I will call him by myself (Mike came in and said)


MIKE:Aiken Mama Betty asked you to come (Aiken stood there for awhile staring at Ivor who was looking at the floor, suddenly Aiken grabbed one of the laptops and threw it on the floor angrily)


LOGAN: AIKEN!(He moved closer to Aiken who was breathing heavily, Aiken went out of the hall immediately while Mike and Jason followed him)You shouldn’t have dragged it with him


IVOR:I wasn’t dragging anything with him, I was only telling him it’s an order from the boss


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LOGAN:I guess his mum has called him, you should know by now that Aiken will vent his anger on anyone if his mum calls him, It’s not his fault IVOR:I will try to beg him later


LOGAN:Make sure the boss dosen’t hear about this please


HUGO:Sure boss


LOGAN:Sorry about that


IVOR:No it’s normal, I think am at fault also,I should know him by now LOGAN:Ok then, Take care….


Aiken arrived at the living room, He saw Ian,Earl and Jason eating, He stood there


staring at them while they also stared at him, Mama Betty came out and said…


MAMA BETTY:Aiken please sit down and eat, We will talk later


AIKEN: Ma’am I don’t feel like eati…


MAMA BETTY:Aiken please, Sit down and eat(He sat down while Mama Betty


served him his food, Logan came out and sat with them while Mama Betty served


him also, There was an awkward silence as everyone kept on staring at each other


while they were eating)…



Axel’s room, He was sitting on the bed resting his back on a pillow, A maid was inside his room trying to on his air-conditions, He said… AXEL:Please turn on the second one, Am sweating


Maid:Yes sir! (Mama Betty came in with Logan, He smiled at them as they both walked in his room)


LOGAN:How are you feeling now?


AXEL:Much Better(The maid went out)


LOGAN:I can also see that, I need to get to somewhere right now, Maybe later in the day please try to go on a live Video for the Fans AXEL: Alright Sir


LOGAN:I have to go, Take care! (He went out of the room leaving Mama Betty with him, She sat with him while she touched his Forehead)


MAMA BETTY:Your body temperature is normal than before(He removed his


shirt revealing all his Tattoos)


AXEL: Seriously am sweating


MAMA BETTY: That’s because of the medicines, don’t you know it works AXEL:Am hungry,Like am so hungry


MAMA BETTY: Come out and eat,I will ask the girls to prepare you your favorite(Earl and Ian came in while Earl jumped on Axel hugging him so happily,But Axel was trying to push him away) AXEL: Stop!


IAN:You Should be ready for that, you should know that Earl won’t leave you alone without hugging you


EARL:I missed you, Good to have you back Bro


AXEL:I was only sick, I wasn’t Dead (Earl hugged him again)Oh God!Not again…


Axel sat at the dinning pressing his phone, He was only with a white trouser and his Crocs on his legs, he was without shirt,revealing his abs and Tattoos, Earl came out and said…


EARL:Ohhh, The bad boy is back


AXEL:Oh not again! (Earl sat next to him, not too long the maids brought in his foods, the ladies kept on dropping everything on the floor cause of how Axel is blinding them with his Tattoos and abs, Eva who came out to caution them lost herself to his abs as she saw Axel’s abs and Tattoos, Axel was just confused on what is going on)


EARL:You are killing them, get yourself a shirt


AXEL: Whatever! Can you please stop dropping everything?



Maid:S… Sorry sir! (The Ladies went away with Eva, Suddenly Pearl came out,She was fully dressed in one of her outfits, She was going out, Axel who was about to put some food in his mouth was shocked to see her, he paused staring at her while she smiled and moved closer to him and said)


PEARL:It’s good to have you back, I can see that you are better than before


AXEL:(facing Earl) W..Who is she?


PEARL:Am your new Esthetician




PEARL:Yeah, Sorry I have to go, my Mum needs me at home and I have


explained to Mr Logan, in case you need our attention, My girls are inside


AXEL:(Still lost in thought)Ok! (She smiled and went away) Damn! Who is she?


EARL:Axel don’t even bother to go there, she is four years older than you


AXEL:Fuck that shit Bro, I was just asking about her, Goodness she is gorgeous


(Mama Betty came out, holding one of Axel’s t-shirt, She gave it to him, without


telling him what to do, he put it on immediately while Earl couldn’t stop laughing,


Suddenly Aiken came out to the living room,He stared at them while Axel fixed


his gaze at Aiken, Mama Betty said)


MAMA BETTY: Axel is better now


AIKEN: Oh, Good to have him back (He went in back without sitting in the living room again, Seeing him leaving,Axel lost his appetite immediately, He stood up and went in back to his room, Mama Betty and Earl just stared at eachother)…


Pearl’s Ladies sat in the hall, arranging some few things, Suddenly Ian came in,They all got shocked, engaging thierselves in some erotic imaginations,He smiled and said…


IAN:I want to steam my face please(Ariel who was not lost in dirty thought like


Chloe and Fiona quickly attended to him and said)


ARIEL:This way sir (Directing him)


IAN:Are they ok?


ARIEL:Don’t worry Sir, it’s a normal thing, very soon they will be ok IAN:I see…


Nora was walking along the corridor in the house,holding a Tablet checking some clothes on it, Suddenly she bumped into Logan, She almost fell down but Logan grabbed her by her waist to prevent her from falling,while she quickly moved away from him and went away, Logan made a smirk and went away also….



Pearl with her mum, She sat next to her mum who was talking to her so loudly… MUM: Pearl am tired,What is wrong with you, what exactly is wrong with you, I told you to bring in a man for me, let’s get you marry, Your mates are expecting thier own grandchildren


PEARL:Ha! So fast, Grandchildren how?


MUM: Continue saying so fast, you better bring me a man before I post your picture on Facebook that “In need of husband, Single and searching” PEARL:Of course you won’t do that Mum MUM:Try me!


PEARL:Mum can you just stop it, am only twenty-five, it is not too late for me,


Mum my own husband will come very soon


MUM:Then make it snappy


PEARL:Mum he will come, am not the one to go to him


MUM:Is not bad if you also go after him




MUM: Period!


Aiken’s room,Mama Betty sat with him trying to talk to him,Both of them sat on his bed discussing…


MAMA BETTY:I know you are having an hard time right now,But you can’t continue like,it is hard though,but you have to try, don’t you notice that you are pushing the other boys away from you, They lovenyou, they are also your family,I know you can’t bear to stop thinking about the past but still you have to forgive and move on, please be good to yourself and also to the boys,I know it’s hard,but try to talk to them sometimes, please! Aiken?


AIKEN: Honestly am trying,I really hate myself for being this way,I also hate myself for that,B…but what am I going to do when I can’t even help it? MAMA BETTY: It’s ok, Everything will soon get better, It’s ok Dear….


Ian was done with his steaming,Ariel was the one who helped him with it, Chloe and Fiona was standing next to eachother staring at him as he stood up,He Smiled at them which gave them some goosebumps


IAN: Common ladies don’t be like that,am just like you,You don’t need to be lost this way (They kept on nodding to Whatever he was saying, There was a knock at the door, Suddenly Earl came in, Seeing Earl coming in smilling at them,Both Chloe and Fiona collapsed on the floor immediately……


Pearl was with her girls in thier flat shouting at them


PEARL: What exactly is wrong with both of you,When will you stop this,You both kept on acting so abnormal In thier presences,don’t you know you are disgracing me, Seems you want me to send you back home


FIONA:(Faking some tears)Ah,we are Sorry,we promise not to do that again,We are sorry ma’am


PEARL: What do you want me to do when you both keep on doing the same thing everyday, What’s wrong with you ladies? FIONA:We are sorry ma


CHLOE:We just can’t help seeing those sexy men around the house PEARL:(Screamed out angrily) CHLOE!!!!!!


Axel was alone in his room making a live Video,Lot of fans quickly joined the live video to watched him,He said…


AXEL:I know you guys are really worried about me,I am so glad for all the love you guys are giving TBG,You are the best gift to us, what really happened was that I was only exhausted that day,I overworked myself, but am glad to tell you guys that am getting better now,So I want you to put your mind at ease,look forward to the upcoming concerts and we promise never to disappoint you guys, Love you all…




1)Now i can boil my rice


At last,my baby came out on his live video looking fresher than ever


Oh my God!Did he just call us the best gift?


Axel please marry me,am single


Am so glad to see his smiling face


We can’t wait to see the concert


Love you too….


A car drove in the compound, two guards ran towards the car to opened the door for the driver, a man came out in black Jean trouser and White t-shirt, black shoes and Golden wristwatch, Meet Dion TBG’s song producer and Logan’s friend, The guards helped him with the luggage’s, Logan came out of the house, both of them smiled at eachother, hugging eachother happily.. LOGAN:How was your trip?


DION:It was great, thanks buddy


LOGAN: Let’s go to the studio to talk more better


DION: Sure, Got a lot of gist for you


LOGAN:I just can’t wait to hear them all (both bursted into a laughter as they walked inside)


Nora arrived at the living room, She met Jason, Ivor, Mike and Hugo in the living room, She said..


NORA:Mike, I want to place an order for the boys, whose account should I put there?


MIKE:I think you should ask Mr Logan


NORA: What? (The other guys couldn’t stop smilling)


MIKE:I said you should ask the boss


NORA:W… Why don’t you help me with that?


MIKE:I think it is more better if you do that (Trying to hide his smile, Suddenly Logan and Dion came)Oh here he comes


NORA:Don’t even bother again,and don’t you dare tell him anything(She ran back inside while the boys bursted into laughter) DION:Is everything ok?


LOGAN:Mike what’s wrong with her?


MIKE:Good to have you back Bro (Standing up hugging Dion, ignoring Logan) LOGAN:Hugo what’s wrong with Nora?


HUGO:Our big bro is here (Ignoring him also, hugging Dion)


DION:Are these guys ok?


LOGAN:I don’t think so….



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