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EPISODE 2 ⃣1 ⃣









“Dad?” I called subconsciously.


His lovely deep set of brown eyes widened and stared hopefully at my equally brown eyes. Then the corner his lips stretched into a fine thin line in a smile.


“Don’t take her seriously sir, she does that often.” Aria interjected causing the brown eyed man to take a step back as all the hope drained from his face. He let his hand down from my face and went to stand beside the wavy blonde haired woman.

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What was he thinking anyway? That I was his daughter? I looked down and my eyes met with the the eight years old boy who has been beside me all this while.



But why is he clinging on me this way? He doesn’t know who I am so why is he being so friendly?


And to think that he called me big sis earlier is quite strange. He mistook me for his long lost sister so easily.


Right now, he’s still holding on to my middle finger so tight. I smiled at him and he smiled back cutely.


I think I like him.


“Alright if we’re done here, can we do the introductions now?” Granny asked.


“Sure.” The brown eyed man answered.


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Then I heard a high pitched voice.


“Hi am Amy, Megan’s mum. You must’ve heard of me.”


I looked up at the one who spoke and couldn’t help but be surprised.


Amy Rockxon? Now I get it, that’s why I saw Megan here.


But what’s the connection between them? Forget it.


I’ve had the chance after so long of yearning to see the great singer and here she is, right in front of me and I can’t help but look at her as much as I want.


If it’s wasn’t for my enemy Megan, I would’ve gone for an autograph. Aside that, I wouldn’t like to make a fool outta myself. I believe am better than that.


“Wow!” Aria marvelled and started to walk towards her but her mother stopped her on time or I think it’s was Megan’s murderous glares that stopped her.


“Pablo Dominguez and this is my wife Anna Paula Dominguez.” He introduced and stared at his wife lovingly.



And that was how it went. I got to know every single name in this household and we were all standing except the granny.


We didn’t have to introduce ourselves because they already knew us.


“And I am Marion Dante Dominguez. Beside me is my sis…”


“That’s enough Marion. Can we go play some games now?” Megan interrupted and pulled him along. He stopped and argued.


They were not far from me so I heard what they were saying clearly. Infact all the people present could here because they were not whispering.


“But I don’t want to play a game.” He complained.


“Then what do you want?”


“How about we show our guest around?”


“That’s a great idea.” Granny replied and got up. “Paula dear, I think you have to take Aria on a tour so that you guys could get to know more about yourselves. And Aria,…” She walked towards Aria.


“We’ve heard that, there’s a great chance that you could be my lost granddaughter and so for that matter, a DNA test will be conducted so we can be sure if you really are our blood or not. But before that, I thought you should have a walk with your parents to while away time. Who knows, in the course of that, your memory could be triggered.” She patted her on the cheeks, adjusted her spectacle and left.


From the corner of my eye, I could see Marion trying to break free from Megan’s clutches.

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Megan pulled him towards a certain direction and they disappeared.


“Shall we?” Mr Dominguez and the wife asked Aria together.


“Yeah.” Aria replied and they walked out.



Aunt Lina smiled at me and left.


It’s was just left with Mrs Miles, Granny Nicholas, and Amy.


The door opened suddenly revealing


a muscular man wearing in a formal outfit.


He looked intimidating.


He walked in, scanned the room and when he found whom he was searching for, a smile formed on his fine face.


‘That must be his wife. This also means that they’re Megan’s parents.’ I mumbled when he came to the famous musician and hugged her.


I cleared my throat about to leave since everyone has left but I was stopped by the man.


He whispered something in to Amy’s ears and she smiled. He then walked to me and grabbed my hands.


I got alarmed as he pulled me by my hand behind him wordlessly.


We got to a door and he quickly opened it and we stepped in. After that, he closed it shut.


“Sit!” He ordered.


I looked around the room and sat. The room was filled with so many books that it looked like a library.


He sat on the desk and looked straight at me. I stared back fearlessly. Then he smirked and looked away.


“So you’re the necklace thief?”



I was taken aback by his accusation but instead of saying something to convince him that it’s not what it looked like.


I stared at him in amusement before placing my head on the desk and laughed my ass out.


What the heck? That was childish. I wasn’t expecting him to say something like that.












After the introduction, i ran upstairs to my room with a big grin. Am glad things are going smoothly.


My daughter is sweet am sure Anna and the husband will be convinced that she’s truly their daughter.


And as for the DNA test, it’s gonna be positive because I will make sure it does. I still have enough savings for that.


I closed the door behind me and placed a call to one of my bosom friends here in Queensland.


He picked up after the second ring. After exchanging hearty pleasantries, I told him my plan and he agreed to help.


I raised the once small empty container which was now filled with Anna’s vomit.


But there was enough spit on it.


Yuck! So disgusting. I can’t believe I have to do all this.


I ran to Pearl’s room by the help of the maids.



‘I think nature is even conspiring to bring my daughter into this family’ I thought when I saw strands of her hair on the floor.


‘Now everything is set.’ I picked up the strands and immediately the doorbell rang.


That must be Pedro, the friend I called.


I rushed down with the items but was careful enough so i wouldn’t look suspicious.


One of the maids opened the front glass door and I was able to see his face a little. He was disguised as a delivery man. “Excuse me.” I said and the maid made way for me to pass.


I used that moment to slip the items into his pocket when the maid was not looking.


I got outside and breathed in fresh air before taking a walk which led me to a huge pool.


I sat on the closest seat to the pool and stared at my reflection.


Those items I gave to Pedro will help in finding out if Pearl is really their daughter. With the way that cute boy clings on her, am starting to think that there’s a connection that’s why I would be giving them Pearl’s hair for the test tomorrow instead of Aria’s.




Within four or five days, the results will be out.


If they happens to commence theirs tommorow as the old lady said, then am gonna be ahead.


I startled and jumped in fear, almost falling into the pool when someone touched my shoulder.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon buttons below


I took in a lot of air to calm me down before looking at the culprit.


“You scared me.” I muttered.


“Am sorry. Can i sit beside you?” He asked but he was already sitting.


“You already did.” I answered and sat down as well.


“Am glad you didn’t fall into the cold pool after all.”


“Yes. You have to.” I stated.


Why’d he come here out of many places?


“You know, I understand why you’re doing all this..”


All the colour drained from my face as my eye threatened to fall out of my sockets.


“What.. saying?” I stuttered badly and looked away.


Has my plan being found out before it’s even began?


“What I mean was that, I understand what you’re going through as a mother. Waking up one day and realizing that your daughter is not really your daughter but someone else can really be heartbreaking. But you shouldn’t worry because we’ll never leave you stranded. That’s if it’s really proven that Aria is infact Mariana.” Nicholas uttered.


Thank Goodness. I smiled and remarked.


“Why do I feel as if you’ve experienced similar situation before Mr Nicholas.”


“Maybe I have, but mine was quite complicated. I thought I lost her but destiny brought us together in the most unfavorable way and that same destiny decided to take her daughter from her too but…


“But it’s was different because if not at all, she was able to spend some time with her right?” I asked.


“You’re right. In all, destiny brought us back.”


“Yeah. And I think your family is destined to such life occurrences.”


He nodded and smiled, “I think I will leave you for now.”


“Oh” I muttered, I really wasn’t expecting him to leave so soon. I was actually enjoying his company.


“It’s was nice meeting and talking to you Mrs Miles.” He stretched his hand.


“Me too.” I took his hand and shook it.


I watched his retreating back till he disappeared.


He must be around forty-five but he look so strong and healthy like a youth and he’s hands…


What’s wrong with you Simonica Miles? A tiny voice in my head questions.












I looked up at the almost dark clouds and couldn’t help worrying as today marks the fourth day since my two friends disappeared from this town.


I sat in the middle of the plot of land where Pearl’s cottage used to be and watched the sea waves from afar.


I hope nothing is wrong but where could they have gone without informing me about it?


‘Ahhhh’ They left me all alone over here.



I’ve missed them so so much and there’s nothing I could do about it. Since dad hasn’t bought the phone for me, I think am going to use Mike’s phone to watch some of the videos we made together.


If they had at least left some information down for me, I wouldn’t be this worried.


And Aria? She didn’t even bother to call me to check up me. Her line does not go through anymore.


What could be the problem? I hope she’s not up to any of her silly tricks?


I stood up to leave when I saw someone in front of me.


When i looked up at the person, my breathing seized and my heart pounded furiously in my chest.


I was left dumbfounded and shocked.












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“It’s a match! The items you gave me match so that means their related.”


That was what Pedro disclosed this morning to me after four days of submitting the items.


I was right all along, Pearl is their daughter which means that the strand of hair I supplied to the doctor the day after as Aria’s hair is gonna prove that she’s really a Dominguez. I really can’t wait any longer. I can’t wait to be rich.


And now, this is called killing two birds with one stone.



Paula has declared that she love Aria already and that she’s ready to accept her without even a DNA test.


And as for Pearl, she’s always in her room and anytime you see her around, then her lap dog Marion will be with her.


But I do see her chat heartily with Megan’s Parents at times which always make me wonder what they could possibly be discussing.


Worst of it, Megan is starting to warm up to her. But am going to sort that out soon.


There’s only one hurdle now and that’s the slight resemblance between Pearl and Pablo. I hope it’s not noticeable to everyone.


The loud bang of the mahogany door of my room snapped me out of my thoughts.


Aria came in and informed me that I was being needed downstairs.


“Is everything alright Aria?” I asked as we descend the zigzag stairs.


“Yes mum, it’s just the doctor.”


“Doctor?” I whispered.


That was fast. It’s just 1pm and I received mine somewhere around six in the morning. They must have conducted it in one of those big hospitals that’s why it’s came earlier. I was really expecting the results tomorrow.


“Yes mum. Why are you panicking anyway? I thought you said you’ve handled everything?” She whispered back.


“Sure, I have. But I can’t help being a bit nervous looking at how smart this family can be.”


You’re right but am positive. Things are going to work in our favour, am sure of that.” Aria said hopefully.



When we got to the living room, everyone was seated waiting patiently for the doctor to read whatever was on that shit of paper he was holding.


I made myself comfortable as well and waited for it to be read loud and clear. A news that’s going to change I and my daughter’s life positively forever.


I forged a nervous look and Nicholas whom I was sitting beside held my hand to calm me down.


“You can proceed doctor, everyone is here.” Nicholas said eagerly with a slight nervousness as well.


The room dropped to a pin drop silence as the doctor cleared his throat.


” Okay, I have the results here, the test came back….”


The door bell rang loudly forcing the doctor to pause.


I look around for the maids but realized none of them were around.


“I’ll get it.” Daniel suggested and got up to the door.


After approximately 10 minutes, he came back with an expressionless face.


“Who was it Dan?” Amy and Pablo asked simultaneously.


“Nothing important, I handled it. Can we commence now doctor?” Daniel answered and went to sat.


The doctor nodded and spoke.


“The test came back….











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