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My Step Mother – Episode 7

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Episode 7



Going to bed that night i was both happy, satisfied, proud but strangely their was an odd melancholy feeling and i had to seat down on the bed for a while going over all that happened.




“What if papa caught us, what would i have done?” i shuddered at the thought of papa catching us.


“surely he would disown me”


“Did i do the right thing bleeping papa’s new wife?”



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No girl have ever turned me on the way she does but still she is a sweet poison that i knew would certainly backfire if i don’t cut it off in time but heck it was worth the risk, i mean she is a very young sexy goddess, any sane guy can kill for that p– -y. forget she is married to my father.




My phone gave a mild beep while letting out silvery white glows at the same time.


I could see from the notification that it was a whatsapp message and it was from my step mum.




Amanda: Hey Sugar you were superb tonight, you gave me the best i have had… ** in love face **




Me: Lol… you were wonderful too

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Amanda: Thanks sugar boy… you will never regret having me around.




Me : Thanks… Goodnight.





Amanda: Sleep tight mah sugar boy **kiss**




I tiredly and lazily dragged myself to the bathroom for a shower, just a quick encounter with Amanda have taken such wild toll from me leaving my legs a bit wobbly under me.




“Should i tell Jessy?” I asked myself in the bathroom ignoring the spraying cold water that caressed my body, through the shower tickling down my body like it was a race.




“Oh nooooo i can’t, Jessy will not be happy about it at all, their is not even any need for her to know, it’s not like i will continue to do this with Amanda” Somehow i knew deep down i was lying to myself.




I dropped myself on my bed on getting out of the bathroom and travelled to disney land of wonderland. ** ** **




“Nnam, wake up” A faint voice called out to me, mild but it was broad and definitely baritone with a lot of familiarity.




Everything was dark in my eyes but my lazy eye lids slowly slid open giving my iris the task of adjusting to the bright light beams that filtered its way my eyes.




Papa’s form slowly took shape as i rubbed sleep off with the back of my eyes, slightly angry to be woken up and still needing to return back and finish my dreams that bombarded me in pure Dstv-like HD.




Papa was wearing a long flowing white agbada that seemed to make his pitch dark complexion a bit fairer and a traditional red cap on his head, He looked nice but he always does’ i reminded myself.



“Nnam am going out now, won’t you go to school today or is today a public holiday? Papa asked me in igbo, dropping a crisp slim wad of neat mint #1000 naira notes on my bed, am sure it was more than 4.




“Good morning papa” I yawned, stretching my long frame on the bed as i reached for my phone, a white iphone4 that lay tiredly on the far side of my bed.




Papa walked out after telling me to get up and prepare for school.


Papa might be a politician and all but he definitely was a mother and a father to jessy and i at home.




“That sad and guilty feeling overtook me again looking at papa who treats me more than a mother can and i am paying him back with bleeping his wife.




I glanced at my phone still with lazying eyelids, the figures 9:43 clearly showed on my screen.




“D–n!!!” I blurted out, sprang up from the bed directly to the bathroom with Usain bolt speed, the lingering sleep in my eyes vanished




“Oh my God!!! i over overslept and i have a morning quiz today” I hurried over a cold shower and managed to muster some fast clean up.




Sliding the #5000 papa dropped on the bed into my wallet, i grabbed my back pack and walked down stairs clad in a black jean, and yellow t- shirt.




Surprisingly papa was still in the sitting room talking with Amanda laughing as i entered…


“Shiiitty love” I Cursed under my breathe.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen.




“Good morning ma” I greeted Amanda taking a quick scan of her in a long gown that hugged every part of her body provoking every contour, curves and that wicked sexiness of her body. Could see papa wearing an ear to ear grin, that type that makes you look as mumuish as a cartoon character.




“Good morning sky” Her silky milky voice was thrown back to me, with that look in her eyes that seemed to be fixed more on my crotch area than my face.




I entered the dinning to hurry over a light breakfast of chocolate drink and bread, downing my food with my ears still on the fading cracking laugh of papa who was reluctantly taking his leave through the front door.




“Nawa oo papa wont work again because of a girl” I hissed still minding my breakfast.




Amanda’s light foot steps made me look up towards the sitting room as i was leaving the dinning to catch up with papa so he can drop me off.




Amanda took hold of my shirt and drew me a bit roughly towards her making me tilt my head a bit downwards..




Her lips grabbed mine with that same roughness her hands exhibited with her tongue intruding into mine making me sub-consciously take my hands behind her back as i forcefully pushed her more into me, her beautiful boobs crashing against my skin just a little below the chest.




“See you when you get home sugar”…she whispered into my ears sounding like a song.



The kiss broke and i rushed out to meet papa but deep within me i knew I WAS IN FOR IT



..To Be Continued..







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