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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 9

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A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko


Episode 9- Second To Last Episode


It was 4pm and Uzoamaka was back from work. She hurriedly went into her room to freshen up. As she came out some minutes later, She was surprised that no one was home.


She stepped out side their compound to inquire from their security man at the gate, where her parents and siblings were.


“Your father has not return from work, your brothers just returned some hours ago but they stepped out with your mother, I guess they are nearby” The security man responded and Uzoamaka went back inside.


It was almost 5:30 pm and Uzoamaka was in her room, she was surprised that her parents and brothers are not back yet.


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She had picked up her phone to call her mother, when she suddenly heard her favorite song, playing in the sitting room.


She rushed down to the sitting room and she was surprised to see not just her parents and siblings but her former school mates and colleagues. The sight of Bobby also melted her heart.


“Happy birthday to you Uzoamaka, we love you” They chroused.


Uzoamaka was surprised and she was so happy.


She thanked them for coming, immediately the party started.


In few minutes, Uzoamaka was sighted in a beautiful red dress and she was sighted dancing with her brothers. And suddenly the music stopped.


Bobby walked closer and gently he knelt down before Uzoamaka, She wondered why he was kneeling and She almost died of excitement when Bobby brought out a beautiful engagement ring.


“My love, I want to be with you forever, please marry me” Bobby said lovingly. Uzoamaka was already in tears, she stared at her parents and they gave her a sign to accept Bobby’s proposal and even his brothers nodded in agreement. Bobby was so excited when Uzoamaka said


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“Yes” She raised Bobby up and Bobby planted a soft kiss on her lips, they kissed passionately for a while before Uzoamaka remembered that her parents were watching and she stopped kissing back.


Every one present at the birthday party marvelled, when Bobby gifted Uzoamaka a brand new classic car for accepting his proposal.



In few minutes, The little birthday party turned into an engagement party. Bobby had promised to come with his family, in two weeks time for their introduction. And Uzoamaka’s parents were excited that their only daughter will soon be married.


Uzoamaka’s parents blessed the two love birds and finally the party came to an end.


Uzoamaka received alot of gifts. And some of her old school mates who were present at the party, apologized for making fun of her, during their days in Secondary school.


“Your are so beautiful now, you look like a plus size model in this beautiful red dress of yours, keep doing what you are doing, it’s working, you are looking good, I never knew one could be fat and still look fantabulous, your stomach is so flat and your skin is so beautiful” One of Uzoamaka’s former school mates said and Uzoamaka blushed.


The next day, The news of Uzoamaka’s engagement spreaded like wild fire. Even her colleagues who attended the party spread the news to everyone who couldn’t attend the party.


And when Barbara heard she felt defeated.


For days now, Uzoamaka had avoided her like plague because of her betrayal.


At the close of work, Uzoamaka quietly went into her new car and she was about to zoom off, when she sighted Barbara, coming outside, Barbara stepped out from the door, looking sober and shattered. It was apparent that she missed Uzoamaka and her conscience was dealing with her, Barbara was overshadowed by guilt and shame, that she couldn’t go to Uzoamaka Because she wouldn’t be able to look into her eyes.


When Uzoamaka drove off, Barbara almost collapsed because she felt like a loser and a failure at the same time.


I didn’t succeed in winning Bobby instead, I lost Uzoamaka, my best friend, now I have realized my mistake, I wish I never became envious and bitter, I was never a good friend to Uzoamaka and I pray she forgives me one-day, even though I don’t deserve her forgiveness” Barbara thought in tears



Few weeks later, Uzoamaka felt bad when news came to her that Barbara had resigned.


Uzoamaka wished Barbara didn’t betray her as she reminisced on their good old days in the University.


Uzoamaka didn’t stop working on herself, even after Bobby proposed to her, she kept working out and eating healthier, in no time, Uzoamaka became a lot attractive and fit. Yes she was still plus sized, but she looked alot healthier and happier than when she was battling with obesity, depression and low self esteem.


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End Of Episode 9


To Be Continued

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