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Pablo’s POV



Paula emerged from the closet with a very beautiful dress she had on, I sat right on the bed waiting for her when I felt her presence, I looked her down up and down again, she looked beautiful.


I couldn’t help but admire how hell of a lucky man I was , today was the last day of our honeymoon and I wanted her to have as much fun as we had since the past three weeks we’ve spent already.


So getting up from the bed Paula nervously bit her lower lip feeling shy of how I was staring at her .


“So how do you see this one ?” She asked turning round for me as i checked her out .


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“Wow!, you look amazing, so beautiful” I complemented and she smiled.


“At least this one was able to fit me ” she complained.


as I pulled her close staring into her beautiful eyes, she had tried about 5 to 6 dresses but non could fit her perfectly, and I could see she’s adding up and knew why, though she doesn’t.




“You know am one hell of a lucky man ?” I whispered with my lips slightly brushing the side of her lips and she moan when i kissed her neck.


“You always say that , but you have to take me out right now ” she said and i chuckled slightly. she pushed me a little glaring at me.


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“Seriously, you won’t have me put on this dress and take it off at the last minute, no repetition” she said and pouted cutely.


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was suppose to take her out two days ago and after she had dressed up so beautifully I couldn’t resist her so I kissed her and we ended up in bed , tired and couldn’t move a finger till we fell into deep slumber forgetting that we needed to go out , and after we woke up, we ended up curling up on the couch, with popcorn and the TV.



“Oh common now sugar , we are going out, but I need you to kiss me first ” I said pulling her closer .


“No, Pablo it all starts with a kiss and ends with sex and that leads to no outing so no” she insisted and I smirked dreamily.


“Then if you must deny me of a kiss , there would be no sleeping tonight since we’d be busy” I said making her blush when she realized what I meant.






I held her waist as we walked into a very glamorous restaurant and I could hear the piano being played as lots of people sat on each sit having their orders .


Paula looked around wondering where this kind of place was, once we entered all the people were staring at us I glanced at her and the definition of confused was written boldly on her face.


“Where is this place?”, she asked as some people smiled at us.


A restaurant, a well furnished restaurant, not the normal type we know ” I said as she looked around still not believing how elegant the place looked.


The restaurant is really elegant and I’ve worked so hard to get it. Just my taste.




I Pulled a chair out for her and whispered into her ear “Sit” and she did.


I took a seat beside her and waved one of the waitress and she made her way towards us smiling cheekily .


“Hey Mr and Mrs Dominguez” she greeted.


Paula stared at me weirdly.


“Yes Janie, the menu please” I said and looked at Paula.



She made a shocked face and looked at the girl strangely and back at me.


“Yes sir ” she handed a menu to Paula. she slowly but gently collected it with eyes not leaving the Janie girl.


“Baby you should pick what ever you want ” I said watching her , she smiled and nodded looking into the menu she nearly dropped it due to shock as her mouth widen but quickly shut.


“Pablo this meals are fu.ckin so expensive” she whisper shouted.


“I know, and that’s why you just have to choose the one you want” I said.


Looking back into the menu she dropped it .


“Maybe you order ” she said and i frowned.


“You sure ?” I asked .


“Yeah , ” she answers her eyes going to the Janie girl who still stood with them.


She must be wondering how she knew us and how I know her name.


I saw the way she looked at the waitress and knew she was gonna ask , not bothering to pick the menu I spoke.


“Janie, please bring the food” I said and she smiled nodding.


“Sure Mr Dominguez” she said heading off.


Paula raised a questioning brow at me the moment Janie left.


“What?” I asked innocently.


“Don’t even start Pablo, you know her name and she knows us how possible is that?” She asked .


Now that was a jealous tone, since when has she started getting jealous. I thought.


“Well , its possible because am a multi billionaire and the world knows me, our marriage is definitely everywhere, TV, news papers ,magazine and lots more , so what do you think ?” I smirked.


“Okay …..that’s by the way but how do you know her name ‘?” She asked and I


took in a deep breath and stares at my beloved wife .


“She’s my employee, so I have to know her name ” I said and she was still confused.


“What do you mean , she’s your employee?” She asked and I smiled .


“Well, I own here ” I said casually making her eyes widen , she was shocked , surprised.


“You own here ?,for real ?” She asked and I just smiled.


“Yes, its ours ” I said nonchalantly.




“Just how much wealth do you have ?” She asked .


” the biggest of all kinds in any dimension you can place it, worth lots of assets ” .


“Am surprise I still have to know more about the man I married ” she said and signed.


And once our food arrived it was placed down before us, by the Janie girl who was all smiling while Paula tried to act cool .


“Seriously how are we finishing this ?” She glared at me as Janie left .


“We’ll leave a bite” I winked and she raised an eyebrow, Rolling her eyes at me .


In the process.


“Well?, I know…. So tell me what did you learn about me today?” She asked .


“I thought you were dramatic but I was wrong” I said and she stared at me in confusion.


“Meaning?” She asked and I smirked.


“Your worse than a drama queen I said and she stare daggers at me .


“You are pathetic” she eyed me cutely.


“You think am worse huh?, then why marry me ?” she continued knowing i will surly have to have her this way for some months before everything settle again .


I took my glass water which was filled up by the Janie and drank from it as I watched her.


“Babe, keep your voice low , people are beginning to stare ” I whispered a smirk on my lips .


“Really , you should have told me since” she looked and truly they were looking, she turned back to me with an angry look.


“Its true , why didn’t you tell me , your just gonna let them keep staring, what are you ?” She hissed and I chuckled .


“I just did, calm down and eat , the food is getting cold , remember the b… , I stopped myself instantly. ” Errm…you need to eat , but not too much ” I said down casting my eyes and she stared at me unbelievably.


“Not too much?, I don’t eat too much you know that ” she said .


“Right , I know but just saying” I said holding myself not to laugh out with that expression on her face .


“Oh, I get it ….you are saying am gonna get fat if I eat too much, isn’t it ….you


think am fat already so your saying that ” she glares and I realized its another blast.


my mouth opened and I stared at her in disbelief and she continued talking.


“No, that’s not what I mean “I defended.


“Seriously, …if you don’t want me to have too much food , because I’d be fat why pack so much meals, didn’t I ask , but you said we’d leave a bite , but now your indirectly calling me a glutton” she says angrily


I couldn’t help but laugh, she has been eating too much but doesn’t know the cause


she was adding up and I could see how she complains of her dress not sizing her. “Baby , that’s not it ” I let out .


“But you’re laughing, just say am not attractive anymore I’d understand, stop chunking it all the time , I’ve lost my appetite” she said dropping her fork,


my eyes widened , I was only joking with her , But somehow, I love seeing her like this especially when she starts her unstoppable talk.


I couldn’t help but know her hormones system was indeed amazing to see .


“Baby, don’t be upset , look just Wait here , I have something for you , ” I smiled at her .


“Still not changing my mind , am giving you 5 seconds then I’d leave ” she says and I shook my head chuckling as I made my way to the instrumentalist .


I said something to the keyboardist and they smiled and I took over , sitting down , they brought a mike before me .


“Ladies and gentleman” I said and they all turned , knowing i was gonna play they already started clapping.



“I’d like to sing a special song to my one and only dear beloved wife Mrs Anna Paula Dominguez, and its just all about you , this is for you baby”


I said with eyes never leaving her face.


She stared back at me surprised.




Too long abi?


How was it?














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