Wonder Woman – Episode 3

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Wonder Woman




Author Jenny


Episode 3☺




“Mom tell Kira to give me back my red sport shoe”Kyle shouted from upstairs “I just said I’m not with it” Kira shouted back descending from the stair case “Oh please spare me that you came to my room yester night claiming that you had some prob…..”


“Kyle would you shut up” I shouted “Now you guys go to your room I would get another one for you” I yelled


Kyle and Kira quickly ran upstairs.


Yea its still me Carly Ambr….. No Carly Brian I’m married to the most loving


husband with 4 beautiful and handsome kids- Kyle, Kira, Kendrick and Kayla (They call themselves K⁴ crazy right?)


I was lost in thoughts when the door opened revealing Dave (That’s what I call him now he calls me Arly *blushes*) He was panting with sweat allover his body I stood up

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“Dave what’s wrong?” “I mean why are you sweating?” I asked again he didn’t answer he only kept pacing around the sitting room “Dave I just asked a question” I said again impatiently, I hate it when I’m being ignored


“Carly do not pressurize me as you can see I’m in a very bad mood” he said angrily took his coat and went upstairs to our room. What’s wrong? He only calls me Carly when he’s angry.


David’s pov


I drove home crazily from work our company was duped a large sum of money the management was forced to shut down the company living their workers temporarily jobless. I don’t know how I’m gonna break this news to Carly and our kids…..



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