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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 14

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“Mr…mr lamant?” i strutters taking a large gulp. my heart accelerated to it’s highest point.


how come mr lamant is here?


is he trailing me?


mr lamant furrowed his brows questioning me with those large eyes.


“who’s he?” dad and mr lamant asked the same question.


“he’s… he’s..” I stopped realizing I don’t know who am answering between the two men.

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what should I say?


I stared at the man in my front. he’s my fu.cking boss who made me stay in his house for a week to make my keep my job. or…. I look back at dad


he’s my father….. the man I’m sacrificing myself for.







“go after her son… Cara doesn’t look so well” mom said second after Cara excused her self.


“yeah…I noticed” I nodded watching her retreating figure.


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“common son go after her” Mon urged.


i sighed.


“I’m leaving” I stood up and followed the direction Cara went. to my up most


surprise she passed the bathroom.


“where could she be going” i thought.


“let’s find out”




maybe because of the way I trembled in front of mr lamant or my look that had gone pale I dunno what dad saw that made him raise his voice.


“Cara answer me this moment. who is this man?” his loud voice had start to attract stares.


“keep it cool dad” my voice was low “we’re in a hospital” I reminded him. “then answer me!” he said in the same tone


I look at Mr lamant . he was still standing in the same spot. not bulging I speak. “he’s my boss”


“she’s my fiancee” mr lamant and I ended up saying different things.






I shook my head side to side. hope I’m not daydreaming. did u just heard that.


“finance” that word took me aback.


if that was shock, then the next thing that happened is a bombshell.


mr lamant moved closer to where dad is, wearing the fastest smile ever.


“i’m sorry Mr Robbins. I should have introduced myself earlier…. we heard that


you’re awake so cara and i seize the opportunity to visit you”




that’d best liev I’ve ever heard. he said those words smoothly like he had practiced them. I never he could be a good actor. that was not the reaction I’m expecting from my feisty boss.


I look at the two men. dad is now laughing. I’d bet he must have done a great job to make him laugh.


i sighed relieved…. at least the first fears are over. i’m ready to receive whatever


punishment mr lamant will be giving me.


we spent few more minutes web


with dad before leaving. we went back to Selena’s ward.


“where have you been?” i was so worries about you” Selena asked when we entered.


“sorry mom..we ran into a friend that work here… we lost track of time while talking” mr lamant said again.yet another lie. i nodded not finding my voice.


for the remaining hours that we spend the hospital I remained quiet. mr lamant acted as if nothing had happened. I knew after we leave this place… is either I get my sack letter or he make another crazy request.


leaving the hospital was very emotional. mother and soon cried while hugging. it’s their last probably. I’ve never seen Mr lamant this way. he cried like a baby. I couldn’t help it either. tears fell from my eyes seeing this painful goodbye.




we’re on our way home. none of us talking. mr lamant did nothing but focusing on


the road. suddenly he stopped the car.


“Cara… ” he begin


“kiss me”


i thought i didn’t heard him right but he repeated it “Cara kiss me” i stared in disbelief. “why should I?” I questioned.


” because I said that!” the real and lustful Mr lamant is back.


“i’m sorry mr lamant….”I had start to say but his mouth shut me up. he took my lips


forcefully in his.


























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