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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 17

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Chapter 1 ⃣7 ⃣



A Surprise Visit



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya POV



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“I am so sorry ma’am.” He pleaded again.


“Who sent you?” I asked.


“A man called Rishi, he wants to take the land because he discovered the land has oil.” He answered. “If I had known you l0


“You can stand up.” I said finally and he stood up quickly. “Do not ever come back to this village again. Tell Rishi or whatever his name is not to dare this village or else he will face my wrath, do I make myself clear?”


He nodded his head vigorously.


“Now get out of my face this minute.” I told him and he scrambled to his feet and ran away with his thugs as fast as their legs could carry.


I made a sign with my eyes and the guy who had come out with a card turn and entered the car he came out from, the rest of my goons turned and left without a word. The helicopters flew away.


I lean closer to whisper into Harsha’s ear.


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“Sweetheart, pretend as if you are the one who has sent for them and you allowed me to do the talk, okay?” I told him kissing his cheek then stood up from my chair dragging him along with me as we faced the whole villagers and my grandmother’s questioning one sided smile.


“They won’t bother this village again.” I told them and they started saying their thanks and went back to what they were doing.


“Zoya, what just happened? Who were those men that came in Jeep’s and helicopters? Why did he kneel before you?” She asked me.


So she saw the kneeling part?



“Grandma, those men you saw were sent by him.” I answered, pointing at Harsha briefly then brushing his shoulder with mine slightly.


“Yes grandma, Zoya told me everything yesterday and that was why I came here, but before coming, I had informed them to come at the time they did.” Harsha said with a forceful smile and my grandmother accepted the lie.


“Aww, it’s a good thing you are engaged to my granddaughter Harsha, a very good thing.” My grandmother said with a smile.


Harsha nodded his head.


We all went inside.




Soon my grandmother gave us something to eat, she served us rice in a plastic decorated flower plate.


We started eating.


“I hope you eat with this kind of plate Harsha.”


“Yes grandma.” Harsha said with a genuine smile.


“Huh, grandma, I and Harsha will be heading home once it’s getting dark.” I quickly chip in. “We don’t want to stay long.”


“Why? I thought you will be staying for sometime before going back.” She said in a surprise tone.


“No grandma, Harsha and I have some urgent business to do tomorrow morning, right sweetheart?”


“Yes, yes wild cat.”


“Oh, in that case let me go and tell Mara to announce to the whole village that you are leaving so soon with your husband.” She said and turned to leave us then



stopped and raised an eyebrow at Harsha. “So Harsha when should we fix the date of your wedding so you and my granddaughter can officially be a couple?”


Harsha suddenly started to fake a cough. “So-on grandma.”


“Soon right?”


“Yes soon.” Harsha said still fake coughing


Grandma touched his hair gently. “Harsha, I don’t want you to delay the wedding, before the year runs out I want to see you baby bump on Zoya, okay?”


I joined him and started fake coughing.




“Oh, let me go and get you both water.” She said and left our side.


As soon as she was gone we stopped coughing.


“I didn’t sign up for any of this.” Harsha said and we both resumed our coughing once we saw my grandmother coming, she gave us a cup of water each and left us again.


“Well I didn’t ask you to come, did I?” I asked with a side smirk.


“Whatever, who were those people that came with cars and helicopters?”


“Not you too.” I groan out.


“Since I accepted that they were my thugs, can’t you at least tell me who they are to you?”


“Okay, they work for me, they are my thugs, are you happy now?” I told him the truth. He has cooperated and at least I owe him this truth.


“For now, anyway, I never knew you have an organization where you help people.


No wonder you told that woman and her children to come here.” Harsha said.


“Have you asked your grandmother if they are truly here?” He said in concern.


“Yes I have asked her, they are here, you shouldn’t be worried.” I said. “How did you know I was here sweetheart?”


“Your phone conversation you had with your grandmother and when she called you Zoya, I knew right away that you are the one.” He answered me and resumed eating, he stopped to speak after taking five spoons. “Never thought you were this kind hearted Zoya.”


“Don’t call me Zoya when we go back.”


“Why? Or is your name no longer Zoya?”


“I don’t want people to know where I come from or what my real name is. If I hear my name on your lips I swear I am going to break your two legs and cut off that tongue of yours and will marry you since no girl will want to marry a dumb cripple guy like you.” I told him with a dangerous tone. I only use that tone to scare someone.


He nodded his head in fear without saying a word.


We ate our food in silence.


Towards evening, we bid the entire Village our goodbyes and left for Bangalore.




I paid the taxi that dropped us off at Anant Desai residence. Once the gate keeper was sure it was us, he opened the gate for us to enter.


Stepping into the living room we met Anant Desai and Krish.


Krish seemed to just arrived because he was standing and asking Anant who was seated.



“Where have you been son?” Anant Desai asked immediately as he saw us and stood up and went to meet his son, hugging him.


“Father, I just went out for a stroll.” He answered and return the hug.


“Krish, what are you doing here?” I asked him, I was very surprised to see him here. Why didn’t he inform me that he was coming?


“I came here to see you and to take you home.” He answered coming to meet me and pull me into his body. “I have missed you, your body on mine Zee and how they fit each other.” He added kissing my forehead and cheeks.


I heard a very loud snort like a pig coming from Harsha.


“How long have you been here?” I asked him and allow him to put his arms around my waist.


“I came here about twenty minutes ago and have been asking Mr Anant of your whereabouts.” Krish answered me. “Where were you all day? Did you go out with him?” He asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice. His arms around me tighten.


“No, I left to look around Bangalore and we saw each other at the gate, right sweetheart?” I ask Harsha, turning my head to face him only to see him glaring at us, especially Krish’s arm murderously.


He didn’t say a word, rather he just hissed and bid his father goodnight and left for his room.


Did I say anything wrong to piss him that much?


I wonder as I watch his retreating back.


Krish chuckled, bringing my attention to him. He wore a big bright smile as he watched Harsha leaving the living room in anger.



“You can let go of me Krish.” I said and he let go of my waist and I put a little distance between us. “When are you leaving?”


“Are you not happy to see me Zee?” He asked, pretending to look sad.


“When are you leaving?” I repeated once again.


“I am not leaving, I will be staying here.”


“You will be staying here?” I ask to be sure I heard him well.


“Yes Zee.”


“He meant he will be staying here for the night and will be leaving here by tomorrow.” Anant Desai said.


“No Mr Anant, I meant I will be staying here with my love Zee until her work is done here and we leave together.” Krish answered.






Filled the room, one from me and the other one from Anant Desai.


Anant Desai phone vibrated on the table which signified a message. He went to pick up his phone and silently read the content. After a minute he looked at us. “He stays.”


Krish smiled and my phone vibrated in my pocket.


I brought it out and saw a new message from Khaleel which read:



We really need to talk Zee, there is something I need to tell you about what my brother has been up too


© Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke.

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