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Chapter 11






Peter’s POV


“Now,do the rest yourself”She said as she dropped the pen and the note on my bed.


“I have no problem with that”I said proudly .


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“Your luck “She said.


“Yeah, my luck”I repeated.


“Can you lend me a novel? ” She asked. “I have no novels ‘cos I don’t read Novels” “Why?”


“No specific reason “I said.


“I read novels alot”She said.


“You’re a genius then”


She smiled.


“When you done,inform me”She said and then left my room.


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Peter’s POV


Flora is nice, very cute, brilliant, hardworking and beautiful to multiply it all…. I




But she is from a very poor background..










Peter’s POV


“Flora”I cleared my throat and then resumed all over again.


“You are such very nice housemaid and I….” I paused.


“Oh no,it’s not like that” I cleared my throat again.


“Flora,i’m in love with u…..”


All of a sudden, Flora came in.




I fell on my bed almost immediately.


Wait, Has she been eavesdropping?


“What’s wrong?”She asked suspiciously.


“I’m alright but you should have just knocked before entering.What if i was nu.de?


I said standing up from the bed. “I’m sorry”She said.


“Apology accepted” I replied.


“So are you done with what i asked you to do? ” She asked. “Of course, it didn’t take me much of my time” I responded. “You were through and you couldn’t even call me? ”


“I found out that you were in the kitchen,so i didn’t want to distract you” I said. “You should have just.. anyway,the note? “She demanded and i handed it over to her. She glanced through it then face me and gave me a thumb up.


“You’re good to go” She said. “All thanks to you”I responded. She smiled and dropped the note. “Lunch is ready”She announced.


“Set the table, i’ll be there in a jiffy” I said. “Ok”She turned to leave.


“Wait Flora”


She turned; “What? ”


“Err….Nevermind,u can go”I said cowardly.


“Alright”she turned the door knob and took a step out of my room.


I then held her hand and turned her round in such a way that she faced me nearly oppositely.


“I love u flora”I finally confessed.






Flora’s POV


I was shocked,speechless……


Jeez, he’s burrowing his eyes into mine. I immediately closed my eyes tightly.


Wait, did he just say he loves me?


“I’m so sorry Flora”he apologised.


So why is he apologising?


“I’m really sorry”He repeated.


I was still mute.


“Say something Flora” He pleaded.


“Wh… what? ” I muttered.


“I….. ”


I interrupted him sharply.


“Enough!”I excalimed;I am your housemaid” I reminded.


“You’re not my housemaid,You’re my helper” He said staring at me. Jeez, this look is really tempting or should i say emotional?


“I am not your type” I said moving backward ( towards the door ) slowly.


“I never said so” He said.


“I’m poor too” I finally reached the door but stood there still.


“I don’t care”


I stared at him; ” You don’t care? ”


“Yeah..I really want.. ”


I ran out of his room immediately.


“Flora wait,please Flora”He followed me..






Flora’s POV


“I’m so sorry”he knelt down holding my hands.


“But,i really can’t help it.You are the only one who stays with me at home.You have helped me alot Flora”He added


“And that’s bcos i’m your housemaid” I said.


“I know but please…” H e pleaded.


“For goodness sake peter,u have a girlfriend already” I said recording every


reactions he makes.


“Who? ” He asked.


“Monica,she’s from a rich background”


“Monica is not my girlfriend ”


I stared at him…


Am i not going to regret this?


Ok, I like him alot too but i am his housemaid,I can’t be his girlfriend. “Will you my girlfriend? ”


“Peter”I tried raising him up but i couldn’t. He was kneeling down with so much pressure.


“You don’t love me too? “He asked.


I was dumbfounded.


“Tell me.. ”


“Of course, i..like you”I told him.


why don’t you want to be my life partner ?” he asked. Life Partner?… Oh My God.


“Don’t misunderstand Peter, I… ”


There was a knock on the door and it interrupted me. “I’ll get it” I said and hurriedly went to open the door. To my greatest shock..It was Monica.


“Monica!”I muttered.


“what’s wrong with my name?”She asked forcefully entering “Monica? “Peter muttered also.


“What’s wrong with you both? ..and why are you on your kneels? ” She asked.






Peter’s POV.


“I misplaced something little, it rolled under the chair” I lied. Waow, that’s was so quick and kinda direct.


“Did you find it? ” “No”I shooked my head. “By the way, what is it? ” “Forget” I said.


She gazed at me. “Besides,why are you here? ”



“Aren’t i allowed to visit my boyfriend when i feel like?” She said sliding her hand down my cheeks.


Arrrrrgh, Monica has gone crazy again?


“Monica”I scorned at her then stared at Flora, who was still at the door. She looked away and left the living room.


“When are you leaving?” I asked Monica.


“Anytime soon”She replied.


“You should just leave now” I said.


“I just came besides, i haven’t even told you why i am here”


“Say whatever you want to say and leave”I said almost screaming.


“Let’s leave the living room”She suggested.


“To where? ”


“Your room”She said.


I didn’t even hesitate.


We got to my room soonest.. She glare at the notes, the pen and my laptop which was on the bed..


“Awesome,you have been studying “She said.


“Monica,we are in my room now or will you leave now? ” I asked.


“Fine, I’m here to ask you a question”She resumed.


I stared at her,saying nothing.


“A question”She repeated.


“Go ahead”


“Peter don’t you think you’re getting too intimate with that girl? ”




“Your housemaid,Flora or whatever she calls herself.


“What if i am? ” I questioned her in return.


“Please Peter, i am not saying you shouldn’t be intimate with girls but not too intimate..”She started blabbing.;”Look Peter, everyone thinks we are dating already “but…”


“Please just admit it.i love u with all my heart.Peter,i have a fragile heart, please don’t try to break it”She knelt down.


“No Monica, why won’t you just….? ”


She interrupted me.


“be my boyfriend “She pleaded.




I was extremely shocked.


I swear, i have never seen a situation when a girl propose to a guy?


Monica is really crazy.


“Just be my boyfriend, let us date”Monica continue to plead.


I was speechless…I only stared at her. She is weeping? …Oh no, i shouldn’t be too cruel. What if she commit suicide… because of me? “Peter”She stood up and embraced me tightly.


“Alright Alright “he finaly said.


“Really?”She asked.


“I said alright” I repeated.


She kissed me. ..I halted it immediately.


“Now leave”I ordered.


“Of course, i will leave now…That’s just why i came”she said smiling. What’s fascinating?


I escorted her to the door and then slammed the door immediately she was beyond my sight.


Does this make any sense at all?


She asked me out and i……..


Oh my God, What have i done?


What about flora???







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