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The Imperfect Daughter – Episode 11

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⚫Episode 11⚫








He kissed me deeply till i was out of breathe and I curled my toes, “I love you, Tia”




Did he say he love me.


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He loved me.




I can’t love him even if i do.




I just can’t…




“Take me home, Sandro”, I said and he raised a brow.


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“Did I do something wrong?”,I asked.




“No you didn’t . I just remembered something. I have to go home”




“Don’t lie to me Tia. Is it because of what I said”,he sat up staring at me.




I stood up walking towards and he rushed holding my wrist.




“Talk to me, Tia”




“I can’t love you, Sandro. Please just move on”




He touched my cheeks, “I’m serious. I’m inlove with you Tia”




“Move on, Sandro. I just can’t. I need to go home”




He breathe, “Okay… let me wear a shirt. I will be there with you”




I nodded and slowly went to my room.


I change into my previous dress and found his shirt neatly on the bed.




The rain has stopped and I was grateful for that.




I slowly went outside and stood by his car.




Within minutes he came to meet me and he opened the door for me.




I turned staring at the outside view. I don’t want to look at him.




We were quiet till we reached home.




“Tia…”, he said but I cut him off.




“There won’t be us Sandro, just move on please”




I opened the pa*ssengers door and got out.




“Tia….”,he called but i just turn deaf ears to him.




I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling… my leg really hurt and I feel so horrible right now.




I lost him.




I should have said I love you too but what’s the use anyway.




I feel like he is still a playboy. He will break my heart any sooner.




I heard a knock on my door. It was Mr Romeo.




“Hi dear”,he smiled at me and behind him was a young man .. I guess he is in his twenties.




“Hello there”,I waved at him.




“Mind my manners, Miss Johnson. This is my son, Joey”




“Hi Joey..”,I shook his hands and he gave me a shy smile.




“Can we talk?”,he asked.




“Sure, have a seat”,I said sitting down while they joined me.




“What do you want to talk about Mr Romeo”




“Well… My son here, went to Oklahoma university and he studied agriculture so I was wondering if he could educate us more on the rice farm ….”




“Oh okay but you don’t need to tell me. I’m also now learning about it so I think is a good idea that he is here”




“Oh, thank you Miss Johnson”,




“And one more thing, can you call my financial secretary please”




“Yes I will… thank you once again”




I smiled at them and they left me. I just sat there.


I need to check the amount of my aunt’s money.




If possible after high school, I could stay in one of her ranch in Mexico while Mr Romeo will be in charge of the rice farm.




And then continued from where she ended.




I need to give donations to various orphanages.




I sat there and wait for my financial secretary.




“Good evening ma’am”




“Good evening, please have a seat”,she straighten her dress and sat down.




“Hmm.. I called here because I wanted to know how much is in my aunt’s account”




“You like to know ma’am”,she smiled at me.




“What do you mean I won’t like to you”




“Because your aunt is filthy rich but I’m really shocked she stayed in this cottage as if she had nothing”




Yea right, my aunt was a simple woman just like i am. She never flirts with her money.




She was herself and she was my role model. She was patient and she listens to me.




When PTA’s are held, she was still there. My parents never came.


Aunt Charlotte was actually like a real mom to me.




“I heard you responsible for my mom’s donations”




“Yes ma’am”




“From now on, I want you to start the denations”








“I will call you when I need you”




“Okay mom”






Five days later,


I entered the school while everyone were just staring at me and stared back at their phones.




What’s happening?




What’s going on?




Why is everyone smiling and giggling at me?




I just don’t understand.




“Hey…”,I heard a voice when I opened my locker.




“Hey Micheal”




“I wanted to tell you something”




“Go on…”




“Not here…”




“Okay… Let the way”,I asked and to my surprise he grasp my wrist and led me to the back if the school.




“What do you want to talk about?”, I asked.




“God help me”,he whispered and his hands moved firmly on my cheeks and his lips captured mine.




My eyes opened in shock then I saw someone taking photos of us.












Not Perpertual.




I pushed Micheal with all my strength and slapped him hard on his cheeks.




“What was that for? Is that why you called me here?”




“Umm.. I’m sorry, Tia”




“Just f*ck off Micheal. I hate you right now”


I frowned at him and walked quickly to my cla*ss.




Anna was smiling at me and I frowned.




“What’s wrong with you?”




“Nothing…i just feel angry today”




“Tell me and I would understand”




“Micheal kissed me right now”




She was quiet and I was quiet too hoping she would say something.




“So first you went out with the hot gorgeous celebrity, Alessandro and now it’s Micheal. Athena you are so ungrateful”




“What do you mean I’m ungrateful… I’m not interested in Micheal”




“You liar… I saw how you stared at him and how he looked at you too”




“Anna trust me, nothing is going on. You are just over reacting”




“I’m not over reacting. You just ungrateful. I was interested in Micheal and you webt behind my back kissing him”








“Just shut up Tia. You are not my friend anymore”




She took her back angrily sitting next to someone.




I tried to relax.




Today has actually being the wierd day for me.




I tapped my cla*ssmate, Gideon.




“Hey, can I check your phone”




“Yes.. . sure”,he gave me his phone and I stared I just read the top news.




I saw a picture if him and me in his car.




I didn’t even read the headline. I just hand the phone to the owner.




Was this the reason why everyone was staring at me.




Everyone thinks I’m dating Alessandro but its wrong.




He is just a friend.




Suddenly i heard the students phones peeping while others vibrates and they gasped.




One girl infront just raised her phone for me to see the picture.




It’s was me and Micheal earlier. kissing.


Hmm.. what am i going to do.




The tutor entered the cla*ss and I swear I couldn’t concentrate. I was just lost in thought.




My heart keeps pounding and I feel like today, I’m going to be in worst trouble.




My throat suddenly became sore.




I tried to breathe.




“Miss Johnson, are you listening?”,the lit tutor asked.




“No… ma’am. I’m sorry”




“You are forgiven for today but next time, I won’t tolerate it”




I just nodded.




Where is Perpertual anyway?




I have never seen her missed cla*ss before. Today is her first time.




I heard the siren and quickly checked my watch… it’s nine thirty am.




Wierd. We mostly have out break at ten- thirty am.




We all moved out gathering in our announcement hall.




The principal was at the platform while the whole students were infront of him.




“Good morning, fellow students”,he said.




“Good morning sir”,everyone answered.




“Today… I’m really dissapointed and really angry. Do you know why? Because some stole the money for donations and because of that, i called the police and they are coming right here to check everyone including your bags. So now I want everyone to remain here”




He descended while we the students wait…






Two hours later, the police were here… the redhead female officer made sure we lined up and she had to check all of us.




There were other policemen who checked from cla*ss to cla*ss.




Suddenly i saw the principal hold my bag while other police men followed him.




“Whose bag is this?”,he yelled.




“Its mine Sir”, I said walking towards him while everyone gathered around.




“Can you explain how this donation money got into your bag?”




He removed the money from my bag making everyone gasps.




I was surprised too.



Aunt Charlotte used to say, Sometimes during the most difficult times in your life, you have to strong and brave. Don’t let anything crumble you. Don’t cry infront of your enemies to see how weak you are. Don’t say anything when they lie upon you. Silence and bravery is what you need during your difficult times.




“No sir, I have no explanations”,I answered.




“I’m really dissapointed in you, Tia.But why?”,he asked.




I stared at Perpertual who was behind him and she winked at me.




It was her.




“Take her away…”,he said as the police men handcuffed me.




What’s the use of crying and screaming when I had no evidence. No one would believe me anyway.




I was in jail … the place I promised myself not to be.




Who will bail me out?




Mr Romeo doesn’t even know much about me and my school like I wish he was here.




The place has a different kind of scent. it’s sinks and I saw some women sitting on the bench while I hold the metal.




I promised myself not to cry.




“Hey kid, what are you doing here?”,one tattooed woman asked.


“Now kids of today are thieves and whores”,the other answered while they teased me more.




I just stood there hoping if someone out there could bail me out.








There could never be us Sandro. Just move on.




Those words really hurt me.




This morning I checked my phone seeing the news about her and me in a car.




Who is she was the headline.




I just slide up and saw her school website and a photo of her kissing someone.




It was that guy.




What was his name again?








So she was interested in him all along and she told me there can never be us.




I stroll down checking comments.




I can’t believe this, she is really acting like a whore. First it was Alessandro and now it was Micheal.




I don’t know what everyone sees on this chubby ulgly girl.




I hope Alessandro opens his eyes to see what a whore she is. Having s3x with a chubby like her will be really uncomfortable… yuk




I couldn’t read anymore…all I had to do was switched off my phone..




Beth,my secretary walks in, “Mr Anthony. You have a meeting in thirty minutes”




“Cancel it…”




“But sir…”




“I said cancel it”




“Okay sir”,I answered.




I don’t want to see anyone. Maybe it’s better I live her alone.




It’s better I moved on.




It was evening and I stopped by one of the night clubs in town.




I just want to have fun.




Famous rich were there just like me and I sat at the VIP side sipping my drink while I saw a familiar girl whinning her hips in a seductive way.




I watched her and she turned.


I recognised her.








What was she doing there… Did she come alone.




I’m just asking because this place is highly expensive.




She danced more then a guy stood behind her.




I just sipped my whisky continuously and damn I was so drank.




She moved closed to me, “Mr Anthony, Gosh. I didnt see you here”




I didn’t mind her.




“Hope you saw the news of her kissing another guy. I’m sorry but honestly I tried to warn you. She had been dating him for the past year now…”




My eyes widened. But Tia told me she was a virgin.




She stared at her phone, “They really look cute together and I’m sorry, i guess she won’t be interested in you”










She stared at her phone, “They really look cute together and I’m sorry, i guess she won’t be interested in you”


He frowned sipping his whiskey.




It’s now your turn Alessandro. I will make sure i f*ck you tonight and send all pictures to everyone to see how crazy I am for you.




I will make sure Tia sees it too.




Hope I could watch her suffering in Jail.




No one messes with me.




All I had to do is steal the donation money and put it at the right place.




In her bag.




I’m so excited today. Things are going just the way I planned.




Within minutes he was totally drunk.




He stood up and sat back in seat.




“Becareful Mr Anthony, or else you will get hurt”,I said.




“Let me help you”,I tried to hold his hand but he just pushed my hands away.




“Mr Anthony… let me help you. I mean no harm”




I tried to help him once more and he didn’t flinched.


I placed his arm on my shoulders and led him to his car.




I thought his guard was there today but I saw no one.




He came alone.




I placed him in his car and drove him to his house.




Well everyone knows Mr Anthony house.




I helped him to his bed room. Everywhere was dark do I switched on the lights.




I slowly to him to bed and crawled on top of him.




His eyes are half closed. He was really drank.




I removed his shirt and my fingers brushed his abs and skin.




He is so beautiful.




I was sitting on top of him and slowly I kissed him.




“Tia…”,he m0aned which made feel like killing him right now.




I kissed for the second time and he slowly responded.




I fantasized about Mr Anthony being mine but today I think he is all mine.



I kissed his chest and he m0aned .. I quickly opened his zip and belt and I stroked his erection. He was hard.




His eyes were still closed and he kept m0aning Tia.




What has this girl done to him?




Did she use some magic or vodoo on him.




I got up and removed my panties and moved on top of him and slowly and i pushed his erection inside me.




I m0aned directing his hands on my br3asts but he was already asleep.




I didn’t care. I moved till i 0rgasm.




After I was done I took pictures of him and me..




I kissed his cheeks taking pictures…




I covered us with blankets and took photos of us.




I placed all the photos on my school’s websites.




Then on my Instagram and Facebook.




I want the whole world to see this.




I kissed him once more and I dressed up leaving him.




I can’t belive I really f*cked him. I reached home and found my parents asleep.




I slept on the bed smiling… I’m so happy.










Two days later.


“Miss Johnson”,I heard the female officer and i quickly got up.




He opened the door and I saw the principal. He bailed me out.




“Hope this little punishment had taught you a lesson?”,he asked and i remain quiet.




“Now listen to me young lady, I want you to freshened up and meet me in my office”




Meet him in his office while everyone will laugh at me for being a thief.




is he testing me right now?




“Okay sir”,I finally responded.






I was at my parents home. I saw my mom outside.




For the first time, I was scared she might scold me.




I turned and I heard her voice, “Don’t go…”




I stood still and turned.




“I know you didn’t steal that money. You might be one horrible daughter but stealing isn’t your thing”




“Ermm.. the principal asked me to…”




“Just freshen up and let’s go together”




I nodded and entered inside my room.




I quickly showered and wore my clothes.




I moved to the kitchen found my mom. Her whole body shook and I knew she was crying.




I slowly pat her shoulder and turned making me hugged her.




“I’m sorry, Tia…”




“It’s okay mom”




I wiped her tears.




“I have to go”,I said and went to the living room taking my purse.




The television was already on then to my surprise I saw the pictures.




It was Perpertual and him.


I said he should move and he went in for her.




She is always the perfect one while I’m just one useless girl.




My eyes watered and I felt empty inside.




Why am i crying anyway… I told him to move on right so it’s doesn’t matter.




It doesn’t matter if he moves on with any girl.




I wiped my tears and took my purse and left the room.






Thirty minutes later, I reached school. I pa*sssed at the back gate of the school and went to his office.




I don’t want anyone to see me and laugh.




“Sir, I’m here”




“Good….I just have to ask you why did you steal the money.. You should ask asked and i would have


helped you. Now i have no choice but to expel you”




“Kay….I will take my leave now”,I whispered.




He nodded.




hmm.. I feel so sick right now.




I’m expelled.




What is my next move.




Well my next move to go to Mexico to start a new life.




To change to something new.




To exercise and slim up and when I return, I will make everyone who made me cry, pay for what he or she did to me.












The Imperfect Daughter











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