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If The Ring Fits – Episode 3

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EPISODE 0 ⃣3 ⃣




Prince Nicholas


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I moved into the hall as I saw people dancing around the hall and alot of laughter follows.


This is the first time I had seen people dancing with excitment. It was always slow songs as people waltz together but today it was different.

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Raymond, my personal adviser eyes widened. The music suddenly stopped while they stared at me. It was actually a taboo to use profane songs or any songs without the Prince consent or any member of the royal family.


“Who started it?”,I scrowl around the hall. I motion my fingers making the guards dragged the Dj to my feet.


“How dare you!!”,my anger fumed.


“I’m sorry your majesty but a girl requested for it”


“A girl.. So you follow a girl’s orders than my orders. I want you to point her out now!!”,I shouted and he stood up looking through the crowd but he looked quite confused.

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“I can’t find her. She… she is gone”,he said softly kneeling down.


“I have forgive you today but the next time, you will regret it. Now do what I ordered you to do”


He quickly ran up changing the song and gradually everything turns to normal.


I stood there while Governor Dante bowed to me.


“I told you not to bow down to me”,I said rolling my eyes.


“I can’t help it your majesty, I’m used to it.”


I nodded, “So how may I help you?”


“Actually your majesty, I wanted to introduce my niece to you. She actually wants to work here as a maid”,he said looking around.


“Where is she?”,he said under his breathe.


“Well… Raymond will handle everything”,I said moving away from him as he nodded vigorously.


Then boom, I meet my ex girlfriend.


Princess Anne.


I rolled my eyes at her.


“The maidens are really trying.. hope you would be single forever”


“Nope.. I wouldn’t be single. I have mistress arounds”


She raised a brow, “You haven’t changed a bit. Still the cheater I once knew”.


I chuckled, “If you are trying to go back to our past then forget it because I know you were once a naught princess who liked to fu.cked commoners around your town”


Her eyes widened.


“You think i don’t know. What’s his name again…. oh I remember. Jason”


She rolled her eyes, “If you would excuse me your majesty, I have to go”


“I haven’t tied your legs, princess, you can stay here if you want to”


She groaned moving away from me.


“Hello your majesty”,I heard a voice behind me.




“Hello my dear”,I tried to put on a fake smile.


The music started and I was supposed to start the dance.


“Hope it’s not a problem dancing with you”,i said and she blushed taking my hands with hers as we waltz around the room. People started murmuring while other rolled their eyes at Maggie.


“I have always dream of dancing with you”,she said excitedly.



“I’m glad your dreams have come true”,I said and we both swirled around then I was in the arms of another maiden..


Her face was ruin.. Her face was swollen and her lips so plumb.


“I know I looked so horrible so please stop staring at me like that”


I raised a brow, “Excuse me”


“Forget it… my uncle Governor asked me to see you.. You know to work as a maid”


“Oh.. so you are his niece.”, I said.


“Yes please and would you stop looking at me like I’m the most ugliest thing in the world”.


“I’m sorry”


“Sorry for yourself your highness .. You didn’t look at me that way when we were dancing at the club”,she whispered but I heard what she said and she ran from me.


If she is the one then what happened to her face.


No… I don’t think.. She is just trying to grab my attention and if she thinks I’m going to fall for that then she is wrong.








“Let’s run before my name is mentioned”,I whispered and slowly we tiptoed backwards and used the back door as we run out quickly.


We giggled running.. then I got the sight of blue berries outside the garden.


Rihanna plucked some giving it to me while I slowly took a bite.


“This is my best fruit ever”,she said and made an “Mmm”,sound while she chewed.



Suddenly i felt wierd. My lips became lump and they were becoming bigger. My face felt so painful.


“What’s happening to me?”,I said touching my face.


“Jesus Christ Daisy!!! You are allergic to blue berries”,she said covering her mouth with her hands.


“I didn’t know.. .”,I said, “Oh Gosh.. I looked horrible?”


“Yes… You do look more than horrible. Hope they aren’t painful “,she said softly.


“My face hurts badly”, I said sitting on the ground.


“Why don’t you wait here so I could get you some medicine”.


I just nodded still on the ground. I saw her running to the outside gate. I looked through my purse and realised that I left my phone with the Dj.


What a mess!!


So actually I’m going to this ball with horrible face like this. I slowly stood up and walked quickly to the ball..


On the corridor, I saw on waiter holding the menu book. I quickly snapped it from him and covered my face with it.


The only thing I heard was “Hey, young lady . .. wait up. “, but I was way gone.


I stood at the entrance of the hall while I saw the Prince dancing with Maggie.


I walked around staring at the face of the Prince. He is the one. The guy I met at the club.


I never knew he was a prince and I flirted with him. But he actually looked like a good guy here.


But at the club, he was hot and a wild mess which I liked.



“I think is mine lady”,the waiter took the menu book from me while he rolled his eyes.


And that moment, my face attract attention to the young ladies.. They just burst out laughing.


I joined the dance while I waltz with a man.. He wasn’t sure one bit and I felt uncomfortable. I swirled around and luckily I was in the arms of Nicholas.


The guy at the club. He stared at me in such disgusting way and I rolled my eyes. “I know I looked so horrible so please stop staring at me like that”


He raised a brow, “Excuse me?”


“Forget it… my uncle Governor Dante asked me to see you.. You know to work as a maid”


“Oh.. so you are his niece.”, he asked.


“Yes please and would you stop looking at me like I’m the most ugliest thing in the world”.


“I’m sorry”


“Sorry for yourself your highness .. You didn’t look at me that way when we were dancing at the club”,I whispered and quickly ran away from him.


I don’t blame him actually… i.blame the blue berries I ate. He could hardly recognised me but I’m cool with it. Besides I feel a thing for him. .


“Daisy?”,my aunt called and Maggie and Lucia started laughing.


“Oh my God, look at how ulgly you are. Wish you were like this forever”,Maggie said and Lucia joined laughing.


“Congratulations.. you’ve got the job as a maid”



I just frowned and slowly moved to the Dj taking my phone. He could hardly recognised me and I was happy about that.





The next morning, I wore my uniform as maid. I stayed in the palaces last night.


Rihanna couldn’t come because her grandma was in a critical state. I was left all alone staring at myself in the mirror. My bruises were cured and I looked good and fresh again


A maid doesn’t fit me. I moved to the kitchen… Raymond, gave everyone the portion to clean. I was responsible for Prince’s chamber and the throne room.


I just took my mob and detergents as I reached the Prince’s room. I just breathe in and the guards opened the door for me.


Disappointment feel in me the moment i saw him. Well his back faced me and it was drenched in sweat. The blanket wrapped his waist. And i heard soft moans of a woman beneath him.


I was jealous.. not because of him having sex. I was jealous because he was enjoying her. And i understand, I was a stripper in the club.


He moved close to me because of my dance moves and strip tease but not because of my real self.


Remember, princes love good girls and I’m just a naive crazy girl hoping that things work out between him and I.


I was stupid. I stood there as they were both moaned. I cleared my throat then they both turned. The Prince’s eyes fumed with anger.


“Don’t know how to knock. Get out!!”,he shouted making my heart jumped in my chest. I quickly left the detergents and mob running away.


I was right. He wasn’t interested. Look at how he sucked me as if, I meant nothing.



You are nothing, my uncle words crept in my thoughts.


I slowly passedby the grand hall seeing the glistening ring. I slowly touched it.


I tried pushing it but it’s didn’t fit. It just didn’t fit me. What’s the use anyway. I don’t even want him. I placed down the ring at its rightful place.


I walked around for about 30mins before returning back from his room. I heard the sound of his shower ad I knew he was bathing.


I slowly started mobbing around his room and at the sake time, I dust around. I just want to finish cleaning before he arrives.


I cleaned more faster then I heard the bedroom door open.


“How dare you!!”,he shouts and I quickly apologised.


“I’m sorry your majesty. I didn’t mean any of this to happen. I didn’t mean to ruin your horny moment”


He moved close, “Its you. It’s you. You are the girl I met at the club”,he said softly and i moved away cleaning around the room


“Yes me…”,I replied and continued his hard stare but I quickly cleaned moving away.I’m


“I’m done your majesty..”,I said and i could see he regretted what he did earlier.


“I’m sorry..”,He said.


“It’s okay..”


I took the mob and he said, “When will see you again, Flower”


He got the nerve.


“I’m right here your majesty.”,I said softly , “And about the club thing.. Let’s pretended it never happened”


He nods and I moved away from him.


It was lunch and we were all in the kitchen having our meal. I then heard voices of people gossiping.



Last night was amazing. At least someone changed the ball..


I heard one of the maids.



Yes but I wished I got the song … I would have danced my ass off.


“Well, I have the song?”,I said to them.


There were about 30 maids and 10 servants across the room.


“Really, let’s hear it”,One girl said and i started the song on my iPhone.


We started dancing.. everyone was happy.. I swirled around as we tapped our feet.


“Woah.. this is amazing?”,I shouted across the room and turned facing my colleagues.


“What? Let’s dance “,One girl whispers the ” Prince ” ,across her lips.


“The Prince? Who cares about the Prince. This is the kitchen. He should go to tell for all i care. “,I said whining my wait.


Everyone eyes widens.


“He is here right?”,I asked but none of them answered.


I slowly turned seeing him angry. Well a bit.


His finger twirled around my hair. His other hand held my arm firmly and he dragged me to another room.


“First you turn me on then you messed up by paying profane music and now you repeat the same mistake again”.


I just stared at him, “I’m sorry, your majesty”


I just stared at him for a while.




“I’m glad i turn you on, Nick”,I said in a seductive tone moving around him, “Too bad you are not my kind of man. You have to excuse me, your highness ”


I turned around but he caught my wrists pulling me close to him. His fingers pushed my hair behind my ears.


His eyes was concentrated on my lips as he moved closer.


“Uh… uh”,I warned, “Don’t even think about it. I saw you having wild sex with her and now you want to kiss me. I’m sorry.. fact that I turned on once in your life doesn’t mean you have around your finger. I’m expensive, your highness”.


I pulled away from him as his face was in shocked expression.


Oh yeah baby, I’m not that cheap. In your face Prince Nicholas.







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