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My Plastic Wife – Episode 7

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Chapter SEVEN


[ The Audition ]


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


Mr. Brown?!” I yelled his name and then he started hitting my hips like if he had saw something there and was trying to remove it.


What are you doing?” I asked him perplexed as ever and removed his hands from my body.

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I saw uh a cockroach there and I was trying to kill it!” He said and I looked at him with crossed arms. Why would such an old man lie?


Please stay away from me.” I said and grabbed my glass of water and went upstairs as fast as I could away from this psycho man.


I shut the door behind me quickly before he’d follow me upstairs. I drank my water and dropped the glass on the table.


What? Did Kaleb’s father just try to harass me??” I asked myself.


Does this mean that he has interest in me? And only got me married to his son just to have access to me??”


Another problem has been added to the burning inferno of problems in this Brixlar Mansion.”


What am I gonna do now?” I asked myself as I slowly sat down on the bed pondering.


That was when my eyes drifted to the wall clock.

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Ten minutes after 3!!” I yelled when I saw the time.


Ah, I completely forgot about Mia. I need to go pick her now.” And with that, I went into the closet and took my scarf and dashed downstairs to the garage.


* *



~ Mia’s POV ~



* *


I checked the time on my wristwatch. It was already twenty minutes past three and that woman isn’t here to pick me up. Simple task of picking me up by 3pm sharp she can’t fulfil and you want me to call her my mother?


That’s gonna be impossible


All my friends have gone home and all the other cool people have gone home too.


Now I’m left in the classroom with all these weirdos who have no class and no taste at all.


Where is that woman!!


Mia, your mum is here for you.” Mrs. Holman my teacher said and I carried my bag and stood up from the chair.


Is it a woman who’s a not too fat and has black hair?” I asked the woman and she nodded affirmatively.


Well that’s not my mother, probably our house maid or something.” I said and went out of the classroom.


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


I stood in the courtyard waiting for Mia to show up. Just then, I saw her running towards me.


You came late.” She said amidst her panting.


Something came up.” I replied and she rolled her eyes.


You always have an excuse for everything.” She added and I ignored her.



Are you gonna get in the car or you’re gonna keep whining?” I said sarcastically and she sighed and grumbled some words as we went into the car!


Heck I got her good



Well Mia probably as a result of my reply back at school didn’t say a word to me as we drove back home. If she thinks she has a big mouth, I’ll show her I have a large mouth. If she thinks she has guts, I’ll show her I’m a fearless Lioness.




















It was evening already and it was time for dinner. Kaleb’s mum doesn’t cook, she only supervises the cooks who cook. And trust me, I believe that if that woman cooks, we’re all gonna die of food poisoning. So it’s best if the professionals handle the cooking. Moreover their food is so delicious.


Dinner was served and everyone was eating their food and some light discussions were going on between Kaleb, his sisters and Mia. On the other hand, I caught Mr. Brown red handed staring at me lustfully and this just confirmed that this man has interest in me or undeniably what is between my thighs.


Excuse me.” I said and dropped my fork and knife and went away. I can’t stay there because I won’t be comfortable with Mr. Brown’s eyes fixed on my body and neither will I want his wife to see him do that. So I had to leave my food unfinished and go upstairs.


We don’t waste food here.” I heard Mrs. Linda say and I sighed.



I’m full. Sorry for wasting.” I said and quickly went upstairs, I could hear Amelia and Mia laughing at me, but who cares?


* *



~ Kaleb’s POV ~


* *


The Ashley I’ve known for the past two days didn’t just leave her food unfinished because she’s full. Something else is happening. I need to find out, but leaving now will be suspicious. Let me wait till when dinner is over and then I’ll go ask her what’s wrong.







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But my favorite musician is Jhene Aiko.” Mia said and Sydney and Amelia laughed.



Jhene Aiko is waayyy 2016 2020 is all about Ariana Grande and Cardi B.” Sydney said and Mia frowned.


Cardi the queen of rap!” Sydney hollered and Amelia rolled her eyes.


Oh please spare me that! Well all know Nicki still has her crown and isn’t willing to give it up to some girls who’s lyrics are only about how good her p*ssy is.” Amelia said and I shot her a bad look.


Amelia! What did I tell you about saying vulgar words in front of Mia?” I scolded Amelia and Mia giggled.



Please Dad, I’m not so little anymore. I know stuff now.” Mia said and I was amazed.


What??” I exclaimed in shock.


Dinners Over. Good night family. I have a Math test first period tomorrow and I need to catch some rest if I wanna ace it.” Mia said and yawned then went to her room.


Mia can’t learn that from me, mum or dad. Neither can she learn it from Television because I don’t let her watch music videos and movies other than PG rated. So it’s obviously from Amelia and Sydney she heard that from.


What have you guys done to my daughter.” I asked Amelia and Sydney.


It’s Amelia who watches Nicki Minaj’s videos in front of her and twerks in front of Mia as well!” Sydney said and I was surprised.




Bye. Good night.” Amelia said and went upstairs.


I’m gonna go upstairs too.” Sydney said and faked a yawn then went upstairs. WHAT!?!


I went upstairs our room and saw Ashley sitting on the bed. She was lost in thoughts because she didn’t even notice when I came into the room.


Hello.” I said and she stared blankly. Wow! She’s gone deeper than I thought.


Hello!” I said louder than before but still she didn’t notice my presence.


HELLO!!” I yelled and threw a pillow at her and that was when she jerked back to reality.



Huh what!? Is the world ending!!” She yelled fanatically mixed with expressions of shock on her face.


Unfortunately no. Look why did you leave dinner early?”


* *



~ Ashley’s POV ~


* *


Oh no! He’s asking me why I left dinner. I can’t tell him his father was checking me out or that he grabbed my waist earlier. But nevertheless, I feel I shouldn’t hide something as serious as this from my *Husband*


Hello, you’ve spaced out again.” He said and sat beside me.


Uh nothing. I was just full and didn’t have appetite anymore.” I replied and he gave me a knowing look.


Alright then. I know you’re not telling me the truth but I’ll find out one day.” He said and I faked a smile. He looked at me keenly just before lying down on the bed for the night’s rest.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

















* *



~ Kaleb’s POV ~


* *



Today is Wednesday, the audition day and it’s gonna be so hectic! I had to have


Ashley drop Mia at school today and I have feeling its not gonna end well. Probably more disastrous than Monday.


Anyways! I need to rush to the Schneider Hotel now.



















It began to rain and my vision was blurry. But I was able to sight two women stranded under the bridge. Despite being late, I decided to help them.


I stopped by the bridge and winned down my glass. Only for me to see…



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What!? Kaleb!”















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