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My First Foolishness – Episode 7

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Episode 7


They say if you want to make something happen really really bad, come to Lagos, I don’t know who said that, but I was ready to see if that statement was right. When I arrived lagos with my daughter, I noticed it was indeed a big city, my company had prepared an accommodation and other mouth watering benefits. Being transferred to Lagos felt like I was promoted as i occupied a better position in the new branch, even my salary was increased.


With no time, I and my Daughter fit into the big city and we became accustomed to the big city. Catherine made new friends at her new school and I gained new colleagues at my place of work. Lagos was not like Awka, yes the stress was much, especially stress caused by traffic congestions but in no time, my company gave me an official car.



Ever since I arrived Lagos, it was as if heaven was compensating me for all my pain and struggles. Life became great, my daughter was attending a very expensive school and I could afford it as I did not find it difficult to pay the school bill, I even paid on time.


One evening my daughter reminded me of thier school’s upcoming excursion. “Mom my school will visit the international airport next week” Catherine told me “Airport?, why the Airport? When there is alot of interesting place to visit” I responded


“Mom, I don’t know why, but I have never seen or been to the Airport before, except on television, so it will be nice to see how an airport would look like in reality” Catherine added and i nodded in agreement.


Then the scheduled day for the excursion came and my daughter and her school mates that paid for the little trip were taken to the Airport to explore and learn. Catherine came back with so much excitement and tales.

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“Mom, we entered into a parked plane, we pretended as if the plane would take off, mom I took lots of photos” Catherine told me. I smiled as I saw happiness reflecting in my daughter’s eyes. I was excited too. “I’m glad you liked your school trip” I said in smiles


“Like? No mom, I love it, a man’s luggage almost got stolen at the Airport today, I alerted the airport security and they caught the thief, everyone at the airport, praised me today, even the man whose luggage was almost stolen was so appreciative, he gave me some chocolates and biscuits but I refused to take it but I told him thank you anyway” Catherine revealed


I was shocked that all that went down at the excursion, I was also marvelled, when i look through the pictures my daughter took with her Camera at the Airport, I almost collapsed when I saw the picture she took with the stranger who she saved his luggage from being stolen. One stare at the man in the picture, I knew who he was.


“Chijioke? Chijioke!”I said in tears


Catherine wondered what had happened. “This man is your father” I revealed in tears


“Mom, that can’t be, what, I met my father Today?” Catherine said calmly



“You know what that means?” I asked and my daughter nodded “no”.


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“It’s means your father has returned to the country ” I said in smiles but tears was falling from my eyes.


“Mom I did not know that the man was my father, assuming I knew I would have requested for his phone number or his address, I liked the man immediately I saw him, he looked quite familiar, he seemed like a nice person, he smiled immediately he saw me at the Airport with my school mates, late grand ma had told me not to greet a stranger but I couldn’t help but greet him when he smiled at me and when he left to get something, a thief came for his luggage, I was forced to intervene, it felt like I knew him somewhere, now I know why, I can’t believe I met my father today” Catherine added but this time she was also in tears.


I wiped her tears “sweetie, don’t worry, we will reconnect with him soon, don’t cry my angel, we are close and God will cause our path to cross, now you know him and the way he looks, I have never shown you a photo of him because I had none but now we have his photograph” I consoled Catherine and she managed to smile a little.


All through that evening, Catherine was staring at Chijioke’s photo and I wondered why Fate was keeping Catherine away from her father. I couldn’t help but reminisced on the past and how time had flied.


To Be Continued




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