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Sequence 41




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Jack Larbi stood on the polished platform on the banks of the lake and pressed the button on the remote.


The glass globule that was holding Adobea and Lucille glided slowly towards the platform. The crocodiles thrashed with fury, leaping high out of the water one after the other in a desperate attempt to shatter the cylindrical glass booth and get the girls.


Adobea and Lucille, both gagged, were making horrible noises behind their gags in their terror as the crocodiles leaped for them.


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As Jack watched the grotesque and scary sight, he finally made up his mind about the wild beasts he kept in his home. His heart thudded with fear as the crocodiles chased the glass globule in frenzy, their hunger making them act in an agitated way.


Jack pressed another button when the glass globule moved across the wooden platform he was standing on. The button he had pressed caused a metallic barrier to



emerge from the bottom of the lake and rear up high behind the glass tube, effectively stopping the advance of the enraged crocodiles.


Jack saw Adobea looking at him frantically now and the look of basic love and adoration on her face mingled with relief that he was unharmed really warmed his heart. He knew her and yet he did not know her, but his heart recognized her and beat for her because as he walked towards the lake, he had played the loop video that this lady had made for him.


He never took his eyes off her beautiful face as he pressed another button that made the door of the globule open. Jack took a knife from his pocket and approached the girls.


Lucille was making frantic sounds behind her gag but Jack moved past her and cut the cords binding Adobea and then he removed the gag from her mouth. She fell against him weakly as tears fell down her face in torrents.


“Oh, Shalom, my love, my dear eternal love, you’re okay!” she moaned.


“I’m fine, Adobea, darling,” he whispered as he took her in his arms. “Thank you for never leaving me! Thank you for your love that saw you making great sacrifices for me.”

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He kissed her then, gently and slowly, and she kissed him back fiercely as both of them ignored the frantic sounds Lucille was making behind the gag as her venomous eyes bored into them.


“Mmmm gruuu mmmm grrriii mmmpook!” she screamed incoherently.


Finally, they parted and smiled into each other’s eyes for a moment.


Jack then turned his attention to Lucille and finally cut her loose and pulled the gag out of her mouth.


“You bastard, Jackie!” she screamed with tears of anguish running down her face. “How could you do this to me? I’ve done nothing but love you and go against them for your sake! How could you even look at this whore?” Jack looked at her with a grim expression.


“They told me everything, Luce,” he said softly. “How you were drafted into the evil plans and whilst you were sleeping with Sammy you were pretending to love me.”


“I love you, Jackie!” she wailed in agony as she tried to hold him. “Oh, Jackie! I fell in love with you for real! Don’t break my heart, Jackie, my love, my world! I breathe only you!”


“Yes, Luce, I do understand that in a way you rebelled against them and showed me your version of what you think is love, and you prevented them from killing me sometime along the way,” Jack said softly. “Your intervention eventually led me to



Adobea, and it is because of this that I’m not going to let the police arrest you. I will give you a beautiful house, two cars and money to enable you live comfortably.”


“No, I refuse them!” Lucille screamed shrilly as she pointed a trembling finger at Adobea. “I’ll rather die than let this ingrate, this slut, take over the man I love! No, Jackie, you’re for me and I mean to hold on to you!”


“That is understandable and it is your choice,” Jack said gently. “So, I’ll hand you too over to the police and you can argue your case in court and tell the judge that you won’t give me up for another woman.”


Lucille looked at him with impotent rage for a moment.


She mumbled something incoherent.


“What?” Jack queried. “I didn’t hear that, Luce.”


“I said I’ll take the house and the cars and the money!” she screamed shrilly as tears fell down her face.


“Naniama!” Adobea whispered under her breath.


“Ah, that’s a sensible choice,” Jack said with a gentle smile. “That is, indeed, a very sensible choice.”


Lucille’s voice broke in a sob as she moved away pathetically.


Jack Larbi looked at Adobea Asare and both of them smiled.


“Is it over?” she asked in an unsteady voice.


“Threat on our lives is over, yes,” he said gently as he took her into his arms again. “Next, I’ll have good doctors take a look at me to see if they can sort out the mess Doctor Obeng caused in my brain. And then we’ll get married.”


“Oh, Shalom!” she whispered faintly. “Oh, my love! I can’t wait! I love you so! But…are we going to stay here?”


He looked at the horror on her face and smiled gently.


“Ah, you’re worried about the crocodiles!” he observed.


“Not only the crocs!” Adobea said and shuddered. “Samuel told me there are snakes of all sorts here, you know. Pythons, anacondas, boa constrictors, king cobras, African mambas, lions, tigers…oh, damn, he used mambas to kill Solo!” Jack nodded again with an understanding grin on his face.


“I never liked those creepy monsters too,” Jack said softly. “It was my Dad who created a park of sorts here with many exotic animals. But frankly, I love seeing these beasts on television but I don’t want them near me. So, my love, I’ll donate all of them to the Wildlife Conservation Company.” “Oh Shalom, would you do that for me?” she whispered.



“That and more, my love!” he whispered, and when they kissed again there were no interruptions this time.


It took a while for them to realize that Commander Derbie Gyeshie had arrived with her team of policemen and women. ***


A month later, Jack and Adobea sat in the consulting room of Doctor Akosua Pascal, the best neurologist in the country. Wearing the proverbial white tunic over a patterned white dress with black circular designs, she cut a resplendent view as her fingers hovered over the replica of a human’s brain.


“I believe Doctor Obeng was as careful as he could be, I guess, but his methods were crude and too concentrated, so I’m afraid he caused a little damage to the hippocampus, Mr. Larbi.”


Jack, looking incredibly handsome in his black jeans and red polo-necked shirt, nodded thoughtfully.


Adobea was wearing blue jeans and a white blouse and looking as lovely as the morning dew. She looked from one to the next, absolutely lost.


“And what is this campuships?” she asked softly.


The neurologist laughed gently.


“Oh, sorry, miss, forgive me,” Doctor Pascal said. “The hippocampus, in layman’s language, is the part of the brain that is associated with recognitive, episodic and declarative memory. In short, how a person remembers events.” “And Doctor Obeng damaged Jack’s…whatever?” Adobea asked.


“Yes, but fortunately it is not a major damage,” she said quickly. “We can correct it by a simple laser surgery. This surgery can be done without cutting open the skull. It is fast and clean and can be completed in a day. Afterwards we’ll put him on a low-dose prescription. So, in about a year, two years tops, Mr. Larbi should have his full memory back.”


Adobea gawked in dismay and she giggled when she saw the same look on Jack’s face.


“We can’t wait two years!” Jack said as he shook his head and leaned forward earnestly. “I’m marrying this girl next month, Doctor!”


Doctor Akosua Pascal pursed her lips for a moment, and then she sighed.


“Well, if that is the case, then I guess we’ll have to continue the loop videos Miss Adobea started,” she said thoughtfully. “We would make new videos for Jack to listen to as the preparations get underway. Each morning the updated video would be played to him to get his orientation right.”



“And we’ll do that for two years?” Jack asked, horrified. “That’s an awful lot of work you’re asking, doc!”


Adobea grabbed his hand tightly and looked at him lovingly.


“I don’t mind doing that for you, darling,” she whispered tenderly. “I’ll do that and more!”


“That’s great, Adobea,” Doctor Pascal said. “But after the laser ablation – that’s the brain surgery using laser – Jack would not require so many videos. He would need reminding once in a while but hopefully not quite often.” “And before the laser ablation?” Jack asked carefully.


Doctor Pascal looked at him directly and spoke in a serious voice.


“You would continue to slip between Jack Larbi and the pseudo character Shalom,” she said softly. “But, because you’re on medication, the Jack Larbi character would be the dominant edition of you.”


A broad smile split Adobea’s face and soon she was tittering uncontrollably. “And what’s tickling your fun bone like that, you lousy, beautiful, wonderful darling?” Jack asked with a smile.


For a moment Adobea could not help herself as she giggled, but finally managed to speak gently to him.


“I’m just imagining what would happen if, halfway through your vows, you flip over from Jack Larbi to Shalom!”


“Shalawele!” Jack said as he also began to laugh. “That would be something! But God, I beg of you, please don’t let that happen!”




And God did not let it happen that famous Saturday which, incidentally, happened to be Adobea’s birthday as well!


Jack had wanted a huge, eye-catching wedding for Adobea, but she had opted for a normal wedding at her church. Even then, so many people attended that many canopies had to be erected outside with huge television screens capturing the proceedings inside the church auditorium for the people outside!


It was a joyous day that made Adobea weep with joy as the wedding, officiated by the huge and opulent Laryea Odamten, went on.


And during the reception, as Adobea and Jack sat behind the High Table, he pointed to a neatly-dressed elderly woman who was dancing with abandon and holding out her arms to Jack with gratitude and tears in her eyes.


“Who’s that lady?” Jack asked, mystified.


Adobea giggled and took his hand lovingly.


“That’s Madam Agnes Ndinya,” Adobea explained.

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Agya Asare, sitting beside Jack, craned his head and looked at his new son-in-law. “She is popularly known as Madam Etwe Donko!” Agya Asare said and Jack spluttered into the drink he was holding with shock.


“Madam what?” he whispered with horror.


“Etwe Donko,” Agya Asare said. “She used to be mad but you dragged her into church one day, when you were Shalom, prayed for her and she got healed. That day you and the pastor insulted each other! The pastor said onye gbemi in church and you told him ne maame twe!”


“Daddy!” Adobea screamed, horrified, but Agya Asare giggled. “Goodness me!” Jack whispered with horror. “I did that in church?”


“Ahh, you don’t know what you did!” Agya Asare said. “That one koraa is small fries compared to what you did. You see that woman over there, the one smiling at you near the pillars?”


Jack looked at Agya Asare’s pointing finger at the pretty young woman.


“Oh, yes, she’s been trying to get my attention for ages, even asked if she could dance with me but Adobea didn’t want me to dance with her!”


“That’s because her va.gina has been cursed!” Agya Asare said. “She’s Bajoe! You put your big pe.nis in her anus inside Commander Derbie Gyeshie’s…”


“Father, for heaven’s sake!” Adobea screamed. “Please, it is my wedding day! Enough of the graphic descriptions already!”


“Gowayu!” Agya Asare said crossly. “Are you the one that born me or I born you, kwaseabiba! ”


“Papa, Papa, Papa, it’s enough!” said his wife, Maame Fosuaa who was sitting beside him. “Please, enough!”


“Ahh well, let me keep quiet,” Agya Asare said. “But Jack, I’m so very glad you’re marrying my daughter today. That pussy-hair boy, Reuben, thought he was destroying her but see what God has done? I heard he’s locked himself inside the toilet and weeping! Heer, do you see that woman over there, the short one?” “Yeah, Agya!” Jack said and nodded. “She’s been giving me hateful and baleful looks the whole morning. She looks quite cross and unhappy!”


“Of course she is!” Agya said with a giggle. “She and the other small people come from Shalom Krom, the place they named after you after you did something good for them. That woman is the princess of the town. She is called Calima! She loved you but you blasted her through a tenth-floor or so window with one atopa! You told me about it, you said atopa fuchor!”


“Oh, goodness me!” Jack said miserably. “I did some pretty wild things!”



“Come with me!” Adobea said desperately. “Let’s dance, my sweet love, and let’s forget this old man!”




And, much later, they used one of Jack’s private jets to fly to The Shalom, that wonderful cabin in the private forest with the incredible view of the lake and the sea meeting.


This was the first stop of their honeymoon!


Other trips were planned!


It was quite dark when they arrived, and although they were tired, the excitement of their first night together gripped them!


Adobea quickly got out of her wedding dress and slipped into a wonderful white bathroom robe. She asked Jack to join her to take a bath but he looked at her shyly and told her to bath first.


Adobea was so disappointed, especially when she remembered that wonderful bath she had taken with Shalom when he arrived from Calima. She wanted to force him to take a bath with her but she remembered Doctor Akosua Pascal’s warning never to force him to do anything so she went to the bathroom alone. She forced down the sadness as she took off the robe.


Adobea was bent over as she ran the soapy sponge over her legs when she heard a commotion behind her, and then she heard a voice she had not heard in a very long time!


“Herh, Adobea! Why are you bent like that with your boodankadunk in the air like that? Herh, see my peeweewee going upwards like smoke from Abel’s sacrifice!” Adobea stood up sharply and whirled around!


He was standing there, quite na.ked, and with the strongest erection she had ever seen on him yet!


And that goofy smile was all over his face!


The shy Jack was gone!


Shalom had landed!


And Adobea began to giggle herself silly as she looked at him.


“Herh, Adobea, Adobea, why are you laughing like that?” Shalom asked as he suddenly blasted his waist away in a series of obscene sexual gestures. “Adobea, see the way my waist is going pininini like Bantama grinding machine!”


“Oh, Shalom!” she whispered with tears in her eyes. “How I have missed you!” He smiled goofily and rushed into the Jacuzzi, and then he looked at his ring finger.


“Herh, Adobea, Adobea, look…wedding ring!”


She nodded as a painful lump of happiness lodged in her throat.


“Yes, my darling, my sweet love,” she whispered. “We got married today!” “Aboooooooowaaaaa!” he screamed shrilly. “We’re married?” “Yes, my darling!”


“You mean you’re now my wife and I’m your husband?” he said, his face blasting


open in excitement.


She nodded vigorously.


“And we can now do the do?”


“We can do anything now, my darling,” Adobea whispered. “I’m yours, Shalom! Every inch of me, spirit and soul…I’m yours!”


“And your stinking anus too?” he asked with a giggle. “Even the skin under your hair? Even the holes in your teeth?”


“Everything, my love,” Adobea whispered, almost unable to breathe. “I prayed for Shalom on my first night, my love! Oh, and God has answered me!”


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“Yes, my darling, you were Jack Larbi,” Adobea said tenderly. “But when we got to the cabin you were behaving too gentlemanly, and I wished for Shalom!” “Herh, you wished for the fool instead of the gentleman?” he asked, laughing hard, and suddenly he placed his hand between her thighs. “Shalawele, Adobea! You’re dripping wet like ayigbe okra soup and my body is making me glumligi!”


She put her arms around his neck and gripped his stiff member deliciously as she ran her hand down its length.


“Give me those atopa fuchors, Shalom!” she whispered tenderly.


“You will get them, Adobea! Adobea, I will give you atopa fuchors tonight!” he cried. “Shalawele!”




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