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I Will Wait – Episode 35

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It had been a month from the time I had called my men to destroy the perfect sisters, I had stayed low because I wanted for my plan to work out just fine. I had followed Wane to work, I had followed her to every place she went to. If one didn’t know better they would think that I was obsessed with her but I was just keeping her close so that I wouldn’t miss out the one chance of destroying her. The day had now come, the day the perfect Wane would feel the pain I had felt. I really wanted for Yolanta to suffer first but I had something huge planned for her. I would first destroy her externally before finally destroying her internals.


I walked to my room and put on a wrapper and a huge t-shirt, I had been hiding my pregnancy from my father because I knew too well that he wouldn’t hesitate to destroy me. I hated everything about how my body was turning out. I hated the black line on the middle of my belly, I hated the stretch marks, I hated my feet which were beginning to swell and worst part is for some reason this child would someday be my meal ticket because the man that had impregnated me was a well to do man. You see it’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing when I cheated on my would have been husband, Cornelius was a good man, the kind of man that any lady would kill for. But I am not any lady; I am Esther, adventure and wild is what defines me and unfortunately Cornelius was none of that.


‘Ba Esther where are you going?’ my youngest sister asked


‘I need to meet up a friend.’ I responded avoiding any more questions.


‘Ala you have changed, the way you are always wearing these clothes. One would even suspect that you are hiding something.’


‘Just mind your own business.’ I responded as I felt my temper raising ‘Anyway, I just hope it is nothing because dad will disown you.’


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I wanted to slap her but I had told myself I would keep up appearances, I made a mentor note to deal with her immediately things were stable for me.


I walked to the gate and called my cab driver, a few minutes later he came and he drove me to mtendere with my directions of course.


‘Madam, how does a lady like you know such places?’ he asked


‘Well if you are good to all kinds of people. You get to know these places.’ I said I had been raised rotten, never doing any house chaos and having everything at my disposal. But being wild had brought me to such places and I had no regrets whatsoever.


We got to our destination and I made a phone call.


‘Joe I am by the road side.’ I said


I clicked my tongue before dropping the line, he wanted me to go inside and I hated his filthy place. Despite being good at his job he was as dirty as a swine. ‘Wait for me here.’ I said telling the driver


‘Madam be careful, you know your condition and walking around.’ ‘What do you mean my condition?’

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‘Well we all know that you are expecting and that is why you are back home.’ ‘Are you calling me a prodigal child?’ I snapped ‘No madam.’ He said


I banged the door behind me and walked straight to the road that was leading to Joe’s place, how could it be that people had noticed my pregnancy when I had been wearing waist trainers all this while. Could it also be that my parents knew about it and were just waiting for me to tell them?


I brushed the thoughts aside as I approached Joe’s house, his wife was outside putting some clothes on the line and was heavily pregnant – again.


‘Do you need me to get you contraceptives?’ I asked rudely shocking the elderly women that I guessed were her neighbours


‘And you couldn’t use some yourself?’ she asked back


If not for Joe coming out of the house I would have slapped her but I decided to keep my cool.


‘What demons have brought the mighty Esther to the ghetto?’ he asked with a child in his hands


‘Oh please.’ I said pushing him aside.


‘You better tell her to remove her shoes before entering my house.’ His wife screamed


Joe stood in my way, something was totally different with him. Not once had he been intimidated by his wife but now here he was listening to her.


‘You are joking right?’ I asked looking at the red cobra


He continued to look at me without a word and I knew he was dead serious.


‘Fine.’ I said removing my slippers on the veranda.More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


‘On the ground.’ She yelled again


I was beginning to get upset but I just pushed them down using my feet, I walked into the house as if it were mine and just like his wife the house had changed. It was clean and they had new furniture. It was like he had started his life afresh. ‘Can I offer you anything?’ he asked


‘A glass of whisky or anything close to that which you can afford.’ ‘You haven’t changed right?’


‘As you can see.’ I said clicking my tongue in the process.


‘Well my wife is pregnant and so we don’t keep liquor in the house.’ ‘Your whore Joe, you picked her up from the shabins.’


‘If you won’t stop disrespecting her I will ask you to leave.’ ‘I am not here to play games with you, I brought you this.’


I threw an envelope on his table, in it were photos of Wane and everything he needed to know about her. Also was a K5, 000 just to top up for raping her. He checked the contents and smiled at me.


‘Still evil, even in your state?’ he asked


‘I don’t have time to waste.’ I said as I stood up


‘I will be waiting for your call.’ I said as I walked out


I almost peed on myself when I saw Mrs Kazadi entertaining one of Joe’s kids, they looked like a happy grandmother and grandchild.


‘Esther, how are you?’ she asked when she looked at me


I didn’t know whether I wanted to respond because I felt betrayed, I had known Joe for five years and not once had he double crossed me. I just smiled at her and quickly walked off.


‘Esther.’ Joe called just as I was about to leave the yard I turned to look at him.


‘Thank you for the money, your child needed it more than we did but I guess you have more than enough.’







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