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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 5

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The two weeks that Dave was in a comma was hell,i had totally forgotten he had hurt me badly,i had forgotten that stacy was my rival we would stay with her grab coffee together like two good friends.Tonie was always there for his friend,its funny how Dave’s accident had brought us together i mean we got along well with stacy and Tonie.I wanted Dave to get well but one thing was for sure i was not taking him back,i was not going to let myself be hurt by him again.I didnt understand how i can give my heart to someone,he breaks it and come apologising claiming to love me but i was now sure he didnt love me,if he did he would have respected our relationship.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I remember when he was out of the comma his first words to utter was ‘Sharon please forgive me’ this words caused a sharp pain in my heart.We had all gathered in his ward room praying for him to recover and God heard our prayers.He finally woke up and my name was the first to come from his mouth as he slowly opened his eye.Everyone in the room looked at him in tears thanking God for the miracle.I was shedding tears uncontrollably,on the bed was a man who had cheated on me some two weeks ago,the man i had given my whole life and heart,two weeks ago i didnt want to ever set my eyes on him again and here i was crying thanking God for his life.Mother went to hug him and we all joined it was a group hug.The doctor interupted us,he did some check ups and assured us he was out of danger and he would be discharged soon.It was a relief for all of us.


We were all talking none stop telling him how were worried about him all was well until our eyes met he looked apologetic and all i felt was my hatred for him we stared at each other until everyone noticed and would look at him then look at me.I felt this rage within me,i started shedding tears,tears of pain and excused myself i hurriedly went outside crying uncontrollably cate and tonie followed me.She gave me a very tight hug letting me shed all my tears on her white blouse she didnt talk neither did tonie.They didnt try to stop me,i cried until i had no more tears to shed.When i cooled down cate told me its gonna be fine and Tonie drove



us home.That was the last day i visited tonnie in the hospital though tonie and cate would visit him and anytime they tried to tell me how he is i would close my eyes and put my fingers inside my ears.I wanted to forget him forget if i ever knew him,forget if he ever existed in my life he had hurt me enough.Were it not for mother who came visiting me i wouldnt have known he was out of the hospital.


It was on this sunday afternoon that i heard a knock i went to open the door and there she was the look she gave me i knew it was gonna be tuff for me with her lectures and advices which i didnt wonna listen to.Mother was one determined woman if she set herself to do something she never turned back nor did she ever gave up i had not known her for long but the time we had been together she earned my respect and love.She was not the kind you would say no to,for the respect i had for her i let her inside.

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Her:Sharon we need to talk


Me:hehe mother you talking as if you want to beat me


I said serving her juice,i served mine too and sat down to listen to her


Her:hehe you know you are a daughter to me and a mother must discipline her children when they misbehave and advice them when they loose tracks(sips her juice)


Me:mother if its about Dave give it up


Her:actually its about him and the child you are carring


Me:give it up mama am not gonna take him back and for the child he might not be the father,(i remembered that Dave thought i had lost the child)have you told him am pregnant?

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Her:i talked to him,he told me everything that happened about him and stacy,you and tonie and that you told him you had lost the child and i didnt want to mention to him you are still pregnant since i didnt know why you decided to lie.He also told me the state you found them with stacy the day he was involved in the accident,and Sharon its not what you think it was…..(pauses)


Me:am glad you didnt tell him about me been pregnant……and about him and stacy


i dont wonna hear it.She can have him i dont care any more i loved him very much but now the love turned to hatred.



Her:am not trying to tell you to take him back am a woman too i know how it feels to be cheated on but i think you should consider talking to him first before you make any decision.My son is hurting reaaly bad i know he loves you.Am his mother and he can never lie to me he confessed how he really love you.And that day nothing happened between him and stacy,stacy was trying to force herself on him.

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Me:its okay i have already made up my mind am never gonna take him again am done forgiving people who dont change.


She tried to convince me to forgive his son but this time she failed.I had made my decision to let Dave go.I knew he was going to come convincing me and i had to look for another apartment the last thing i needed was to see him.The next Day cate helped me look for an apartment and we found one not exactly what i wanted but i needed to shift.I called Jay and he helped us and within two days i had settled.The following week i went to work and submitted my resignation letter my boss didnt agree to it at first but i gave him my pregnancy as an excuse.I went and bought a new simcard and with that i knew Dave and tonie would not trace me easily.I was ready to start a new life a life without Dave.I was now almost five months pregnant and my baby bump was showing i had fallen in love with my baby.All this time i had not visited my parents i knew they wouldnt be happy for me.My mum always had these fantasies of her only daughter having a very big and colourfull wedding.She used to tell me how she would love to walk me down the aisle and feel proud of me.I never wanted to break my mum’s heart but there was no way i could undo all this.


Jay and cate became my true friends i would consult them on one issue or another by this time Jay had fallen in love with a very beautiful young lady.She was a nurse she was so friendly you wouldnt help but love her i used to admire the young couple, they made me remember how i fell in love with Dave.I had not seen Dave or Tonie for two good months and my life was peacefull without their dramas.


One day i woke up with this sharp pain in my lower abdomen and decided to go for check ups i called cate and she drove me to the hospital,after check up doc told me i had nothing to worry about though she told me to be doing some simple exercise.We went to say hae to Jay,we stayed with him for about ten minutes and he insisted on buying us lunch he invited his girlfriend to join us and we walked out.We were laughing on our way to the restaurant and making jokes That we didnt notice a car that was taking a corner and i was almost hit by the car



were it not for Jay who pulled me back.The driver of the car came out apologising and immediately i saw him i felt like fainting my legs became weaker.On seeing us he was shocked first he looked at my baby bump and i read confusion in his eyes.Fate always had a way of bringing me close to the people i never wanted to see.

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