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Strange Attraction – Episode 20

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Episode 20 (part 1 finale)



By choizeys onas






I wore my suit as I stared at myself in the mirror, so kaylan is gonna get to me like this?


Nah, am a god and she is just a low class, if I ever lay my hands on her, I swear am gonna kill her


It’s not like I can’t kill kaylan, I can kill her but it gat come with a price

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Kaylan doesn’t even know she possess little powers, that is because her father took all her powers from her


But a tiny bit if it is still remaining, if that baby is mine and I kill her, it will come with a great price and pain


I can’t kill kaylan while she is carrying her unborn child, the child is innocent just like Camilla


But kaylan?? She is evil just like her shadows


My mom gave me a sad look through the mirror of which I returned with a smirk


“Son, are you really getting married to kaylan??? My dad asked with a sad voice


am not getting married to her, I just wanna meet her in the stupid altar and squeeze life out of her” I replied


I turned to Tessa who was busy with her laptop

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Xavier: Tessa have you found anything??


Tessa: yes, the car kaylan took last night was my car, I had a GPS in it remember?


Xavier: you are so smart sweedy, what else????


Tessa: the car location is at the ocean side, its at the top of the cliff


Xavier: what is the car doing at the top of the cliff??


Tessa: I think something is wrong, kaylan is going to betray you if you get married to her.


Her plan is to get married to you and also kill Camilla, you and I know she is going to gain a lot of power from that


Xavier: if Camilla is at the cliff right now, then I guess she is not there alone


Tessa: we better spilt up and make this whole bullshit end


Xavier: I can read Kaylan’s mind of she is a bit close






My phone rang and it was kaylan, I picked the call as I held it on loud speaker


“Xavier, I am almost at the garden for the wedding, you better be on your way, and don’t you try anything stupid with me” she said


“Really? Don’t worry, I will be there, I replied as I hang up on her


mom, dad, please stay here, we will call you if we need anything, just try to stay in touch” I said facing my dad


“Son, please be careful out there and bring Camilla back home alive” my dad said with a smile



I stood up with Tessa and kelvin and three body guards as we headed to the exit. I stopped at the exit and turned, facing my mom


“Mom, I think I will have to do something you won’t like… if I get my hands on kaylan, I will kill her” I said as I walked out


The security men took their gun except for me, Tessa and Kelvin We don’t need guns to fight, all I need are my eyes.. We hoped into the car as we sped off


“Let’s go to the cliff, kaylan will be there any minute from now” Tessa said with a worried look


We drove to the ocean, the upper part where rocks and stones were, is the location is the car


We packed the car behind the Bush nearby as we climbed the rock


We finally got to the top as I spotted the car,right before my eyes


We were standing just few meters away from the car


And right there was kaylan, mervick, ten bodyguards and Camilla. I lost focus when I saw Camilla, her eyes were toed and her hands “Kaylan, why are you doing this? I asked with a calm voice


you think I will allow you double cross me? I guess the wedding will taking place here” kaylan said with a smile


“Fine, we will get married, just let the girl go, let her go okay?” I said trying to control my anger


Kaylan gave me a no look which pissed me off…….


“Kaylan, if you want me to do this the right way, all of is here will get hurt, the only reason am holding back is your baby” I said with a stern face


“I don’t give a about my baby okay? And I am not scared if all of is get hurt” kaylan replied pointing a gun at Tessa


I let out a faint smile ” really, you wanna shoot Tessa, I guess you have underestimated my sister too much


“Xavier, if you don’t come closer alone and allow this old man bond us together, I will shoot tessa.


I turned to Tessa with a happy face, Tessa gave me a big smile


Kaylan pulled the trigger…..


Just like slow motion in movies, Tessa held the bullet with her thumb and her pointer finger.


I closed my eyes as all the guards chocked with blood running out of their nose and mouths and died


Including my guards.


all the humans here are dead, now its left with the gods here ” I said as my eyes turned red


I could see fear in mervick’s eyes, kaylan had a cold shiver


“Kaylan!!!! I called out loudly.


its been long I did this, hand over the girl, or this place will be a death ground ” I said in a cold voice


Kaylan walked up to me with the gun in her hands


“Let’s do the ritual and I will let her go”.


I stared through kaylan’s eyes, this bitch isn’t pregnant, she aborted the baby I could read through her eyes and mind.


I held kaylan at her neck as my eyes turned red, I could hear her chocking and gasping for breath.


But my whole heart was poured on me killing kaylan Kaylan held my hands as she tried to free from my grip


My eyes turned into full red as I watched kaylan give up her ghost








I could hear people screaming my name……


I raised my face still holding kaylan’s neck, she has become stiff but still alive Mervick was holding Camilla just at the end of the cliff


Her blonde hair resting on her back, her red tired eyes and tears flowing from her eyes


I couldn’t freeze the moment.


let go of kaylan and I will let go of Camilla” mervick shouted But, ain’t gonna let that happen.



I dug my fingers into her skin as she turned to dust, I watched the breeze blow her away…….


My eyes turned normal


Camilla let out a loud scream as mervick pushed her down the cliff Kelvin and Tessa attacked him.


she can’t swim in an ocean’. I heard a faint voice say I jumped down the cliff into the ocean.


With my eyes opened underwater, I searched for Camilla


I found her drowning, I swam towards her as fast as I could.


I am a god.


But not a water god


I pulled her up from the bottom as I pulled her into my hands underwater She was loosing breath


If I give her my breath, she can’t swim too


If I try to swim to the shore of the ocean? She won’t make it


What should I do.


I kissed her


And I froze time.


I froze us


I froze the ocean.







Strange attraction

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