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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 30

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I drove as fast as I could, Melisa had called me earlier telling me that she didn’t want to live the lies that she was living. That she was tired of pretending to be the perfect wife to Jason when in actual sense he had taken her for granted all these years. From her voice I could hear that she meant every word that she said and I couldn’t be surer that this was the old Melisa, the one that I had fallen in love with. When I got to their house, I drove into the yard after being allowed by the security guard since he knew me and parked in the visitor’s spot.


The lights were off and for a moment I wanted to go back home but the shadow from the window made me rush into the house.


‘Melisa please put the gun down.’ I heard Jason beg


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I could see that he was really frightened, he obviously couldn’t believe the woman that was standing in front of him was his wife; his innocent wife.


‘Jason I loved you.’ She said tears rolling down her cheeks


‘And not once did I ever doubt that love, you know it has always been you Mel. You know I have never loved another woman apart from you and you know it.’ ‘Then why would you cheat on me Jason?’ she asked this time aiming the gun a little higher


‘Melisa I don’t know what has come into you but please put that gun down. You know this is not as it looks, we can fix this.’


She shook her head vigorously as more tears fell and she was wiping them with her other hand.


‘Babe we can fix this, remember the vows we made on the alter.’ ‘Oh yes I do and you didn’t keep any of them!’


From where I was standing I knew that any minute she was going to shoot him, she was hurt from what I saw and anything she did right now would be irrational and so I had to intervene.


‘Melisa put that gun down.’ I said as calmly as I could


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They both turned to look at me, I could see Jason eyeing me with anger but he needed me now more than he knew he did.


‘Oswald I don’t want you getting involved in this.’ She said now focusing her attention back to him


‘You are angry, you are hurt, you are disappointed but you have come too far to


just give it all up now.’ I said still calm


‘He hurt me.’


‘I know.’ I said before pausing


‘I mean it when I say I know and he doesn’t deserve to live but you won’t be the one to punish him, remember it is not up to us anymore. We have come too far.’ I begged and I saw her face turn soft, I had actually touched a muscle. She reluctantly dropped the gun before crushing to the floor and began to weep hysterically


‘Hush now.’ I said rubbing her back as I felt my heart break with hers.


I hated Jason even more for making her go through pain, it was enough that he had her but I couldn’t just stand there and watch as he hurt her.


She continued to cry and I was there rubbing her back, when she was calm enough; I got a towel that was laying on the nearest couch and wrapped it around her before carrying her up stairs.


I knew my way around the house so it wasn’t hard to get to their room. I sat her on the bed and handed her her pajamas. As she dressed I looked the other side because I couldn’t stand seeing her like that in the light. Afterwards I helped her get under the covers and sat beside her until after she was fast asleep.


When I was sure that she was safe, I walked out of the room and was met by an angry Jason.


‘What is going on between you and my wife?’ he asked


I knew he would ask and even though I would have taken pleasure in telling him about our past, I decided it was best she did it on her own.


‘Whilst you were busy warming another woman’s bed, some of us were making sure that your wife knows that she was not alone in this world.’


He looked at me as if he would burst with emotions


‘Oswald I have taken enough of your nonsense. First you come into my house install cameras without my permission, and then you threaten Azure and now this?’ ‘You should just be grateful that I was here to save you otherwise you would have been dead by now!’


‘Do I look like I need your help? My marital problems are mine and I can sort them out on my own.’ He said his voice stern


I moved closer to where he was standing so that we were square


‘Now listen to me Jason, they were no longer your marital problems the minute you decided to go out there looking for comfort in the arms of another woman. I care about Melisa a lot and I won’t stand and do nothing whilst you continue hurting her.’


I wanted to say more but the sound of his phone had me looking at it.


He picked it up after hesitating.


‘Hello.’ He said into the speaker turning away from me


He was silent for a while obviously listening to what the person on the other end was saying.


‘I am on my way.’ He said picking up keys from the table.


Minutes later I heard the car drive out and even though I wanted to know where he was going, I decided to stay with Melisa.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App




I had just gone to bed after thinking hard about the conversation I had had with Jason earlier on, he was going to make the perfect father to my child but I couldn’t allow his family to suffer because of me and the mistakes I had made. So after saying a prayer silently, I closed my eyes and wandered into lala land.


A sharp pain in my lower abdomen woke me up, at first it wasn’t bad but with each passing second it kept getting worse.


So I turned on my side lamp and decided to get out of bed but my legs felt numb, when I tried to get my phone from my pillow that’s when I discovered that my sheets were stained with blood. By this time I was anxious and the pain wasn’t going away so I called the only person I could think of.


‘Jason please come quickly.’ I said as I felt myself get weak and minutes later it was all dark for me.


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