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The Prince Maiden – Episode 15

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Chapter 15


~Final chapter~



Allison’s POV


Three days later,




Tyler went out to only God knows where.


I used the opportunity to visit the dog.

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It barked happily and wagged its tail when it caught sight of me.


I giggled and let it out of it’s cage.


It jumped on me and barked.


She was so happy she didn’t stay still for a while.


I sat in the tiled floor as it circled me.


“Come on girl, stay still. Missed me that much?”


It barked in response and stood still infront of me, panting.


“Sit, let me tell you all that happened”

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She obeyed instantly and sat down very close to me so I can reach out and play with her fur, waiting patiently for me to start talking.


Tyler was a big bad boy. He hurt me, raped me and the result of that sex is the baby I’m carrying. Then I trusted him with everything in me and was beginning to fall in love but after the incident, I came out of the love I was falling into and my trust for him shattered instantly.”


Now he’s charming, gentle, caring and I’ve forgiven him.”



“My heart skips a beat whenever he enters the room, butterflies flutter around in my stomach and I try not to get lost in his eyes.”


“I’ve got two fears though, I feel he changed because of the baby and secondly I’m scared for my baby. I’ve been having this feelings for a while now. I pray nothing happens to my baby”


“If even she’s the result of the rape, I still love her so much her because she’s my baby, my first”


The dog whined in response.


“It’s not to get worried about, let’s think of a name for you instead” I suggested


She barked twice and licked my face in response.


“I can’t believe Tyler has had you for two years and he didn’t bother to name you”


She barked one and looked at me expectantly.


“Since you’re a bitch” my eyes had a mischievous gleam ” I’ll call you Mulan!”


She barked happily and wagged her tail


“That way, Tyler won’t name my girl Mulan”


I stood up “come let’s go inside but promise not to litter the ground and if Tyler calls Mulan, answer him. That’s your new name”


Mulan barked, ran a few feet and came back.


I giggled and began walking to the house when a sharp pain pierce my abdomen.


I felt my heart race in panic.


I took a deep breath and tried to even my breathing, it was coming short.


A more sharper pain pierce my abdomen and I felt water trickled down my leg.


I screamed as the pain became unbearable.


I saw Tyler by my side in an instant.


I screamed again, the pain was excruciating.


I gripped his clothes tighter as he led me to the car.


“When did the car reach here?”


I screamed again, ” mama never told me childbirth is this excruciating.” “Take it easy dear” Tyler said as he drove recklessly.



Tyler’s POV



When I came in, I saw Allison going to the dog and decided to let her go though I followed as discreetly as possible.


When dog saw her, she wagged her tail endlessly and barked happily.


The dog has never given me this kind of treatment since I bought her.


She’s always either silent or barking angrily at me.


It’s a surprise she took to Allison easily and they became friends.


I heard all she said to the dog and my heart broke. I almost thought she still hates me.


But when I heard her say she has forgiven me and her heart skips when she sees me.


I immediately melted at her words.



Then she named the dog Mulan!!!


My most treasured name!!!


She stood up and invited the dog inside.


I wanted to run back inside when I saw her stop and squeezed her face in pain.


I ran back to the car and reversed so it’s closer to her.


When she let out a scream, I was by her side in a instant and guide her gently to the car.


Thank God the gate is motor sensored.


It opened automatically when my car got closer and closed when I was out.


I drove recklessly to the hospital.


“Take it easy dear” I s


aid to her when I heard her breathing heavily.


I was getting scared myself. “What if I don’t get to the hospital on time?” I got more panicked.


The car tyres screeched loudly as I parked in front of the hospital.


“My wife is in labour” I screamed to the nearest nurse.


Upon recognizing my face, the nurses scrambled around.


They brought out a stretcher and and wheeled Allison to the labour room.


I held her hands tightly, not letting go.



I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through now.


“I’m here for you” I hair off her face as she was wheeled into the labour room.


She was sweating vigorously.








It’s over five hours and Allison is still labouring.


She looks weak and exhausted


“Tyler, I’m tired and I’m scared” she confessed to me.


I kissed her forehead.


“I trust you, I know you can do this.”


That was the motivation she needed.


I prayed silently for her not to die during labour.


She tried pushing again but the baby wouldn’t come out.

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Two hours later, Allison was still labouring.


She was too weak and almost fell asleep.


The nurses slapped her awake.


“Can you let her go through surgery to bring the baby out?” I asked the doctor. “Sure, let her give one more try” the doctor replied



“Allison can you try for the sake of our baby. You get to give her any name you want”


She nod tiredly and gave one final push.


The baby came out and Allison fainted.


The doctor gave the baby to the nearest nurse and attended to Allison.


Amongst the chaos, I noticed something though, the baby wasn’t crying.


In movies, the baby cries after childbirth.


I expressed my worries to the nurse.


We went out to call another doctor.


That day is a red lettered day for me, I almost lost Allison and I lost my baby.


Her heart stopped beating. She was tired and weak.


My Mulan was courageous, she came out of the womb but she didn’t survive.


Allison was unconscious for two days.


When she woke up, the first thing she asked was “where’s my baby?”


The tears that fell on response was answer for her.


She turned away from me and turned to the other side.


“I’m sure you must be angry with me” she said softly


“You changed completely because of the baby and now I’ve lost our only chance at building a family”


“What?” I was shocked beyond words.



I took hold of her hands yet she refused to look at me.


“I didn’t change because of the baby, I changed because I realized I don’t want to lose the treasure with me, I changed because I love you and even with our baby gone, I still love you. God has a reason for everything. I’ll always love and cherish you all my life.”


I missed her hands.


She finally turned to me with tear brimmed eyes.


“I killed our baby” the tears fell and kept flowing


“If I had pushed harder and wasn’t scared, she would have survived” she sobbed.


“I don’t blame you and don’t yourself” I laid beside her on the bed and buried her face in my chest as she cried.


I thought of something, “perhaps, God doesn’t want our first child to be my Mulan because she might always remind Allison of the incident and her mind and heart may never heal. God I ask only for one thing, soothe my wife’s mind.” I sent a word of prayer up.


She’s my crazy girl and I am her Prince..



The End…….

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