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The Scientist’s God : Episode 33

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© Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


“ Three men dressed in Bee Keeping suits were fumigating a green farmland with a water-like liquid” Massai repeated Folabi’s word.


“ It was a trance, while we were praying” Folabi said.


“ Ok… Well I don’t know what that has to do with our situation, but I am sure there is a reason for that!” Massai said. He had learnt to keep revelations in mind as some might take years before fulfillment…




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Anthony watched his skin wasting away. Right before him, without him being dead, his skin was turning to dust. The voice that was always mocking him kept at it, day and night. As he sat outside the cave house waiting for death, he kept praying silently..


“ God, I know what you are trying to do. I know this is a punishment. I know you want me to feel the pain of death gradually. Who was I to determine those who deserved to die?. Father forgive me for my zealously wrong approach. I thought it was wise to kill the evil politicians. Forgive me and though I know I don’t deserve to live, please let me at least make heaven. The thief at the right hand made it into paradise at the last minute. Please Father….. My father who art in Heaven,


Hallowed be thy name…”





The Shutdown gave Juliana the time and opportunity to lead Naito to Christ and to teach her the things of God…


“I never knew Christianity was this interesting! Thank you Juliana.. but why can’t God correct everything happening in the world?”


“ Most of the things happening in the world is as a result of man’s wrong choices, therefore we have to live up to the consequences..”


“Hmm… that reminds me… I keep seeing the witches in my dreams asking me to come back!”

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“ Ok and?”


“ I told them I was no longer interested” “ And?”


“And…. Nothing.” Naito said and Juliana knew there was more


“ No… believers don’t tell lies”


“ So believers can’t decide not to tell another person something they want to keep quiet about!”


“ It is better to be honest and say “There is a lot more I ought to say, but I choose to be quiet for reasons best known to me.”


“ Hmmm… Smart… so let me say it to you…There are things I ought to share with you, but I chose to be quiet about it.”


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“ Student proving smarter than her teacher…but as a more experienced teacher I can tell you what you are hiding from me.”


“ Take a guess!”



“ I am not guessing, but I know for a fact that when a person denounces a satanic group, the members will come back to entice the runaway member and should in case the runaway member refuses, they threatened to kill the person or their loved ones”


Naito became quiet.


“ How did you guess that?”


“ I didn’t guess, the HolySpirit in me told me”


“ They said they were going to kill you and Angie” Naito confessed


“ And you kept quiet about that? Naito you don’t keep quiet about things like that. You should have informed us about it so we can reinforce.!”


“ Reinforce? What’s that?”


“ We will need to set ourselves more on fire, so we don’t become victims. When they come looking for you or us, they must find fire around us..”


“ Ok…”




Chief Larry and LARA sat in their room…


“ God is really the Master of the world, no business meetings, no international trips, nothing … Despite having billions in our account, we can’t spend it…” Chief

Larry said


“ You are getting it, I got this realization weeks back…”


“ What are we going to do with all the money we have made?” Chief Larry asked looking absentmindedly at his wife.





Folabi had called Stone and they agreed to do whatever the hospital decided was right. Stone wept.


“ I wish I didn’t let her go for the trip.” He said weeping “I am sorry about this.”


Folabi said as tears flowed down. There was a knock at his door.


On Opening the door, it was Rejoice.


“I saw my mother!” Rejoice said




Lucky, the chef looked around and when he realized that no one was in the kitchen, he spat into the main pot of white soup. He stirred it together and dished the soup for all those in the Airship…


The kitchen intercom rang suddenly…


Lucky jumped back in fear… He looked at the cell number calling, it was from the cell of the First king…


He suspected he had been caught…

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To be continued











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