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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 7

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EPISODE 7 (semi finale)





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Li Sugar

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I smashed the wine glass in my hand on the wall, it shattered and a piece flew back and pieced into my hand. Blood began dropping on the floor.


I was fuming, burning with fury and hungry to kill! To kill that bastard!


How could she step her foot in there!


It was a place meant for just I and Michel. No girl is supposed to be in there with him… but that bastard let him take her there.


I glanced at the tracker on my phone.


“I’m going to make you leave this country if I have to and if I have to make you leave this damn earth, I will!”


‘I can’t let you stay where you don’t belong.


I can’t let you have who you don’t deserve..

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I’m the only one who deserve to be Michel’s girlfriend. No one else!! No one else!’


“No one else!!” I screamed and smashed the phone on the wall.


My other phone began vibrating on the bed.


I stared at it for awhile began taking the phone.


Seo Jin was calling.


I picked it up.



They are leaving the place right now



She had gone to where she don’t deserve to be… I can’t hold it anymore.. Bring her to me


Yes ma’am


I dropped the phone and smiled.


“I have to teach that little bitch a little lesson.”


‘Just wait for me Michel. I’m going to get you back. I know you want me and you miss me so much.. I know you are faking a relationship with that bastard just to make me jealous. It happens in dramas. You want to use her to get me back.. I know and I’m ready to come back to you… Just wait for me. I will help you get rid of her’


I made a lopsided smile.







[Silver House]





We got off the car and he took my hand.


‘It had been a great night and I wish we stayed there longer but ugh I’m hungry. Haha’


Immediately my stomach grumbled loudly and I looked at Michel who chuckled.


“It’s okay. We are home,” he said.


I chuckled. “You are hungry too, aren’t you?”


“Uhm yes. Let’s go in and eat then,” he said.






We walked in and the flower boys were all in the sitting room, each person on his phone.


“Oh my Goodness… ” TedyA let out. “What’s that on your finger Mona?” I looked at my finger and seeing the ring, I smiled. “Don’t tell me Michel proposed to you,” J guy said.


Jeff’s eyes and mine met and I smiled.


“Yes he did,” I said.


“What? Wow…” Best said.


I smiled.


“Hyung…. Are you getting married? ” TedyA said.


“Yes we will but in seven years time,” I said “WHAAAAT! SEVEN YEARS?” They all exclaimed. ‘That sound pretty long’


“We should celebrate this,” Jeff said.


“Wine this time,” Best said.


‘Argh! Even wines get me drunk’




Minutes later, we were eating and drinking and the flower boys were heaping questions after questions on Michel and I.


“How did he propose to you?” J guy asked.


I smiled. “He just gage me the box. I opened it and he told me to marry him in seven years time”


“What? That wasn’t how I said it,” Michel said.


I chuckled.


“You were romantic right?” Best asked him.


“Right, yes..” Michel said.


We laughed.


“And where was it?” Jeff asked.


‘Should I answer it or Michel. Michel isn’t answering so I will..’


“Uhm… At a very beautiful place. Filled with beautiful lights, flowers and fireflies..” I said.


“The Eve Castle?” TedyA asked.


‘Eve Castle?”


“You took her to Eve Castle?” J guy asked Michel who smiled at him. “Wow – Wow”… Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


‘Eve Castle is the name? I didn’t even ask him’



“Uhm let’s play a game,” TedyA said. “Tch! Game? Which game?” J guy asked. “Bottle spin. Truth or Dare” TedyA said. ‘What? T or D?.. I’m in.’


Michel poured the remaining wine into his glass and dropped the bottle.


“I will spin first,” TedyA said and did.


It stopped on Michel.


“Wow, Hyung…..” TedyA smiled.


“Dare” Michel said.


“I dare you to… What do I dare… Okay.. say you love me and my voice,” TedyA said.


“Tch What’s wrong with him,” J guy hissed.


“Too lame,” Best chuckled.


I chuckled and looked at Michel who smiled.


“I love you TedyA and I love your voice,” he told TedyA who smiled like a happy puppy with his hands on his cheeks.


“Awwwwn I’m blushing.”


Next was J guy who spined the bottle and it stopped on Michel again.


“Dare” Michel said.


“Have you thought of sex with Mona?” J guy asked and my heart flew.



Michel’s eyes and I met and I looked away immediately.


Why would he ask such a question!


Argh I’m so embarrassed.


What’s he going to answer?? My heart is beating so fast.


“I said Dare, not Truth,” Michel said and I blinked twice.


That’s true!


“Oh that’s right. I forgot.. I dare you to tell me if you’ve thought of s*x with Mona,” J guy said, sticking to his question.


I tightened my eyes.


“A-ni (no)… It’s still too early for that.. But I’m going to anyway,” Michel said and I widened my eyes.




He’s going to…to think of…whaaaaat!


I glanced at him and he was sipping on his wine.


I faced down immediately.




“Mona, it’s your turn..” J guy said.


I sighed and looked up at the bottle but trying my best not to make eye contact with Michel. I’d be more embarrassed.


“You look shy,” J guy said to me.


‘Just shut up!!’



A hand took mine from beneath the table. It was Michel’s.


My heart skipped but then I calmed down and exhaled..


“I would spin,” I said and did.


It stopped on Jeff.


I looked at him.


He smiled and said. “Truth”


‘What do I ask him? Nothing is coming… Okay.. There’s one.’ “Who do you miss right now?” I asked him.


‘Of course his girlfriend’


“My sister, Rina” he said.




“Oh okay….” I said.


“She’s dead..” he said causing my jaw to drop.


Everywhere was calm.


I had no idea. I never browsed much about him cos I was only mad over Michel. He haven’t talked about his family to me either. I don’t think we are that close yet for him to tell me about such a thing but he just did now.


“I..I’m so sorry about that,” I said.


He smiled. “That’s okay”


“I’m spining,” Michel said and grabbed the bottle. He was about to spin when his phone rang.


He hesitated before taking it out.



Seriously I didn’t want to take a glimpse into his privacy but I couldn’t help my eyes.


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I saw the caller.


Li Sugar.


‘Li Sugar? Why’s she calling him? Is he going to pick?’


But he silenced the call and dropped the phone on the table.




He spined the bottle and it stopped……. on me.


On me?


We looked at each other and he smiled.


“Truth or Dare?”


What do I say?


“T..truth” I said.


He chuckled. “I wanted Dare.”




“Are you tipsy?” he asked.


‘What? Is that what he has to ask me? Of course I’m not. I’ve only taken a little. He should have asked something else..Tch.’


“I’m not,” I said.


“Okay…” he said and smiled.





Best spined and it hit J guy.


“Wow… Dare!” J guy said.


“I dare you to cancel the date with Kim Kara,” Best said.


“Oops!” TedyA chuckled.


“That’s not a date. That’s a one night stand,” J guy said.


‘Geez… Kim Kara? The model!?’


“I dare you then to cancel the one night stand with her,” Best said.


“Fine fine I will…you should have dared me to do something else. Kara is really hot you know..” J guy said and picked his phone.


He typed on his phone for few seconds then showed it to us all. “Cancelled” ‘Wow.. I’m wondering how many female celebrities J guy have had flings with.’ “””””‘””””'””””””””””””””””””””””


Hours later, I was back to my room and on my bed.


My night had been so great, really great.


After the T or D game, everyone left to bed.


Michel and I said goodnight and here I am now..


I looked at the ring on my finger.


“So cute,” I said with a smile.


I hugged Blue.


‘Seriously, I’ve been bad to Blue for awhile now.


I’m going to take her with me to Rose house tomorrow.


I can’t wait to show her my finger.


I wonder what she’s going to say’


I smiled and hugged Blue tighter.






It was a dark room with only a little light from a small hole high up on the wall.


I was stuck to a single chair, my legs tied up and my hands tied behind the chair.


My body and face were filled with hurting bruises.


I was in tears, crying and calling on Michel to come and save me.


But there was no one in that dark room but me.


Suddenly the door opened and all I could see and hear was a red heels slowly walking in. I couldn’t see the face of the person. I knew it was the person who put me in this state.


“What do you want from me? Get me out of here.. Get me out of here. I want to go back to my Michel!” I screamed at the person.


Her laughs filled up the whole room and echoed through the four walls of the room.


“Really?” she asked after her laugh died down.



“Get me out of here” I said.


“It’s simple!” she said and through me a paper and a pen. Both landed on my laps. “Sign to stop whatever relationship you have with Michel and to get far away from him and you’ll get out of here..” she said, turned and the sound of her heels echoed through the four walls of the room as she walked out.


“I won’t! I won’t! Sign it. I love Michel!” I screamed….


I opened my eyes and I was back in my room.


No, actually I was dreaming.


“Oh my God, that was a dream…”


I sat up and rubbed my eyes.


It’s morning.


I got off the bed and went to the bathroom to brush and take a bath.


‘That dream..the voice… It all felt like Li Sugar’s.


Why would she lock me up in a dark room? Is that even possible?


Oh no, it’s just a dream’


I brushed my teeth and had my bath after which I wore my clothes and carried Blue with me to downstairs where I met the flower boys including Michel.


We had breakfast after which Michel reminded me of the swimming we talked about two days ago.


We were supposed to have it today.


“Are we still going to swim today?” he asked.


“Yes..” I answered.



I was so shy when I walked out in my swim suit and his eyes were just fixed on my body….and my eyes on his as well… but the stares stopped when someone pushed me and I jumped into the water.


It was TedyA.


“I’m in!” he announced.


Michel rushed to me and grabbed me on the waist. “Are you okay?”


He looked scared.


“Yes I am..” I said…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


He removed his hands from my waist and I exhaled.


Well, we ended up six in the pool with just me as the lady.


We played in the pool.


It was fun.


Zara and her colleagues met us.


It’s been a while I saw them.


They waved at me.


We finally left the pool and Michel covered me with a towel.


“You’ll be cold soon if you don’t dry yourself,” he said.


I smiled. “Yeah I know. Thank you Oppa”


He smiled.


We walked back inside together and I went to my room to change wears.


After awhile, Zara, Mi soo and Shin hye came in.


“Woowwww…. What’s that on your finger?” Zara asked.


I smiled.


“Michel proposed to you?” Mi soo asked.


I nodded.


Shin hye rushed to me and grabbed my hand, staring at the ring.


“This is pure diamond but it didn’t really match your finger complexion… It would have fitted mine more..” Shin hye said.


Zara and Mi soo bursted into laughter.


She glared at them then turned to me with a smile.


“Can I test it ony finger for a second please?” she asked.


“Don’t let her!” Zara said and snatched my hand off hers.


“Let go of her hand Shin hye.”


“What’s so wrong in putting a ring which would fit my hand?” Shin hye asked.


“Stop being like this Shin hye,” Mi soo said.


“Oh my.. Miss Mona Lisa.. I’m so happy for you.. When is the wedding?”


“Don’t know yet,” I said.


“Ohhh my… I’m so happy for you..” Zara said and hugged me.




Hours later, I was on my way to Rose.


Tenten would be at Xspark so he won’t be home.



The taxi pulled at the gate of the apartment building and I got off with Blue in my right hand and a nylon on the left.


I called Rose letting her know that I’ve arrived.


I entered the gate and used the elevator to the fourth floor.


She was already at the lobby, waiting for me with her growing belle.


“Hi Bes!” Rose called, happy to see me.


I smiled and raised a nylon of beef.


“I bought beef” I said.


She laughed. “That’s what I really want to eat”


I smiled.


She carried Blue and we got in. I marvelled at the beauty of the home.


I can’t believe Tenten can set up such a beautiful home.


“Where’s the kitchen?” I asked.


“Over here,” I asked and led me to the small kitchen where I dropped the beef.


“What…what is this ring on your finger?” Rose asked.


I smiled and raised it to her face.


“You like it?” I asked.


“If I’m not mistaken, this is an engagement ring,” she said.


“Of course it is,” I said and waved it on her face.


“Whaat! Michel proposed to you?” she asked.


“Hum..” I nodded.


She gasped. “Oh my God… This is beautiful.”


She hugged me.


“Wow, easy” I said.


When she withdrew, she asked me, “When’s the wedding?”


“In Seven years,” I said.




She began coughing.


I rushed for a glass of water.




An hour later, we were on the dinning, eating and drinking.


“Bes, you won’t believe what that stupid taxi man said after you got off his car,” Rose said.




“You don’t have to know. It won’t be a good idea to talk about it right now,” she said.




“But Bes, how do you know that Michel love you?”


“Well… He do… That’s what I can say,” I said.


“Mona, let’s see a drama after we are done eating. There’s a new drama.. It’s super interesting..” Rose said.


“Who are the casts?” I asked.


“Kim min sun, Kang Tiana”


“Super, I’m watching!” I said.


But that just reminded me someone.


Leo Bethel.


Just then my phone rang and I picked it immediately. It was Michel calling.



Hey babe he spoke first.



Oppa? I answered.



There’s an emergency meeting at BlueGold.. I should be there in thirty minutes. I just wanted to let you know he said.


it’s okay. I’m going to be here for few more hours I said.



Babe it’s really risky for you to be walking alone at night. You should come home early, he said.


Okay I’ve heard Tch..



See you soon Babe


The call ended and I dropped the phone.


“Michel?” Rose asked.


“Yeah.. He’s going for an emergency at BlueGold. He called to let me know” I said.


“Wow……you are so lucky bes..”





(Hours later )


I was heading back to silver house.


Tenten wasn’t back yet but I have to leave because it was getting dark and Michel is back.


I took a taxi and we were just close to the estate when suddenly the car stopped..


“What’s wrong?” I asked the driver.


“I would have to check out ma’am… Excuse me for a minute,” he said, got down and went to the front.


A minute later, he returned.


“I’m so sorry ma’am.. The car can’t go on. I would call another taxi to come take you,” he said.


“No it’s okay, I’m almost there. I would just finish it up with legs,” I said.


“Are you sure ma’am?” he asked.


“Yeah I’m sure,” I said, got down and walked away with Blue in my hand.


Minutes later, a car pulled up in front of me.


The window glass went down and a head poked out.


“Hello ma’am. You remember me right?” she asked.


She was at the passenger’s seat.


‘Of course I do. It’s the stranded girl from two nights ago’


“Yes I do.” I said


“Thank you so much for the other night.. You were my savior,” she said.


“It’s okay,” I said.


“Oh… I’m with my uncle I told you about. We are entering the estate too. You should get in let’s go in together,” she said.


“No, it’s fine.. I can just walk it,” I said.


“You shouldn’t when we are entering the estate as well. Get in and let’s go in together ” she said.


“Okay then,” I said and entered the backseat and that was when I saw another guy there.


I looked at him and he smiled but he look frightening.


“Here’s my uncle,” the girl said referring to the one driving.


“Oh okay..” I said but just then the car speedily reversed and hit the road.


My heart flew instantly.


“Where are you driving to?” I asked.


“Relax” the guy beside me said.


“What??” I asked.


“Shut up!” he barked at me.


“Meow” Blue cried.


“Hey lady, what are you doing! Where is he driving to?” I asked the girl.


“How I’m I supposed to know?” she said and I saw a smirk smile on her face.


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That was when my dream made sense to me.


I’ve been kidnapped in reality.


“Get me out of this car!!!!” I screamed.


“Wow.. That’s a loud one. I’m sorry Miss celebrity girlfriend but I have to do this.” The guy beside me said and without knowing what was coming, he hit me hard on my face…..


And everywhere turned blank.


I passed out.










The first call wasn’t answered.


The second too.


“Why is she not picking up?”


I called again and this time, the phone’s been switched off..


“Oh no… Mona can never switch off her phone,”


I quickly went to the tracker and the last place on the tracker map was cheonjing.


My heart skipped.





Just then, a News notification beeped on my phone. I wanted to ignore it but my eyes caught something.


‘The anonymous singer’s identity had been revealed! See the shocking truth!…’


“What is this?”


I opened the News and my jaw dropped.


“Who the f**k did this!!”







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