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My Life As A Se.x Slave – Episode 16

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Chapter 16 {what could it be?}





By Ifeoluwa





Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy .



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Noted, that this story is rated


Sorry I couldn’t post last night.




Venom’s pov


It’s been weeks now since have seen Bianca last, no calls, no texts.


Even if I call her, she wouldn’t pick up, I helped her and now she doesn’t care about me.


I entered the room where the guy she brought was held. It’s obvious that he’s in abtract pain, but what’s the point?


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I might end up committing a murder if am not being smart with this.


I approached him and untied him.


“You are free to go.” I said and he looked at me confused probably not expecting me to release him after everything.


I have no choice either way, Bianca is nowhere to be found, it’s obvious she used and dumped me.


“Thank….. you.” He stammered and stormed out of the place.



I hope I made the right decision.



Bianca’s pov


Is she bluffing or serious, this definitely dosen’t seems like a bluff.


She might actually mean business.


“You recorded our conversation?” I asked worried.


“Yes, be prepared, a life time sentence awaits you.” She replied and walked closer to me.


“You b*tch!” I shouted and held her neck.


“Stop.” She forced my hands off her. “It’s too late already give in.” She said glaring at me.


“Just know I won’t go down alone.” I threatened.


That’s right, I still have a backup plan, I have venom.


“Let’s see.” She replied quite determined.


The sounds of the police car brought me realization, she actually called the police.


They rushed and handcuffed me, Gloria handed the recording to them which got me wondering how she was able to cook this up in mere hours.


“Excuse me sir.” Robert said to the police officer that handcuffed me.


“What?” The officer asked.


“Just want to tell this b*tch to rot in hell.” He answered and I smirked.


If only they knew what I had in store for them.



*3 days later*


*The police station*


“You said Mr Robert kidnapped and tortured you for 2 months.” The police officer in charge asked and slammed his hands on the desk.


“Yes, sir, I agree that I tried to kill her but, when I tell you that he kidnapped me please understand, I told you already that venom an acquaintance of mine and the guy I used for the hit on Gloria knows everything.” I replied perplexed and tired of repeating the same thing.


“Just like you said, the address you gave us for venom’s residence is fake, he’s nowhere to be found meaning there is no way to prove your claim.” He paused and wiped his sweat away.


“My conclusion is you tried to kill the victim, ran off for 2 months and came back to blackmail them, but they were smart enough to catch you this time, you have been stalling the investigation and I have had enough, be prepared because you will fit right into jail.” He yelled and my whole body trembled.


I can’t believe what’s happening, all my plans, all my efforts were all vain.


Why me? Why did Gloria end up having everything.


This is wrong, I won’t surrender to defeat!.



Gloria’s pov


It’s been a week now since Bianca has been arrested and charged to court.


I feel like I actually accomplished something for once.


She tried to kill me when I have always been nice to her.


I treated her like a friend but she was an enemy.



Staring at the mirror I couldn’t stop thinking about her.


I packed my hair up and was about to head for Robert’s room when I started feeling nauseous.


I ran straight to the toilet and purged inside the sink.


I have not been feeling so well for a while now, but this is the first time I’d purged.


I cleaned myself and head to Robert room as usual.


Still confused, I agreed to marry him but still holding back.


I just wish he would forget I ever mentioned marriage.


I got into his room and was surprised by the sight of his room.


“Wow.” I muttered silently and gasped.


Coloured and beautiful candles were made to decorate the room, roses on the bed.


The bed itself was decorated in some ways that’s hard to explain.


It’s just so beautiful.


“You love it right?” He asked and smiled cutely.


“You can say that.” I replied trying to hold in my joy.


“Well, I actually thought of a new thing, I just wanted to surprise you, am glad you like it.” He said sweetly and romantic.


“Thanks.” I replied and smiled brightly.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“You just said thanks?” He asked beaming with excitement.


Why is he so happy I said yes, or is there more to it?


“Yes, I said thanks, what’s so special about that.” I said with a shrug.


“It’s so special, like so special.” He replied and carried me on his arm which makes my heart beat increase.


“Ok, Can you put me down please, it’s kinda awkward.” I protested and he did.


This Robert really seems different from the one that I knew.


What made him change into this sweet man and not the beast I once knew.


“Hmm…. I know am not really good with words but Gloria please and please stop


hating me.” He begged softly with genuine remorse.


“I know have done you more harm than good and I know I don’t deserve your love, just try to see the good side of me too and let me fill that special place with joy.” He added


His words are touching but yet ridiculous, he shouldn’t expect me to just turn the tides like that.


He has hurt me for a long time, how am I sure he has turned a new leaf now.


“Ok, I will try.” I replied with deceitful words.


“Ok thank you.” He replied and kissed my forehead. “Come here.” He dragged me towards the bed and lay me on it.


He slept beside me too hugging me tight and I felt tensed.


We looked at each other as his hands moved over and touched my hair.


“So beautiful.” He said and kissed my forehead down to my lips.


Just a kiss and am already turned on.



I gazed into his eyes and he did the same in silence.


“Gloria I love you.” He said sincerely and kissed my lips again.


This time deep and more passionately than the former.


He rested his body on mine and reached for my button.


I know what’s next, what’s coming next.


He unbuttoned my soft yet see through dress leaving me na.ked.


Just that alone makes me anticipate for more than a kiss.


He got off his shirt with my help revealing his tight abs.


His hands all over my body leaving me with great ecstasy, I was ready for action and I could tell he was too.


My nipples in his hands as he slightly teased it.


“Ohh Robert.” A moan escaped my mouth which sounds a bit weird.


It feels like am starting to enjoy the s*x.


Is it really more than just s*x?


He continues further and squeezed one of my b**bs and teased the other.


I engulfed my hands around his neck enjoying every bit of what he was doing.


After a while he sucked my b**bs lightly and repeatedly grazed over the nipples with his teeth.


“Robert, keep going.” I called his name with a moan and he smiled at me.


“I will be right back.” He said and kissed me and slowly went for my swollen clit.


He touched it, rubbing and licking it at the same time, this is the point of no return.


Am clearly lost in this. My whole body dancing and moving to the joy he was giving my body.


Soon after his big d*ck entered my honeypot which got a moan out of me.


He screwed me passionately, f*cking me slowly and intensly.


“Robert, harder!” I shouted as I couldn’t hold it anymore.


“Hun, hun.” He groaned and increased his pace on my order.


I held his hands closing my eyes shut as he penetrates in more further.


He kissed my lips and turned me sideways, then lift my legs up and slides his dick in.


But, this wasn’t working for me, I need more.


I got on him and insert his dick into my p***y, he held my b**bs and squeezed as I kept pounding on his d**k repeatedly


I wished it would never stop.


And that’s weird because I never enjoyed s*x the way I did tonight.


And then it got me wondering is this really s*x or something else am not ready to accept.


What exactly could it be?











Gloria has dropped the question what exactly could it be? Am curious are you?




Stay tuned more drama is still on the way.

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My life as A Se.x slave



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