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Sequence 3




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Adobea and the young man walked to the lorry station.


It was already late, and there was only one car left loading for Nankese, where she stays with her parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece in a house built by her father.


Her mother was a petty trader and had opened a convenient store in front of the house.


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Her elder brother, Kofi Gyan an architect and designer who was still struggling to get a contract of sorts. Grace, sister-in-law, was a teacher.


The car was virtually empty, and they had to sit in it for close to forty minutes before it got full. Thankfully, the young man dozed off at a time he had began to fidget.


Halfway to the town, however, disaster struck.


The old trotro jerked violently and came to a shuddering halt.



The driver and his assistant tried everything. The passengers were asked to get down and give it a push-start.


The young man got down, found and leaned against a tree and yawned mightily.


The male passengers pushed the car for a while, but it still would not start. This made the young man burst into laughter, drawing caustic remarks from the other men.


“Please, stop laughing!” Adobea said tightly. “They’re trying to help!” “They look funny,” the young man said with a giggle.

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An elderly man, breathing hard with exertion and evidently furious, walked up to the young man and looked at him with hard eyes.


“Young man, we’re all trying to help so that we get home!” the elderly man said angrily. “You’re a strapping young lad, strong and muscled! Even I, an old man, is helping. You won’t help, and yet you stand there and laugh. Help us push the car!” “No,” the young man said promptly.


“Why, in the name of God?” the elderly man persisted.


“Because I feel sleepy,” the young man said.


“And yet you laugh at us?” the elderly man asked acidly.


“You mean I can’t laugh when I feel sleepy?” the young man asked, causing the women standing around to giggle and laugh.


“Please,” Adobea said quickly as she gave her bag to the young man. “I will help, please. My brother is not well.”


“Where’s your brother?” the young man asked eagerly, looking around.


Luckily enough, the driver got down from the car and announced that the car just would not start because of a fault.


There was pandemonium instantly, and Adobea’s heart sank.


Eventually, they refunded part of the transport monies to them.


“We have to walk, I’m afraid,” Adobea told the young man sadly. “I’m really sorry.”


“But I don’t want to walk!” the young man said indignantly. “I’m so tired!” “I know, I know,” Adobea said gently. “But it is not far from here, okay? God willing, we might get another car.”


As it turned out, it was too late for another car to come along. The few that passed by did not stop, and they ended up walking for a long time.


By the time they got to Nankese, it was very late, and they were both sweating profusely.


To make matters worse, there was a power cut, and the house was shrouded in darkness.



Adobea used her key to open the main door and held the young man’s hand to guide him to the living-room. She made him sit in the sofa and went around to look for lanterns and candles.


Everybody was asleep in the house because of the late hour, and she did not want to disturb them so she did not wake up anyone. She had a student’s mattress in her room and put it down on the floor, covering it with a bedsheet. She placed a pillow on it and then came back to the living-room to call the young man, but he was already fast asleep on the carpet.


Adobea stood looking at him as she placed the lantern on a table and turned down the wick.


He looked so peaceful that she did not have the heart to wake him up. Subsequently, she went back to her room and brought the mattress. Adobea put it on the floor and managed to push him onto it, and then she put a spare cloth beside it.


She took a cold shower because it was so hot and made herself a cold milo in the kitchen because she was feeling ravenously hungry.


When she checked on him, he was still asleep, so she went back to her room and fell asleep almost immediately.


The young man woke up a little while later feeling clammy and hot, and so he did the sensible thing that occurred to him: he took off all his clothes and shifted to the cold floor with the pillow and fell asleep.


Almost an hour later, he woke up again with the need to urinate.


He stood up, still partially asleep, walked to the first door he came to and opened it to find a bathroom.


That door happened to be the room of Kofi Gyan and his wife.


Kofi Gyan, who had left for Accra in the morning to pursue a contract, had told his wife that he might not come back that day if the interview was late. However, his turn had come, and his designs had been rejected.


Sad and very melancholic, he had not wanted to stay in Accra to waste any money, and so he had set off again for Nankese.


He arrived very late as a result, and by the time he came through the front door, the young na.ked man had also entered his room.


His wife, Grace, was sleeping on the bed na.ked, and at that very same time the lights came back on.


The young man who had entered the room stopped and blinked, and then he saw Grace lying on the bed na.ked.



Grace was a well-endowed woman with a very massive and curvy back package. The na.ked young man looked at that impressive back of the sleeping woman and clamped his hands to his cheeks.


“Abakade!” he said with a giggle.


“Etun dadzesen!”


Giggling insanely, he opened another door that led to the bathroom and luckily found a water closet system. The urge to urinate had already made his pendulum huge and erect, and so he directed it at the cistern and began to urinate.


Kofi Gyan entered the living-room and put his designs dejectedly on the chairs, and then he took off his tie as he entered the bedroom and found his na.ked wife sleeping on the bed.


And then he paused and his eyes opened wide when he heard the sound of splashing liquid in the bathroom!


Each room was fitted with a bathroom, luckily, because Kofi had designed and


helped build his father’s house, so even his daughter, Mensiwaa, would not come


in here to urinate!


What was going on?


This was new!


He rushed to the bathroom and opened it, and there stood a na.ked young man urinating into the bowl!


Kofi’s vision clouded, and he almost collapsed. His body shook abnormally and he almost sank to the floor with the shock of it!


Grace had never given him any cause to suspect her of infidelity!


But was this what she was up to when he was not in the house? She stole her lover inside? Because he had told her he might not be back and had not called to inform her he was coming?


“Are you okay?” the young man asked as he urinated. “You’re looking foolish!” “Who the hell are you?” Kofi screamed in agony. “And what the hell are you doing here?”


The young man raised his eyebrows calmly, turned and showed his stiff rod of belembe to Kofi.


“What a silly question,” he said calmly. “Can’t you see I’m wee-weeing through my peeweewee? And you ask me what I’m doing.”


“Oh, Jesus, oh, Jesus, oh Jesus!” Kofi groaned in anguish as he looked at that impressive rod. “Have you been with my wife? Is she your lover? Is that it, huh?” “I haven’t been with your wife,” the young man said calmly. “I was with the prostitute. She put my peweewee in her vajayjay and my body made me glumligi!”



“Oh, Jesus, oh Jesus!” Kofi cried in agony and shook his head dazedly. “But that woman on the bed, heeerh, did you see her buttocks-buttocks?” the young man asked with a giggle. “It is big papa, like obotan mountain!”


The young man held his hands wide apart to signify how big Grace’s bums were. This was the last straw that made Kofi turn from the bathroom and clutch his heart as he almost collapsed on the floor.


“Oh, Grace, oh Jesus! Oh, Grace, oh Jesus!” he moaned with indescribable pain. “You have killed me, Gracie! You have killed me Gracieeeee!!”


His agonized voice made Grace come awake suddenly and turn around. Her eyes widened with sudden horror when she saw her husband kneeling by the side of the bed and clutching his heart as he wept.


“Kofi Gyan, my love, what’s wrong?” she asked with fright as she got off the bed and came toward him. “My darling, what’s the matter?”


“Don’t love-love meeeeee!” Kofi Gyan screamed loudly. “Don’t darling-darling meeeeeee!! You wicked woman! You prostitute, oh Gracieeeee! Oh, you have killed meeeeee!”


Befuddled, horrified and absolutely flummoxed, Grace was at a loss as to what was happening, thinking that maybe the stress had finally entered her husband’s head and was driving him crazy, and that was when the bathroom door opened and a na.ked man came out.


“Heeerh, stop screaming like that!” the young man said with a scowl as he stared at Kofi. “Don’t you know people are sleeping?”


Grace took one look at this na.ked man emerging from her bathroom and out of the shock, she screamed shrilly.


“Eeeeeeeeeeiiiiiii, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!” and then she ran straight out of the bedroom, na.ked and still shrieking.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


The young man broke down into gales of laughter and fell down on his knees beside Kofi, who was now shocked by his wife’s behaviour. That was the least he had expected from her!


And it had not been as if she were acting, no.


She had been genuinely terrified by the sight of a na.ked man emerging from her bathroom at that time of the night.


And the young man who was in stitches on the floor was not behaving like a normal person either, at least not like a man who had come to sleep with a married woman and been caught.


“Who are you?” Kofi Gyan asked in confusion.


He could still hear his wife screaming out there.


“I don’t know who I am oo,” the young man said between his laughter. “I don’t know my name mpo, hmmm. But did you see that woman’s bum-bum as she ran? Eiiiii, shalaweleee !”


And then, suddenly, Adobea entered the bedroom in her nightie, and she had shock all over her face.


“Oh, goodness me, what are you doing here?” she asked with horror.


“I came to weewee, Adobea,” the young man said and got to his feet.


“You know this fool?” Kofi asked as he got to his feet.


“Your mother!” the young man said angrily at the insult, as he stopped laughing and pointed his hand with four fingers crooked and his thumb pumping in that crude gesture of insult. “Your mother’s va.gina!”


Kofi stared at his crude gesture and the horrible insult with bulging eyes, and then he took a step back from the na.ked young man.


“My God!” he whispered with shock.


“You’re insane!”


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“Na your papa be insane, aboa bi ba!” the young man said furiously. “Na your mama be insane!”


“Stop that nonsense, would you?” Adobea screamed as she took her brother’s hand and drew him toward the door. “Please, Kofi, come with me. There has been a great mistake, and it is all my fault. Please, come with me, let me explain.”


As Kofi followed her numbly out of the door, the young man made to follow but Adobea looked at him with furious eyes.


“You, stay where you are!” she said crossly. “Don’t come out until I come for you!”


The young man shrugged, and when they all left the room, he fell on the bed under the ceiling fan and was almost instantly asleep.








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