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Forbidden Passion – Episode 32

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Forbidden Passion – Episode 32



Chapter 3 ⃣2 ⃣ © Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (O maisabella)

Continuation From the Last Episode: “You are the one who sent the message?” King Simeon asked. “Yes, I was the one who had sent it with a little bit of magic from my aunt.”

River replied and went to sit on the only vacant chair King Reed normally sits whenever they were in a meeting. Her presence was intimidating. “Hey Jeffrey, go and get me another sit, fast.” She orders her father’s adviser.

Jeffrey quickly stood up from where he had sat and walked out of the meeting to do as River had ordered. “I don’t believe you are River, we were expecting a boy and not a girl.” King Darken said speaking the mind of some Kings and Queens. “Well I turned out to be a girl and you can’t change that Draken.” River told him, smiling widely, when the door opened and Jeffery came inside with a male servant carrying a chair behind him.

“Give the Chiara to Jeffrey, I want him to bring it to where I am seated himself.” “Yes my lady.” The male servant said and gave the chair to a surprised Jeffrey and left the secret chamber. Jeffrey carried the chair and dropped it closer to River and went back to his seat. Everyone’s eyes were on her. “Royal, darling come and sit down here.” River said tapping the chair beside her. Royal who was still surprised went and sat down, his eyes never leaving her face. “I will start from the beginning.” River began.

“First of all, I know my father, King Reed who sits on the Millennium throne, is dead. I was in the realm of the gods when I felt my father’s soul leaving his body. I left the abode of the gods and came to meet my aunt, you all know she is the one who helped my mother when she went into labour. I told her everything and she told me they haven’t announced the death of my father to the people yet. Why? I had wondered and decided to disguise myself and find out who had poisoned my father and why my father’s adviser refused to announce his death to the whole supernatural.” River paused silently watching their faces and continued.

“My aunt gave me a disguise spell which made me look like another lady bearing the name Ariel.” She added. “Ariel? You don’t mean the one I…” Tyler began to say but got Interrupted by River. “You rejected last night thinking she is a common slave? Yes I am that girl Tyler.” River cut in coldly and continued. “With that disguise spell I was able to find out my father’s killer.” She added. “And who could your father’s killer be, my Queen?” Mari asked as if she was interested in knowing the answer when she already knows. Smiling, “Floral, the Queen of Fairies and wife to King Simeon.” River responded. “And so I killed her and her handmaid.”

“Hold on my Queen, you mean to say you killed the fairy Queen?” Mari asked, gasping loudly dramatically. King Simeon’s eyes were on her. “Why did you kill my wife?” He demanded. “I killed her because she has a hand in my father’s death. She was the one who had supplied the poisoned place either in his food or drink.” River answered.

“And you know what the law of the supernatural says? If anyone from a Royal household whose hands is stained with blood, that person and the entire household shall be put to death, be glad I had left you alive instead of killing you alongside with that your evil wife.” She added remembering as she had killed the fairy Queen and her handmaid.

FLASHBACK: The first day she visited the fairy Kingdom, as soon as her feet stepped inside the kingdom, she started hearing every conversation made by everyone in the entire kingdom, but one caught her attention and tracing their voices led her into the palace of the fairy Kingdom. She entered the building and headed towards the Queen’s chamber. Since she was dressed in a servant attire, the guards paid her less attention.

She saw two guards who were stationed at the door the voices were coming from, stopping to look behind her and around her, when she saw no one was staring at her, she disappeared and appeared inside the Queen’s chamber. “Who are you?” The Queen’s handmaid demanded immediately going into a fighting stance. “Someone who overheard your discussion, why did you poisoned King Reed?” Ariel/ River asked.

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“I ask the question not answer my question with a question, who are you, tell me or you will regret-” the handmaid didn’t get to complete her statement when Ariel/ River used her index finger from her right hand to touch her forehead, she was so fast in her movement that the handmaid didn’t have enough time to remove her hand from her forehead.

The handmaid fell down to the ground without a single noise. Queen Floral noticed her handmaid wasn’t breathing and she glared at the lady in front of her. “Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am? I am Floral, the Queen of the Fairies, I will make you Guards!!”

Queen Flora shouted standing up from her bed. “Don’t waste your energy Floral, no guards will come here, they can’t hear you.” Ariel/ River said with a smirk. She raised her hand and fired a fireball at Ariel/ River who waved it away with her hand to one side before the fire dispersed. “I asked you again, who are you?” Queen Floral demanded trying not to appear scared. “Why did you poison him?” “To ascend the throne of the Millennium.”

Queen Floral quickly answered. “Who are you planning to poison next? I mean your next target that you and your handmaid were discussing?” “Isaac, I plan to also poison Isaac who has an interest in the throne.” Queen Floral replied almost immediately.

“Apart from your handmaid, who works with you?” Ariel/ River asked. “Jeffrey, the late King advisor, he was the one who had poured in the poison I had given him into King Reed’s food. I sent my handmaid to meet him and give him another poison which he would put in Isaac food or drink and one thing, I made sure the poison didn’t kill Jeffery if he was eventually caught and asked to taste the food.” Queen Floral responded.

“Thanks for your information, but you will have to die.” “You haven’t told me who you are yet.” Queen Flora said trying to buy time. “I’m River, King Reed daughter.” Ariel/ River told the Queen. She put down the barrier which prevents anyone from hearing their conversation or any noise made in that room all thanks to Mari bracelet.

Queen Floral didn’t know when she screamed out in shock and Ariel/ River also did what she did to the handmaid. She disappeared as she saw Queen Floral body falling and the door behind her opened.


“I am sorry.” King Simeon apologized. “I still can’t believe you are Ariel.” Tyler spoke before anyone else could. “I don’t believe you.” “Didn’t you once tell me how my aunt’s kitchen is small compared to your large one?

And if I could remember well, I left you to meet Royal, I dare you to deny that Tyler.” Forbidden Passion (You’re Mine) Royal and River (Part 1)

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