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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 4

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The door opened and a young lady in a house help uniform appeared at the door.


The lady bowed at Michel immediately she opened the door.


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“Welcome young master,” she greeted.


She turned to Mona Lisa and bowed too. “Welcome ma’am.” Mona Lisa bowed at her too, an anxious smile on her dance.


‘I can’t believe this! What I’m I to do?’ she wondered anxiously.


Michel grabbed her hand and she looked at him.


“Let’s go in…” he said and pulled her along.


‘This is driving me crazy!’ Mona cried within.


They walked in and Mona was mesmerized by the interior beauty of the house.


In a minute, she saw a woman in a long gown and slingback heels walking towards them with a warm smile on her face.


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Her heart skipped as she instantly knew it’s Michel’s mom due to the much resemblance.


“Your mom is coming, what I’m I to do?” she whispered anxiously to Michel.


“Just be my girlfriend,” Michel whispered back.



Mrs Kim finally got to them and Michel bowed in greeting. “Hello Mom.”


“Michel.. Thank you for coming. That grandmother of yours is such a trouble. I


have no idea how she found out about last night news.” Mrs Kim said then turned


to Mona with a smile and Mona bowed.


“Good evening Ma!” she greeted.


“Welcome dear. It’s nice to meet you and Thank you for coming. Please come with me,” Mrs Kim said and took Mona’s hand causing her to look surprised at her.


‘Is she being nice to me?’ Mona wondered.


They walked ahead while Michel followed behind.


They got to a door and Mrs Kim opened it and walked in with Mona Lisa.


It was Halmeoni’s room.


Mona saw the aged woman lying on the bed with a duvet over her body and her


eyes closed.


Michel came in too.


“Halmeoni, they are here. So I’ll get your medications now.” Mrs Kim said walked out.


Mona looked at Michel and Michel returned a glance.


“She’s sleeping,” Mona said to Michel.


“I’m not,” Halmeoni suddenly said and opened her eyes.


Mona’s heart flew that moment and she wondered why.


Her eyes caught with Halmeoni’s and she immediately bowed twice and greeted, “Annyeonghaseyo Halmeoni,”


Michel bowed at Halmeoni. “Halmeoni, I’m here. How are you doing?”



(Note: readers who doesn’t watch Kdramas or know about Koreans tradition might be confused on why they have to bow when greeting. It’s their tradition and Korean way of greeting.)


“Help me sit,” Halmeoni said and when Michel went to do that, she stopped him.”No, I’m talking to my grand daughter-in-law.”


Mona raised her brows while Michel held himself from laughing out.


“Don’t stand and come over,” Halmeoni said.


“Yes ma,” Mona said, rushed to her and helped Halmeoni sit up on the bed.


Michel went for a seat.


“Aigo…You are strong dear..” Halmeoni said to her.


Mona bowed.


“What is your native name?” she asked Mona.


“Native name?” Mona asked. She couldn’t remember the last time she ever thought of that name.


“Yes your native name. I love to call people by their native name and I’m asking you because you don’t answer your native name, right?”


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Now she would have other choice than to tell her native name and Michel is going


to hear it.




She cleared her throat before answering. “My native name is Mi rae.”


“Beautiful name. Sit down here.” Halmeoni and Mona sat beside her on the bed. It was a beautiful spacious bed and there was no odd antiseptic or sick smell.



Mona glanced at Michel and he was sitting on a recliner chair with his legs spread out and his eyes on his phone.


“I’ll call you Mi rae. I love that you seem to be a strong lady and would know how to take care of the farm garden,” she said.


Mona looked at her. “Farm garden?”


“Yes… You see, I’m going to tell you about it because Tan has announced that you are going to be his wife soon..and I know the wedding is soon,” Halmeoni said and Mona couldn’t help her eyes from rolling like never before.


‘This is really funny!’


“Who’s Tan?” she asked.


“I know he won’t tell you. Silly boy. He refuses to answer his native name and you are no different,” Halmeoni said.


Mona looked at Michel and their eyes met. Michel scoffed and his eyes went back to his phone.


“Halmeoni, your medicines are here,” Mrs Kim said as she walked in with the house help.


“This is Tan’s mother, Mrs Kim Na ri and Sora, the house help. Tan’s father is not home yet.” Halmeoni introduced. “Na ri do you know that her name is Mi rae but she decided to answer some name like that. You both are no difference. Who prefers to answer Sonia when she has a beautiful name such as Na ri. Your son is just like you,” Halmeoni said to Mrs Kim.


“Halmeoni, please take your medicine. Sora is here with your dinner. After that you need a rest,” Mrs Kim said.


“Why will I take a rest when I’m always resting. I need to talk with my grand daughter in law.” she said and turned to Michel. “Tan, I’ll like the wedding to be at the 2nd of October. That was when your mother got married too.”



Everyone widened their eyes at Halmeoni.


2nd of October is only two weeks away.


Michel stood up.


“Halmeoni, I need to show Mona… I mean Mi rae some thing. Come with me,” he said, grabbed Mona’s hand and pulled her with him.


“She have to eat dinner with me and I have things to tell her.” Halmeoni said.


“We’ll be back in a minute,” Michel said and they walked out.


They went far a way from Halmeoni’s door and stopped.


Michel faced her.


“Look, whatever my grandmother say there.. You don’t have to mind it.” he told her.


“And what did she say that I don’t have to mind?” Mona asked.


“Everything especially the last one about marriage,” Michel said.


“Well I’m not minding that at all and sure I didn’t think I heard it but I’m more curious about a farm garden she mentioned. Well why I’m i even curious. It’s not like I’m coming back here after today,” she said.


“Good. Now we can go back.” Michel said and grabbed her hand.


“I’m hungry,” Mona said.


“She say that you are going to eat with her.” Michel said.


“I don’t mind.” Mona said then glanced at their hands.


“Why are you holding my hand?” she asked.



Michel glanced at the hand too then looked up at her. “Cause I think we should.” he said and pulled her along.


( Ten minutes later )



Michel, Mona, Halmeoni and Mrs Kim sat at Halmeoni’s small dinning table in her room.


Michel and Mona sat beside each other and both faced Halmeoni and Mrs Kim with delicious mouth watering dinner small square table.


Mona couldn’t wait to eat. She was dying of hunger but she have to behave.


“We should eat now. Michel you both need to hurry up so you can go home. It’s getting pretty late,” Mrs Kim said.


“Woman, Your Michel has a room in this house. If it gets late, they should sleep here,” Halmeoni said.


“No Halmeoni- No Halmeoni!” Michel and Mona said together, glanced at each other and looked away.


“Really?” Halmeoni said then smiled at them. “Ohh is that shyness that I see in your eyes. Are you shy that we are going to suspect you both if you sleep in the same room?”


“Halmeoni” Mrs Kim called, trying to hush her.


Mona felt like disappearing instantly. She couldn’t believe shyness mixed with anger taking over her. Michel could see that and he wouldn’t want the Maniac flaring up and spoiling things.


“Halmeoni there is still time. We can still leave in an hour time,” Michel said.


“But your mother just said that the time is running fast. Well let’s eat..” Halmeoni said then looked at Mona with the same smile. “But you don’t need to worry about that my dear, Mi rae. You should relax very well here. No one is going to interfere,” she said to Mona.



Mona sighed, faced her meal and began eating.


Michel glanced at her before facing his own meal.


“Do you like it Mi rae?” Halmeoni asked Mona.


“Yes yes I do Halmeoni.” Mona answered.


“Your mother-in-law is a great cook and I believe you are too, right?” Halmeoni said.


Michel looked at Mona, hoping she’d glance at him so he can tell her to say ‘yes’ but she didn’t look at him.


“Ehm… I’m not really,” Mona answered Halmeoni.


Michel sighed.


Halmeoni smiled. “That’s fine. Your mother-in-law would teach you all that you need to know. But what about your mother?”


Mona inhaled. “She died five years ago. My dad too.”


Mrs Kim glanced at Halmeoni and Halmeoni smiled. “It’s okay. Let’s eat. Let’s eat.. The meal is getting cold.”






[Blinks House]


Li Sugar sat at the bar stool with a glass of alcohol in her hand.


She had taken three bottles and was on the fourth.


Babé walked downstairs and met her looking drunk. Babé rushed over.


“Hey Sugar, are you really taking alcohol?” she asked and tried taking the glass from her but Sugar halted her.


“Don’t. I need privacy. Go away, go away,” Sugar drunkenly said.



Babé pulled a stool closer and sat down, facing Sugar.


“You are getting drunk Sugar. You need to stop drinking, and get some sleep.”


“I’m fine.” Sugar said.


“You’re not.”


Sugar looked at her with drunken eyes. “So what do you want me to do. Should I kill someone before Michel become mine again?”


“No way! You can’t do such!” Babé snapped.


“So what should I do then?” Sugar asked.


“Sugar come on. You can’t go dangerous extra mile for Michel. If you two broke up and he said he can’t come back to you then just move on. What about Leo, don’t you think he love you?”


“Leo had never loved me for once. We just used each other. He want that stupid girl, Mona Lisa but Michel kissed her before him. Ha ha ha… Isn’t that interesting?”




“Of course it is. Michel announced his love for her in front of everyone when Leo was supposed to be the one to and Michel and I, same. That was supposed to be the plan, perfect plan… but that little brat! I’m going to make her regret this.”


“Come on Sugar, it wasn’t the girl’s fault. With the look on her face, everyone could tell that she was surprised too. There was even a clip where she was trying to pull her hand from Michel’s hold..” Babé said.


“I don’t care… Michel is going to be mine and I have great plans towards that.” Sugar said then came down from the stool. She staggered back but caught herself. Babé came down to help her.


“I can walk myself,” Sugar said.


“No I”ll help you,” Babé said.


“Okay then, fine.. Help me.” Sugar said and started laughing. She was intoxicated.




Babé opened the door and dragged Sugar in, dragged her to the bed and dropped her.


“Ahh that was a really longggggg journey Babé. I want my love journey with Michel to be that long…even more more more more longer than the longest journey on earth…sweet right? Yes sweet..” Sugar babbled.


Babé sighed. “Just sleep. You will be better by morning.” she said and left.



” I’m never gonna let you go… ” Sugar began singing in a tired and inaudible tone.




This love journey is for you and me…


Our Love will forever be.


Our Love is like the breath we breathe


If we stop loving, we… die….


She fell asleep, mumbling the name, “Michel”







[The Kim’s Residence]


Everyone was done eating and Halmeoni told Mona to take her back to her bed which Mona did.


“You too, get a seat and sit in front of me. I need to ask you something,” Halmeoni said to Mona and Michel.



“Halmeoni you really have to let them leave on time. You know your grandson is an idol. He isn’t suppose to be driving late.” Mrs Kim said.


“I’m just going to ask them about how they met. Don’t you see that they look good together?” Halmeoni said.


Mona and Michel glanced at each other as they were trying to carry seats. Mona was the first to look away.


Mrs Kim was silent.


“Answer me, will you?” Halmeoni barked at Mrs Kim.


“Yes they do.” Mrs Kim said then walked out.


Mona and Michel sat down in front of Halmeoni.


Just then lightening and thunder stroke.


“Oh gracious… It seems that the night is going to bless the land with a rainfall. Tan turn on the TV let’s hear how serious it would be,” Halmeoni said and Michel went to do that.


“Mi rae,”


“Yes Halmeoni,”


“You would give me a very handsome great grand son. I can see that,”


Mona raised her brows. “Pardon?”


Halmeoni smiled. “I’m not talking about now. I mean when you get married soon.”


Mona faced down. ‘This is not funny!’


Michel returned looking worked up. “Halmeoni the weather is going to be really heavy with strong wind too. I think we should start going now,” he said.



“If it’s going to be so, why don’t you sleep over here and leave at dawn,” Halmeoni said.


Mona widened her eyes and looked at Michel ‘No we can’t!’ she gave him the sign with a shake of her head.


“No Halmeoni. We can’t.”


Mrs Kim rushed in. “Michel I don’t think you two can leave. The rain is going to be strong and windy too. Sora will clean up a room for you Mi rae. The rain has started already and it’s risky that you two should leave. Your dad is on his way home Michel.” she said.


Michel grabbed Mona’s hand and pulled her up from the seat.”No we are leaving.


Goodnight Halmeoni. Please stay healthy. Goodnight Mom.” he said.


“Goodnight Halmeoni. Goodnight ma.” Mona said as Michel dragged her with him.


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Once they exited the door of the house, Mona removed her hand from Michel’s hold.


“You keep taking my hand! My wrist is all red now!” she hurled with a glare at him.


“Move to the car. We have to get out of here before the rain turns worse.” Michel said and walked ahead.


Mona may his pace. “I think we should listen to your mom and grandmother. Your mom said she’d give me a room to sleep. It’s not like I’m going to sleep in your room. The rain is really going to be heavy with strong wind.” Mona said.


Michel ignored her and opened the car doors with the remote.



Lightening and thunder stroke came every five seconds and it was frightening.


“Wait!” Mrs Kim shouted from the door then began hurrying towards them.


In her hands were two neck mufflers. One black and the other, blue.


She got to them.


“You should have these in case it gets too cold,” she said and handed them to


Mona who bowed.


“Thank you ma.”


“Just call me mother,” Mrs Kim said.


“Bye mom. I love you.” Michel said.


“I love you too son,” Mrs Kim said.


Just then a black car drove in and Michel on seeing it, entered his car and shut the door. Mona entered the passenger’s seat and Michel drove reversed and drove out, passing his dad who was driving in.




Soon they were on the road but they haven’t drove for five minutes when the rain began pouring heavily, very heavily and the wind was furious.


“This is frightening!” Mona said.


“There’s nothing frightening about a rainfall and a wind. So maniacs could get scared by little things.” Michel said.


Mona glared at him. “This isn’t a joke!”


“It seem like you really wanted to spend the night there. Why?” Michel asked.


“What?” Mona scoffed.


“Did you really think we are going to sleep in the same room?” Michel asked.


Mona rolled her eyes so hard. “I won’t even wish that for my enemies.”


The car stopped.


“What’s wrong?” Mona asked.


“Can’t you see the cars in front?” Michel said.


“Yes I can but why aren’t they moving?” Mona asked.


“Well you can go ask them one after the other.” Michel said. Just then two men ran to them, drenched in rain.


They knocked at the window and Michel immediately wore his face cap.


“Face down. Don’t let them see you.” he said to Mona who immediately looked


down but asked.


“Why should I?”


He whined down the window class a little to hear them. He didn’t look up so they don’t notice him.


“Hello you can’t pass now. The cars are all halted. There is a flood down at Jeonam”


Michel whined up the glass and Mona looked up.


“There is flood at Jeonam. Cars can’t move until the rain stop and the flood goes down,” Michel said.


“So what are we going to do?” Mona asked.


Michel gave no answer.


“I think we should just drive back to your house,” Mona said.


“I told you that isn’t my house,” Mona said.


“Then whatever it is, let’s go back there!” Mona said, pissed off.


“No. We stay here,” he said.


Mona raised her brows What? Why?”


“Look behind and beside, can’t you see that there’s no space to reverse? There’s cars behind and beside. There’s no space to reverse the car,” Michel said.


Mona saw that and the only thing she could do was sigh.


“So I’m stuck in here….with A jerk” she said.


“What’s more scary than to be stuck in a car with a maniac. I might get bitten again,” Michel sighed.


Mona scoffed.







[The Li’s residence]


Mrs Li Anne removed the phone from her ear and sighed. “She’s not picking the calls. I’m very worried.”


“I don’t think Sugar is anywhere but in her room right now…” Mr Li said with his eyes on the newspaper.


“Oh! I know who to call.” Mrs Li said and put a call to Sugar’s manager, Young.


He picked up.



Hello This is Li Sugar’s mom. Do you know if my daughter is home right now? I’m just worried because of the furious weather Mrs Li said.


Certainly ma. She’s home. I’ve called Blinks House and they say she is.



Oh I’m relieved. Thank you.


The call ended and Mrs Li turned to her husband.


“She’s home. I thought she would be somewhere, I’m happy she is. The weather is strange.”


“That’s good. She should stay home after putting up that shameful act,” Mr Li said.


“Stop it honey. She’s a human and bound to make Mistakes.” Mrs Li said.


“You call that mistake? That was an act she rehearsed very well before performing just the way she rehearses songs and dances,” Mr Li said.







[Silver House]



Hello Manager Park Jeff answered the call.



I believe that everyone is home right?



Jeff glanced at the others before answering Except Michel



What! In this horrific weather?! Where is he!



He went to to his family to see his sick grandmother. It was sort of an emergency Jeff said.


And he went alone??


Jeff sighed. Should he say yes?


No, there’s no reason to lie.



With Mona Lisa he said.



Oh goodness gracious! This is crazy!


The call ended and Jeff took the phone off his ear.


“I just hope they were still home when it started. It’s reported that most of the roads like Jeonam and RT Lane 3 is flooded.” Best said.


TedyA hugged the throw pillow. “Oh my Oppa! I miss you…”


J guy rolled his eyes at TedyA.


“The worse now is that we can’t reach him. He’s totally unreachable due to the bad network,” J guy said.


“We keep trying until it goes,” Jeff said.


“Wait! Do anyone know his family number?” TedyA asked.


“No one!” J guy said with a sigh.


“I think I do.” Jeff said, remembering and began scrolling through his contacts.


“The Kim’s. It’s here.” he said as he found it and called immediately.


It took a while before it went. It rang for few seconds before it was picked.



Hello? A female voice answered. Jeff knew the voice to be Mrs Kim’s.



Hello Ma, this is a call from Flower House. We are trying to reach Michel but it’s totally unreachable. We want to know if he’s in the house Jeff said.


No he’s not. They left about thirty minutes ago. We told them to stay over but he insisted and they left. Aren’t they back yet?


No they are not.



“They left and probably stuck in the flood right now,” Jeff told them after the call ended.


“That’s bad,” J guy said.



TedyA began crying.







[Inside Michel’s car]


“No network. I can’t even get a single network,” Mona said with her phone raised up.


“What do you need a network for?” Michel asked.


“Dumb question. Aren’t you bothered that people would be trying your line right now?” Mona said.


“Of course but I’m fine and it’s not my fault that there’s no network,” Michel said. Mona scoffed. “Whatever!”


She continued searching for network with her phone raised.


Michel collected the black neck muffler on her thigh and crossed it around his neck.


“It’s getting really cold and the rain isn’t stopping. Be thankful to my mom for giving this,” he said.


“I should have just stayed back!” Mona sneered at him.


“Well I never told you not to,” he said.


Mona brought down her hand and sighed. “This is crazy!”


“Aren’t you going to wear that?” Michel asked referring to the neck muffler.



“I will when I want to!” Mona sneered at her.


Michel took out a white earphone from the glove box, plugged it into his phone, dipped the speakers into his ears and turned on music on his phone. Pushed back the seat backrest then relaxed on it and closed his eyes.


Mona rolled her eyes then took the blue muffler and crossed around her neck, turned and watched the rain through the window.


“This is crazy…” she muttered.


Her seat suddenly moved and when she checked, the backrest had been pushed down….by Michel of course.


She looked at him and his eyes was still closed.


“Sleep or else you’d be the only one awake in here,” he said.


“You shouldn’t be worried about that. It’s not your nature,” she said.


He opened his eyes, chuckled and said. “You don’t know me Mona Lisa. I’m a very caring person. I don’t mind caring for Maniacs too.”


“Jerk!” She sneered at him.







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