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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 26

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Chapter Twenty Six



Theme: Phase one











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Date: 01, April, 2029.


Time: 3:00pm.


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


“Are you guys good to go.” I asked, Evan, Ethan and Jason.




“Great, do not fu.ck this up. Now I’ll leave you guys to do your stuff, and please stick with the plan, no detour. I hope you guys won’t need this but good luck.” I hug Ethan and Evan, I couldn’t bring myself to hug Jason.


I will not be going with them on this mission, I’ve got a date with Henry, yes you heard me right, Henry asked me in a date. Though it seems kind of weird to go on a date with my husband, only few married couples do that. Cheryl has to tend to little Sam, so she’s not coming. My mum is pretty much occupied with father’s celebration part. The man hasn’t won the election yet and his already planning a party. Egonistic bastard.

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I flag down a taxi, to take me to Cheryl house. Whenever I want mark to pick or drop me, it’s always at Cheryl’s, I can’t risk getting caught.


“Hi Cheryl.” Cheryl barely looks up at me as she spoon feed a crying little Sam.



“Hey cutie.” I take little Sam hands in mine and smiles at him. His eyes lit up on seeing me, he claps his hands in excitement. Then he strecthed his hands forward ignoring the spoon his mum points at his mouth.



I lift Sam up from his baby crib and into my arms, and his smiles got even brighter.


“Ohh finally I’m free.” Cheryl yells in exasperation. And I roll me eyes at her drama.


“Get your butt into the shower you reek.” My face crunched in disgust, when she tried to side hug me.


“That’s because I haven’t had my bath yet.” She snickers and left, probably to go have her bath.


“Well it’s just me and you little guy.” I smile at him making gooffy faces. Sam use his hands and touch my face, wanting to tear it apart, then the ringing of my phone caught my attention. I take my phone out from my bag, mark, displays on it. I swipe the green button and answer.


“Ma I’m at the gate.” Mark baritone voice chirps into the phone.


“Okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


“Cheryl!!! Get your ass down here, Mark Is here.” I scream.


“I’m coming, just a minute.” She yells back.


“You hear that Sam momma is coming.” Sam didn’t pay me any attention as he plays with my silver hook ear ring.


“Hey I’m here, thanks Cara. I really did need a bath. One of this days I’ll have to send Sam to my home. Gosh I didn’t know taking care of one child could be so stressful.” Cheryl rambles as she takes Sam from me.


“Well you really need a break girl. you’re literally a walking zombie.”


“Geez thanks.” Ignoring her exclamation, I Peck her on her cheeks, take my handbag and leave.



“Mark, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.” I apologized getting in the back of the car.


“It’s okay ma, home??”








Date: 01, April, 2029.


Time: 4:45pm.


Location: The Celestial Hotel.


Author’s Pov:


Ethan and Evan walks into the celestial hotel, the biggest hotel in the country, hotel for the wealthiest men.


They walk into the hotel, like they owned it, briefcase in hand.


“We have a reservation please.” Evan says causally, winking at the fair receptionist with big eyes and big smile.


“Under what Name please.” The receptionist questions.


“Matthew Everest.” Evan answers, giving the receptionist his best sexiest smile.


The receptionist bows her head down, hiding her flushed face.


“I’m sorry Mr Everest, but there’s no reservation under such name.”


“James why isn’t there a room booked under my name.” Evan says giving Ethan a hard stare.


Ethan gulps nervously and says “Sir I.. I might have forgotten to make a reservation.” Ethan stares at the floor not raising his head to look up to his suppose boss.


“You might have forgotten??” Evan questions glaring holes at Ethan.


“Erm I could check again. Sometimes this computers have mind of their own.” The receptionist offered giving a slight boring joke, Ethan smiles at her appreciatively.


“Oh thanks beautiful.” Evan thanks her and deliberately brush his hands against hers, the receptionist eyes grins a little at Evan.


Quite an handsome man, ohh I’m so lucky. After all this year’s of been told I couldn’t catch a man attention cause of my big eyes, finally here is someone who sees my beauty. The receptionist the a happy dance inwardly.


“I’m sorry Mr Everest but I still can’t find a reservation under that name, preharps did you use a different name.”


“Erm why don’t you try James Adam.” Ethan offered.


Few minutes of typing names, punching keys and still no reservation could be found.


“I gave you just one job James and that was to book us a room and you failed at it, do you know what after this meeting with the Chinese delegates your fired.”


“Boss please I’m sorry, please don’t fire me, I promise it won’t happen again.” Ethan pleads. Evan ignores him and turns back to the receptionist with a frown on his handsome face.


“It’s there nothing you can do for us, if I don’t attend this meeting tommorow, I could lose my job, please help me here pretty.”


“I’m sorry sir but there’s nothing I can do, it’s the hotel policy to book a room one month before your initial arrival. I’m sorry Mr Everest but there’s nothing I can do.”


Oh my heart ache to help this handsome young man, what if, his the man destined for me and all because of a stupid hotel policy I let him slip away from my grasp. No I have to help him. She thinks, biting her lower lip.



Evan already gave hope and thinking of carrying out plan b, when the receptionist coughs a little and calls his name.


“Preharps I could check if there’s any room available, then you could take it.”


Evan face lits up in a million smile on hearing such words and the receptionist heart melts knowing she’s the cause.


“Okay the occupants of room 203, just checked out this morning, it’s the presidential suite, it’s that okay for you.”


“Yes, yes I’ll take it, thank you so much.” Evan takes her hands and kiss it sensually causing ripping sensations through her body.


“It’s no problem Mr Everest.”


“Oh please call me Matthew.”


“Okay, it’s no problem Matthew, but this is between the three of us, I can’t afford to lose my job.”


“Yeah why not, you just saved me my job, why should I let you lose yours.”


“Okay then here is your card, have a wonderful stay here in The Celestial Hotel.” She says warmly, Evan blew her a kiss in return. The receptionist blush a little not remembering to take payments for the room or even checking them in, in her system.


Evan smirks at his twin brother and says, “This is how it’s done bro.”


Phase one of plan one completed.



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