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The Scientist’s God : Episode 19

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“ THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” © Opeyemi O. Akintunde


Ella had been placed on a ventilator, things were getting worse. Rejoice had been withdrawn from Folabi and handed over to Seun and her husband, Smart. Rejoice spent most times praying in tears for her mother…


“ God, Daddy doesn’t love mummy, but I love mummy because she is a very good person. Please don’t let my mother die… please “


Rejoice remembered her dream about the hand that wrote on the wall and the tears that turned to Fire…


“ God! Are you angry with us? Did mummy do something wrong? Or did I do something wrong? Please forgive us and heal my mummy. I must return home with her. You know my Father’s family have always called me a possessed child because of my strange dreams, if mummy dies, I know Aunty Ijeoma will say I killed her…” Rejoice wept profusely


“ God if there is anyone that should die, Let it be my Dad and not my mum!”

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Rejoice said crying in the Suite She was now Sharing with Seun and her husband.


Seun’s Husband stepped back in shock at Rejoice’s prayer with Rejoice noticing his presence.


“ Am I that kind of husband to my wife, who my kids will prefer to die instead of their mother?” Smart asked himself as he stepped out and walked towards the quiet poolside. Ever since Ella had been declared Islingbee Virus positive, the Bribia Island resort authorities stopped everyone from using the pool. He knew that would be the most quiet place on the Island.


Smart began to look inward…


“ Am I a good husband?” “ Do I treat my wife well?”



“ If my children are ever told to choose between my wife and I, who would they choose?”….Smart asked himself…


“ No, I am not a good husband, I do not love my wife, I prefer my girlfriends to her. I spend more on girlfriends than my wife. I abuse her physically and emotionally. I haven’t made love to her in 3 years. I use sex as a punishment whip on her, yet I spend her money.” Smart felt Seun’s pain for the first time and he had tears flow down his cheeks…


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Here, they were trapped on Bribia Island with each other and not for a day had he kissed her. He could read Seun wanted so badly to have him hug her but he never gave her the opportunity. For years he just saw her as his money bag.


Smart imagined if It was his wife that caught the Virus, What would have happened to him. He searched his heart and realized he won’t have felt anything…


At that point, he knew he had been a terrible husband and that broke him down in tears…




Juliana had written 4 long pages of her encounter and she gave it to Naito to read, while Angie went to the food store to get more food. He had promised to read her dream experience when he got back…


Naito‘s Hand began to shake when she held the paper. It felt like an electricity surge hit her and that confirmed her fears. That affirmed Juliana was evil and wanted to kill her.


“ Can I go read it in the kitchen, the light there is better?” Naito said smiling…


Juliana nodded and saw it as an opportunity to relax, she had not eaten in days due to the fasting and prayer and her Spiritual journey to the Divine Council meeting had drained her… She laid back on the bed muttering the words she had the strength to Mutter…


“ Mercy.. Lord… Mercy… Help us to stop the evil of men.”




Naito on getting to the kitchen, took a jar of water and poured it on Juliana’s dream experience recount. As the water poured on the paper, the ink faded away immediately….


“ I need to protect my husband and I from you before I get my chance to kill you…” Naito thought wickedly


“ Oh my !” Naito screamed deliberately and Juliana jumped from her bed rushing off to the kitchen…


“ Are you Okay?” Juliana said before noticing the havoc…


“ I am sorry … I hit the jar mistakenly and the water splashed on your Writeup”


Naito said soberly


Juliana shocked, mouth agape with incredulity


“ I am sorry!” Naito said over and over


To be continued
















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde



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