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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 3

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EPISODE 3 (unedited)


Season 2 {MISS COOK }







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Mona Lisa cleared the dinning and washed the dishes.


“All Done. I have to go now… to see Rose parents. I pray they know something about Tenten and Rose.” she said and carried Blue.


“Time to leave Blue.”


She was about to leave when she remembered something. The dream. Her father’s words.


He told her to stay back in Silver house.


To return here and never leave again.


Did he mean she have to stay here while looking for Tenten?


How possible is that?


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She can’t stay here when the flower boys are the new residents but she can’t anger her father by leaving.


She has to do something. She has to find a way to stay here…but that would mean staying with the idols until she finds her brother.


How would she do that?


Living with Michel… That would sound like hell.


He keep seeing her as a maniac.


“But I can’t leave. No wonder I forgot Blue earlier. Dad gave me another chance to return and here I am. He wants me to stay in silver house and get it back. I can’t be a weakling by running away from what he gave me to look after.. I have to do everything I can to get silver house back. I have to find tenten.”


She moved back and closed her eyes to think of a way.


She thought for awhile then opened her eyes.


“There’s a way… It doesn’t sound good but I have no other choice.” she said.








“The flight to Beijing is 9 o’clock. We drive to Big Beat from 7pm. (Big Beat entertainment industry owns Blinkqueenz) The private jet will be waiting there. So you know we leave early.” Manager Jay , Blinkqueenz manager said.


“Are we leaving the next day after the show?” Sugar asked.


“No.. two days after. That is Friday.” Manager Jay said.


“Why? we have to get back to Seoul on Thursday..” Sugar said.


“Of course not. Have you forgotten the invite from the president’s wife? That is the next day after the show.” Manager jay said.


Sugar sighed. “Oh I almost forgot that.”


She wanted to get back on Thursday so she could attend the Spark5 Concert. She had plans but it seem she isn’t going to execute them.


She’ll think of another way to get Michel to be hers again when she comes back.



Traveling to Beijing is another few days of freedom from that monster called Leo Bethel.


She has to endure or awhile, he will surely pay for messing with her.


“Beijing can’t wait for your arrival. Thousands are talking about it. I trust you Blinks. Big Beat is counting on you and you never disappoint. We love you… Saranghe” Manager Jay said.


Babé and Angel laughed.


“Come on Manager, stop the play” Babé said.


“We love you too.” Angel said.


Sugar chuckled and took out her phone to text Leo.



Dont forget, Blinkqueenz leave for Beijing tomorrow morning. We can’t see tonight.


She sent and deleted the message.



Leo was still going through the movie script when his phone beeped of a new message. He opened it and chuckled.



You are going to miss me for few days so make sure you are in my house by 8pm tonight. I have to give it the best so you wouldn’t miss me much. Don’t dare me.


he sent and deleted the message.




Sugar read the message and scoffed painfully.


‘I swear, i will kill you Leo.’ she swore within.















the flower boys looked at Mona Lisa with surprise.


“You want to..work here?” J guy asked.


“Yes.. Since i have nowhere else to go. I would stay here and work while I look for my brother. Since there’s no cook. Let me be the cook. I’m very good at cooking.” Mona said.


Only Michel wasn’t present. He was still upstairs, in his room, with thoughts on how to go downstairs and tell the boys about the maniac staying tonight.


“It’s great if she be the cook. I sign to that.” TedyA said.


“We’ve employed a cook already but she’s in the hospital and said to be discharged in few days time.” Best said.


“Oh.. Then I can be given another post. I’m good at…” she paused and scratched her head.. “..I’m not really good at cleaning.” she said.


“This is what I think..” TedyA began again, ..”..you will be the cook for the few days that the cook is away and when she comes, she will take over and you will be the a*ssistant.”


“Xspark won’t employ her for that.” Best said.


Just then, Michel was seen coming downstairs.



“Finally, someone is out..” J guy said.


Mona Lisa on seeing Michel felt goosebumps. She wasn’t expecting to see him.


She thought he’d be in his room till the next morning…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


His hair was packed up with a yellow hair band and he had changed into a yellow shirt and white trouser. On his feet are white socks and a yellow bedroom slippers. He had ear rings on and held his iPad.


He gave her no face and Mona wondered why she felt goosebumps on seeing someone who kept calling her a maniac.


Why was she taking her time in checking out how he looked.


The others wore ear rings too and look amazing but it’s certain that he’s just different to her.


Maybe cos she had admired him for years. He had been her crush and someone she had dreamt of being close to but it seem her dreams became a reality in the wrong ways.


It shouldn’t have been this way.. Right from when she met him on the plane.


He gave her no face as he stopped to tell the boys about Manager Park’s shocking news.


“Manager Park called.. He said he won’t be here anymore today. You know what that means.” he said and showed his tablet to them.



The maniac is staying here tonight. they read what he typed.



TedyA smiled, Best was irritated, Jeff didn’t like the idea of her staying the night but he wasn’t irritated, J guy didn’t like it as well. Michel only wished he could kick her out of the house. He was more than irritated.


“It’s okay. Mona Lisa is about to become the co-” TedyA was about to say but J guy closed his mouth with his palm.



Michel looked at them suspiciously.


Best smiled at him. “Nothing.”


Michel glanced at Jeff and J guy before heading to the kitchen. He was hungry.


He can’t remember the last time he cooked rubbish but he have no choice than to.


He have to eat something to be able to practice tonight.


“Where do I start?” he asked himself as he stared at the ingredients.




“Wait.. Is Michel going to cook?” J guy asked.


“Of course not. Michel can’t even make tea talk more of cooking. He needs help”


tedyA said and turned to Jeff “Jeff.”


Jeff is the only one who can cook among the flower boys.


“Ahh I’m so tired. I can’t even stand up.” Jeff lied. TedyA sneered at him “unfair thing.”


“Do you think you can get employed as a cook when the leader doesn’t want your food?” Best asked Mona Lisa.


“I will talk to him.” TedyA said.


J guy scoffed and pushed his hair back. “As if.”


Mona’s eyes caught with Jeff’s and he inhaled.


“She said she has nowhere else to go. She has no relatives, only her brother who is on the run. She need a shelter and food to be able to find him and xspark also need to help her do that so they doesn’t get accused of buying a house without the owner’s signings. That’s going to be very bad for the industry and us as well. We are having a concert in three days time.”



Mona inhaled and smiled at them. “I understand all you are saying. My brother is to be blamed and if you are scared that I might speak to the public about this, then know that I can’t. I’m no idiot to run into actions without standard proof. My brother is what I need and the last thing I would wish for is to see spark5 in danger or in ruin. I’ve always admired your band for years. I’ve been a top fan and I’ve always wish to meet you guys. I love spark5 and would be glad to protect everything that has to do with it.”


“Oh.. why are my cheeks burning.. Can you feel it Best?” TedyA said and touched his cheeks.


Jeff smiled at her.


“Do you want a sign?” J guy joked.


Mona chuckled. “I’ve had that countless times but I would not mind.”


“If xspark doesn’t employ you, I will.” TedyA said.


“Me too.” Jeff said.


Mona Lisa smiled.


“Ahhhhhh…ah..” Michel screamed from the kitchen as he got his hurt his hand with a knife.


“What’s that?” Best said and they all rushed to the kitchen to see Michel holding his finger with blood dripping on the floor.


“Oh my goodness. Hyung!” TedyA shouted and rushed to him.


“I will continue with this.” Mona Lisa said and Michel glared at her.


“Don’t touch them.” he said.


“Your finger is bleeding. Let her do it.” TedyA said.



“I’m fine.” Michel said turned on the faucet to wash his finger.”


“Ah.” he groaned through a sharp pain.


Mona Lisa stared at him..


‘Do you hate me this much… I’ve always admired you.. It wasn’t my intention to throw up on you on the plane nor was it my intention to plead you for money.. I had no other choice but to cos I was stranded and you are seeing the situation I’m in now. I’m not a maniac. I’m just a poor orphan who’s been struggling through life alone.’


She wished she can tell him all this but she could only say them inside of her.


“Come on Michel.” Best said.


“I said i’m fine. It’s just a little cut.” Michel said.


Jeff exhaled, walked over and collected the knife from Michel.


“I will continue.. Go apply Band-Aids.” he said.


Mona Lisa never took her eyes from him until he left the kitchen with TedyA and Best.


“I leave you guys to it.” J guy said and left.


Mona turned to Jeff who smiled at her. “It’s fine. Don’t see him as one unkind guy. Michel is really one of a kind.”


Mona smiled back. “It’s okay. I’ve always admired you guys but sincerely, I’ve admired him most.”


“Just like everyone does.” Jeff said.


Mona smiled. “Not everyone though.. I will mix the eggs.” she said and went for it.


“You were crushing on him right?” Jeff asked.


Mona chuckled embarra*ssedly.”Kind of.. At the plane after I woke up and recalled throwing up on him.. I was really embarra*ssed and then I ended up seeing him in the same hotel and begging him for money to come back to Korea. It’s all my fault that he hates me.” she said.


“Don’t think about it.. You are really going through a lot. Do you really think you can stay here as a cook?” he asked.


“I’m sure, besides it would be great seeing flower boys each day.” Mona said.


Jeff laughed. “You have a little sense of humour.”


A noise came from the kitchen door.


“What’s that?” Jeff asked and turned yo check.


“I’m sure it’s Blue.” Mona said.


“What’s blue?” Jeff asked.


“My cat.” Mona said.


“Another thing Michel dislike are cats. It’d be hard keeping it in here.” Jeff said.


“It’s okay.. I’ve never thought of making a cat house but I will do that after we are done with his.” Mona said.


“Then can I help you do that?” Jeff asked.


Mona gasped and shook her head. “No, it’s fine. I will make it myself. Someone like you can’t dirty your hands. It’s really precious to your fans. I’m one of the millions of them.” She said.


Jeff laughed. “Then will you wash them for me after?”


“You have a sense of humour as well.” Mona said.


Jeff smiled. “Let’s be quick. I’m sure he’s damn hungry. We have practice in three hours. He needs food.”


“Yes sir.” Mona said.


“Huh.. why sir?”


“I believe I’ve been employed here.” she said with a smile.


“You sure know how to hide your pains through humorous words and smile..” Jeff said.


“You are correct.” she said.


Jeff smiled.


“Can you really cook?” Mona asked.


“Yeah” Jeff said.


Mona had read about his background few years ago.


Only few rich kids would bother about learning to cook.


Jeff came from a poor family of seven – five siblings unlike the others who all came from rich families.


Michel’s father is a famous doctor and a proprietor of a private medical university in Seoul.


J guy’s dad is a politician.


Best’s mom is a famous actress and a musician as well.


TedyA’s dad a business tycoon.


The four flower boys all come from rich background except Jeff who’s dad was a truck driver and his mom, a high school teacher.







TedyA, Best and J guy helped Michel in treating and banding his cut.


“You should have been careful with the knife.” TedyA said.


“It’s only a little cut.” Michel said.


“Still, don’t get hurt again.” J guy said.


“Is it about the girl?” TedyA asked.


“Her presence irritates me.” Michel said.


“She’s staying here tonight anyway.” J guy said.


His phone began ringing.. he reached for it and it was Jeff.


He picked it up.



your food is ready, don’t starve and get downstairs.




“Someone so lucky to be served too.” Mona hieved as Jeff placed Michel’s meal on the dinning.


Just then Michel came downstairs and and looking at his face, you’d know his very hungry.


He gave her no face and walked pa*ss her to the dinning.


‘He’s acting all king.’ Mona sighed and headed out.


“Where are you going to?” TedyA asked.



“To make a carton house for my cat. I was told someone doesn’t like cats.” Mona said.


Michel paused on the food he was about to put in his mouth.


“Oh that’s hyung” TedyA said.


Mona turned and walked out. She went to the refuge bin and took out empty cartons…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“You think you can do this all by yourself?” someone said behind her.


She turned. Jeff.


“Oppa.” she said.. “You.. shouldn’t worry. It’s a little stuff to me.”


“It’s been ages I did this.. I would love to see if I can still make it.” he said.


Mona smiled.


J guy, best and TedyA were watching them through the window.


Michel cared not. He was busy eating his food hungrily.


“This looks like love at first sight.” TedyA said.




“You look like someone I know.. Same hairstyle, same lips.” Jeff said as they made the cat house carton together.


“W..who?” Mona asked, curious.


“My girlfriend, she’s in Germany.” he said.


‘He has a girlfriend that none of his fans know?’


“..oh…but your..fans don’t know that you have a girlfriend.” Mona said.


“She left for Germany when I was still training. She finished high school there and nursing school as well.. That’s ten years now. She’s returning this December.”


“You both were dating before she left?” Mona asked.


He chuckled. “No.. we were best friends.. Actually, I was planning on asking her out but she left and only contacted me when she was already in Germany. We barely communicate but I believe she’s coming back for me.” he said.


“..you..love..her?” Mona asked.


“I’ve never stopped.” He said.


Mona had no idea what to say again so she faced what she was doing.


Jeff smiled. “I can’t believe I just met you today and I told you this. You seem like I’ve known you. How do you make someone become your friend in just few hours?”


Mona raised her brows. “Huh.. Uhm.. I’m..I don’t know. I’m still..”


“Come on, we still have a lot to do.” He said.


“Ah yes yes.” Mona said.









Song: Yael Meyer – When you hold me













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