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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 22

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I was frustrated the rest of the day, I couldn’t believe the nerve that Azure had to actually talk about Melisa like that. My wife was the gentlest person that I knew and I took offence that someone who didn’t know anything about her would have the guts to say such things.


I had even forgotten about the video I had watched the previous night but one thing I kept noticing was how tense most of the workers looked, today wasn’t the best day so I decided that I was just going to let it go. I wasn’t hired by the President to be his puppet and looking out for him wasn’t any of the things stated in my contract.


I had just come back from lunch when my secretary informed me that his Excellency wanted to see me in his office, this was shocking because he had just



arrived in the country from one of his many trips and I was thinking he would go straight home.

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I locked my computers and walked to the office, per procedure I went through the security check point and when I was cleared; the door opened


‘If it isn’t my favorite person.’ He said immediately I walked in I smiled, but the smile didn’t reach my eyes.


I had a good relationship with the President, something that a lot of people longed for but then at the rate which things were moving I didn’t trust anyone; not even him.


‘Mr. President.’ I said standing like a statue, my hands behind me He took a glance at me then walked to his bar area




‘Thank you but I will pass Sir.’


During my training with Mulungushi service club, this is one of the many tests that we went through, the President was going to be nice to you and would offer you a drink but depending on the occasion and the time of the day as well; you were to politely refuse because it would cost you your job.


‘I see you haven’t moved away from your teachings.’ He said after emptying his glass

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‘They brought me here and they are supposed to keep me here.’


‘See why I can never let go of you; and if anything I would like for you to replace me.’


I couldn’t help but laugh, I had never thought of getting into politics, yes I was his advisor and I loved my job but I never even once thought that I would be the leader of the nation.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘You find it funny?’


‘Sir I can do anything for you but not sit on the same seat that you have.’ ‘And the reason is?’


I shrugged


‘That seat needs someone who is selfless, someone who knows why they have been put in that office. Someone that will go beyond themselves to make sure that things are running smoothly in the country.’


‘And as my Chief Advisor, your job has been to?’


‘Mostly to advise you.’


‘But most importantly?’


‘To make sure that everything you had vowed and sworn to during inauguration is put into practice.’



After saying those words I felt like I had just trapped myself ‘So tell me who knows my work better than you do?’


I kept quiet, I had already sold myself out. ‘They are people that want me out of this office.’


‘They are always people that will want someone out of their position.’


He shook his head and poured himself another glass before settling in his chair ‘Jason the battle that I am fighting is beyond me and trust me I can’t do this if I don’t have you on my side.’ He told me


I looked at him, I could see the lines on his face that I had never seen before, he looked weary. He looked tired and if anyone didn’t know better they would actually say that age was catching up with him – not like fine wine.


‘Sir I am not following.’


He got his remote control and switched on the huge screen that was in his office. At first they was nothing showing until a video began to play; it was the same video that the Minister of finance had sent me.


After a few minutes it stopped showing and the screen went black.


‘Wow.’ I managed to say


He looked at me, walked to his bar and poured himself some more alcohol ‘Sir I think you should go easy on the alcohol.’ I said


He laughed, a sarcastic laugh.


‘And you are saying that because?’


I knew something wasn’t right so I decided not to respond ‘Do you know where I got the video?’ ‘No Sir, I don’t.’ I responded truthfully


‘A friend of mine who is in North Korea sent it to me.’ ‘Oh.’


‘You don’t look too shocked.’


I knew now that something was not right and anything I said would work against me


‘You see Jason when I hired all of you, I made sure to have your backgrounds checked. I made sure that nothing in your past would ever compromise your work.’ ‘I am aware of that Sir.’


‘You were a tiny boy when I picked you, hungry for the ladder but with a heart so big for your family that I knew instantly that you were the right man for the job. I groomed you, I trained you. Jason I literally made you who you are today.’ He said almost barking


I swallowed hard


‘I know Sir.’ I managed to say


‘Then why the hell did you betray me!’ he screamed smashing the glass against the wall


Now see my job also trained me to be composed in such a situation but I didn’t appreciate that the man I had dedicated my life to would be quick to believe some lies.


‘Sir I don’t get you.’


‘Jason this video was picked from your house, this video was being watched from your house!’


I felt my head get dizzy, I mean the instructions were that I trash the phone I was going to use to watch it and I did just that.




‘Don’t you dare sir me!.’


There was silence between us


‘I trusted you, with my life. I let you in on everything that was happening, things that would even bleach the security of the country and this is how you had to repay me?’


‘Your excellency I am not even in that video, I mean the most important thing here and what we need to concentrate on are the people that were holding that meeting.’ I said now panicking


He laughed, a bitter and cold laughter.


‘It doesn’t matter who is in the video but the fact that it was in your house and you didn’t tell me about it; makes me wonder what else you have been hiding from me. I want you out of this office, out of these premises. I will have a thorough investigation done on you and everyone under you; until then, you are suspended from work!’ he said dismissively












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