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Heavenly Fight – Episode 28

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Episode 28




Archie’s pov




We packed our bags into the vehicle while waiting for the others which are Lisa and Ashley Liam!!!! ” we heard as we turned to see Lisa running towards us Sorry we are late” she said


You not really late Ashley isn’t even here ” Liam said as he kissed her But come to think of it when did this two start dating


Lisa won’t you help with the bags” her mom said as she dragged us to help her We put the bag into the car


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Good morning ma” I greeted the grand mother but she didnt say anything she just bowed in greeting I wonder why


She knows your identity ” Lisa whispered to me


Good morning aunty” I greeted her mom


Are you her boy friend? ” she asked


No ma” I said


Then are you her friend ” she asked again


Yes ma’am, her best friend precisely ” I said


But I don’t like the colour of your hair it made you look wild, why did you dye your hair ” she asked strictly


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This my hair natural colour” I said


Then you should dye it black ” she said as I looked at her confused


Judith can you just stop that, you should know those you admonish ” grandma said Why won’t I advise him to know what to do ” she asked


Because not everybody are who you think the are, so shut your mouth” she yelled at her As she looked at me and gave me an apologetic look while I nodded


Lisa you haven’t shown me your boyfriend yet ” her mom said Good day ma ” Liam greeted as he bowed


Good day honey, are you her boyfriend ” she asked


Yes ma” he said


But wait since when” I asked


None of your business “Liam said


I looked at the elders as they greeted each other


But what could be holding Ashley


She didn’t call or text my last night or this morning


So who are we waiting for now ” mom asked


Ashley she isn’t here yet


What could be holding her


Hello, Ashley called me” Nora said


Isn’t she coming ” we asked


Her mom is heavily pregnant and she is kind of delaying them, so she said they might be late” she announced


Oh, I thought she wasn’t coming again, I would have also stayed back We heard a car horn


Am sorry we are late ” a man who I think is Ashley’s dad said Something came up” he continued


Just say your lovely pregnant wife made you cook three different meal this morning ” Ashley said angrily as she got down while Leo laughed


I went to her as I hugged her


I thought you weren’t coming ” I said


Am here now” she said and kissed me


I see my daughter even got a boyfriend ” her mom said as she came closer to us Good morning ma’am ” I greeted


Good morning sweetie, so you are the cute guy dating this hot tempered brat ” she asked


Mom!!! ” Ashley yelled


Yes ma’am ” I said


I hope you would be able to contain her anger” she said Dad come and carry your wife ” Ashley yelled


Am coming sweetie ” her dad said


Bestie!!!” Nelly yelled as she came running to her with her dog


How are you dear ” Ashley asked as she bents to her size


Am fine, am happy you came” Nelly said smiling


Am sure she doesn’t smile at me like this


Me too, guess what I brought for you” Ashley said waving a bag in front of her Chocolate!!! ” Nelly yelled


Oh what a cute puppy ” Ashley’s mom said referring to Nelly’s dog


Nelly honey if you don’t want your puppy to be killed and cooked like my pearl you better hide it from that pregnant woman ” Ashley said pointing at her mom


Sweetheart ” her mom cried


What ” Ashley asked


Why are you doing this to me” her mom said


Isn’t it true, you killed my puppy and feed it to another puppy and killed it too just because you want to try dog meat you keep killing innocent puppies , Nelly honey what do we call that ” Ashley asked

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We call that person a murderer ” Nelly said innocently


You hear that you murdered to innocent puppies so you are a murderer” Ashley said as her mother start crying seriously


Ashley stop it” I said


I didn’t do anything ” she said


Honey, honey” she cried as she called her husband


Ashley!!!, apologize to her” her dad said as he exchanged pleasantries with the elders Mom am sorry, can you stop crying” she said but her mom only cried harder


Leo, com and talk to mom” Ashley yelled at Leo who was busy flirting with Nora You caused it ” Leo said ignoring her


Am going to freeze her heart if you don’t come here” Ashley yelled Do whatever you want” Leo said


Mom stop crying or I will freeze the heart of your baby” Ashley threatened Immediately her mom stopped crying


Here, take it will calm you down ” Ashley gave her iced cream


Thanks sweetie ” her mom said


Love you mom” she said


Do you hate her that much ” I asked her


I don’t hate her, I just hate the child that is making her stupid ” she said as I smiled Is time to go ” my dad announced


Remember the men are to serve the women ” mom announced as we got into the car and drove off





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