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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 39

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That night, I was standing on the balcony outside my hotel room when someone knocked on my door. I went to get the door cause I thought it was Henry or the hotel’s room service. No one else knew I was in the hotel. I unlocked the door and was shocked to see Daxton standing in front of me. I heart skipped a beat and I got weak in the knees, but I still held the door in my shaky hands.


“Let me in” Daxton’s voice melted my heart and I stepped aside unconsciously Daxton walked in and looked around the room “are you comfortable here?”


I shut the door and gathered myself to talk “What are you doing here?”



Daxton slowly looked at me “I came to see you”


A lump swelled in my throat “How did you find me?”


“I just did” Daxton replied “your decision isn’t wise Chloe”


“I think it is”


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“You can’t just go. I don’t want you to”


“Daxton you can’t stop me” I stated and moved to the bed


“Chloe I’m willing to let you go. Willing to stop loving you, I already did.. But you can’t go”


He already stopped loving me.


“Daxton I have to and I don’t know how you found me but you have to go”


“Chloe I don’t want you to go” Daxton grabbed my hand “I’m letting you go. Dexter can have you, I’ll be okay just seeing you but don’t go”


No matter how hard I tried to fight it, I broke down in tears in front of him. Daxton yanked me into his arms and hugged me.




“Daxton don’t make this hard for us.. Just go”


“I’ll only go if you come back with me. Even if I can’t have you, I don’t want you to go”


“don’t you get it? I can’t stay?” I yelled in tears “Dexter loves me and I don’t want to see him hurt”


“I know, and that’s why I’m letting him have you”



“That’s the problem Daxton. I love Dexter but I’m not in love with him” I sobbed “Daxton I’m in love with you.. It’s you and not Dexter”


“Chloe?!” he pulled me into his arms again and held me tight in his grip “Then let me love you”


“What about Dexter? He was there first. I thought I loved him.. I made the mistake”


“Then come with me. Let’s leave Salado until everything is settled”


I wriggled free from his grip “No” I shook my head “I’ve already made up my mind Daxton. Don’t try to stop me”


“Chloe please”


“Daxton we can’t hurt Dexter. It’s like we back stabbed him. I can’t leave him for his twin brother after telling him I love him and making a promise to him. It could’ve been anyone else but not his brother”


Daxton leaned forward and kissed me. Tears trickled down my cheeks uncontrollable but I pulled him close. Kissing him with so much passion that showed how much I desired him for the past days I has been alone in the hotel. I felt a jolt of desire, one I’d never know. His fingers skimmed across my flesh. I felt goose bumps race down my spine. I couldn’t think straight— didn’t want to. With a will of their own, my hands began to knead the muscles of his chest. Daxton gently pulled me down on the bed. He used his mouth and hands to relax me. The heat of his body seeped into my limps, me weak and shaky but I didn’t pull away.


“Let me make love to you” he whispered. His fingers were still doing their magic I didn’t say no. But I couldn’t say yes either. My fingers went is to his broad chest and started unbuttoning his shirt, giving him approval.


That night in my hotel room, Daxton and I made sweet love. One that I would never forget in a lifetime. He was the only one worthy enough to take my innocence and I didn’t regret giving it to him.



I woke up by 3 am and Daxton was sound asleep. I got out of the bed and tip toed into the bathroom. I didn’t want Daxton to wake up so I didn’t turn on the shower. I ran the bath and cleaned up then returned to the bedroom. Daxton was still sleeping so I quietly got dressed and left a letter on the drawer. I took off my ring and placed it on the letter. I wanted to kiss him for the last time but I was scared he would wake up. As much as I loved Daxton and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, I couldn’t. We could’ve made a beautiful couple but I couldn’t stay. I loved Daxton but I couldn’t create enmity between the boys.


I left the hotel in tears. I wasn’t taking anything with me because all my things were at Daxton’s and Henry already moved out the few things I got earlier. When Daxton woke up the next morning, I was already gone. He searched the entire Salado for me. He called every airport near Salado and I couldn’t leave. I was scared he would find me but Henry helped me sneak out and I stayed in Bears Creak for weeks but not with my parents. I couldn’t book a flight cause Daxton already published my pictures in every airport. When Henry came up with the idea of changing my identity, I agreed.


With a new name, and a new look, I was able to leave Texas for good.


I first settled in Canada before I moved to New York. It wasn’t easy for me, trying to start my life anew. Never stopped thing about Daxton. I never stopped loving him. I cried so much that I was terribly sick for months. I feared I was with a child.


When I went for a pregnancy test, I was sad when the result was out and I wasn’t pregnant. The doctor said I was just sick as a result of stress, excess drinking and smoking that had become part of me. He advised I ain’t drinking and smoking and have a lot of rest.


I had wanted to be with child. Even though he wouldn’t know via dad, I needed something to remind me about Daxton….” Read more stories from generalloaded.com.


“Amanda you should’ve stayed” Patricia said


“Don’t blame me Patricia. If you were in my shoes, you would’ve died of heart attack. How could I have faced Dexter? I promised him”


“it wasn’t your fault you fell in love with his brother”


“It was my fault”



“It wasn’t”


“Dexter really loved me and if I had stayed, he would’ve hated business brother”


“yeah.. That’s true”


“I had to let go” Chloe said with a small smile


“Honestly Amanda, you are one of a brave woman”


“Pain changed me. I never used to be brave but pain thought me how to be brave”


“Does Leon know?”


Chloe shook her head “no one except you knows”


“What if he finds out?”


“are you going to tell him?”


“No” Patricia yanked “but what if he finds out you’re Chloe Hastings and not Amanda Forbes?”


“My marriage to Leon is just business. It’s a contract. I’m marrying him because I need a man in my life and he only needs me because of what he can get from my company. Just for the profit”


“But you’re going to make babies with a man you feel nothing for”


Chloe rolled her eyes “just to make heirs”


“You’re a shadow of the real Chloe”


Chloe laughed “I know”


“You fell deeply in love once and now you’re marrying a man you don’t love”


“Love— there’s no such thing as love” Chloe said



“Chloe there is”


“Forget it Patricia” Chloe hurled “let me rest.. I’ve been talking too much” she added and laid on her bed


“Alright.. We’ll talk later”


“Thank you”


Patricia walked out and slammed the door shut behind her. Chloe sighed and smiled as she remembered everything again. The memories were so fresh and she never stopped being happy that she left.


Patricia returned almost immediately and Chloe pretended to be asleep.


“I know you aren’t sleeping” Patricia hurled


Chloe hissed and opened her eyes “what do you want?”


“Leon is here to see you” Patricia informed


“Why?” Chloe frowned “Tell him I’m sleeping and you can’t wake me up”


“Just hear whatever he has to say”


“Leon and I have nothing to talk about”


“Come on Mandy”


Chloe rolled her eyes “whatever! I’m coming”


Patricia smiled and walked out. Chloe walked out shortly and joined Leon in the living room.


“Good evening” she smiled and Leon kissed cheeks chastely on her cheeks “have a seat”


Leon sat on a sofa and Chloe sat opposite him cross legged.


“what do I offer you?”



“Mandy I’m not your guest”


Chloe laughed “sorry”


Leon adjusted on his seat “There’s something I want us to talk about”


“Go on”


“I was awarded a contract in Africa and I was thinking you would come with me to Africa after the wedding”


“you know I can’t leave my business behind” “I can’t lose this contract either” Leon stated “Fine.. Then go for it”


Leon sighed “What about us? What about our wedding?”


“just forget it.. I’ll find someone else the same way I found you”


“Can’t we just get married before I go.. I’ll be back after two years”


Chloe scoffed “you must be bluffing.. I’m not going to wait for two years”


“Then we have to call off the wedding”


“Better” Chloe stated “I’ll be upstairs” she added and walked out












“… how can you call off a wedding that’s in a week time” Patricia scolded when Chloe informed her



“Leon loves his business and you know it” Chloe said “he got a contract in Africa and he chose it over our wedding”


“Amanda I’m sorry”


Chloe threw her head back, laughing “Surely you know I don’t care”


“what are you going to do now?”


“There are thousands of men in New York wanting to wife me”


“You can’t just give any man a chance in your life. Those men are just after your money”


“Patricia I need children. We could divorce when I get what I need”


“oh Mandy.. I want you to have a happy life with someone you love”


“Patricia not now” Chloe seethed “I’ve been carrying out a little bit of a research behind Henry and I found out something”


“what did you find out?’


“if it works out, then I’ll let you know. But I’ll be leaving for a special business trip tomorrow morning and it’s going to last for a month or two”


Patricia arched a brow “what kind of a business?’


Chloe laughed “you’ll see and I’ll give you feedback”




“what?” Chloe laughed “I’ve spent so many months planning this business and I spent a lot of money too. But trust me, this could be a beautiful new beginning”


















“… Come on Daxton, just try this one” Henry pleaded


“Thanks but I’m not going on another blind date. Those girls are hell”


“Caroline is beautiful and she’s an angel”


Daxton rolled his eyes “Dexter is married and his wife already got a baby bump. You didn’t set up a blind date for them so let me find my own wife”


“you’re going to love Caroline”


“Henry she’s from the cursed letter C that letter doesn’t stay in my life”


“But you dated Clara your almost got married but you screwed up” Henry said


“we didn’t work cause she’s a letter C”


“Camille did last”


“Just for 4 months and she was gone like the others”


“Caroline is going to work”


“Henry.. I’m trying another alphabet far from C maybe X or Y or T but not C”


Henry chuckled “Goodluck to That”


“I already found one and she’s a letter P.. she’s going to work”


Henry smiled “I just want you to be Happy”



“I will” Daxton grinned “I have a meeting with a client now” he added and rushed out


“you haven’t told me her name.. The letter P” Henry shouted after him but Daxton


was already gone.












Daxton strode into the restaurant he was meeting with his client. she was already waiting for him. He hadn’t seen her before but his agent arranged the meeting. “Sorry I’m late” Daxton apologized when he got to her table


She smiled “it’s okay.. I just arrived”


Daxton returned the smile to the beautiful woman. “We haven’t really met before”


he said and extended his hand “I’m Daxton Salvador”


“Amanda Forbes” she shook hands with him










“… let’s meet tomorrow for lunch” Daxton invited when they were done “just to get to know each other better”


Chloe smiled “I usually keep business strict and formal but it’s okay.. let’s keep it 12”


“Thank you.. it’s a pleasure meeting you”


“Have a nice day” Chloe got up and walked out



Daxton watched her walk out through the door then he placed a call to Henry. Guess what?





I think I found another woman



Do you now run around for women?


Daxton chuckled



There’s something about this woman. She’s not only beautiful but she reminds me of someone.. Like we’ve met before


What’s her name?



Amanda Forbes



Amanda Forbes?! Get out of there. Just cancel the meeting I’ll Call you later.. I think she’s waiting for me outside

Daxton ended the call and rushed out.


“hey Mandy”


Chloe whirled around to face him “Hey! Dax!”


Daxton arched a brow “Dax?!” he looked at her “Did you just come up with that?”


“Who calls you by that name?”


Daxton moved closer “Chloe?!”


She smiled “I still don’t believe you didn’t recognize me”



“Chloe?!” he moved closer but he was afraid to touch her “it’s really you”


she nodded “yep”


Daxton shook his head in disbelief “where have you been? I’ve searched the entire universe for you”


Chloe stepped closer “Why?”


“are you seriously asking me that?”


“Did you miss me?”


“Oh Chloe?!” Daxton pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight “you ruined me life”


“I’m sorry” Chloe sobbed “I’m here to fix it”


“You’re not leaving again right?”


Chloe shook her head “No.. as long as you still want me. I know I screwed up and….”


“Shut up” Daxton shut her with a kiss and pushed her to her car that was parked beside them “if you let me, I’ll show you how much I miss you”


Chloe chuckled “That’s if you still love me”


“I’ve never stopped loving you” Daxton said truthfully “I’m taking you to the altar but first, I need to take you home.. to my house”


“I’ve really missed it”


“Then what are we waiting for?” Daxton and started taking her to his car


“I came with my car” Chloe prompted



“my driver will take it home.. where is the key?”


Chloe gave it to him and he gave it to the man that was following them. “Can’t you walk a little faster?” Daxton asked impatiently


Chloe chuckled “my heels”


Daxton looked at her shoes “let me help you” he hauled her into his arms “people are watching” Chloe giggled


“Let them watch Chloe.. I’m going to punish you for all the pain you caused me”


“I’m sorry”


Daxton put her down beside his car “I love you Chloe Hastings”


“I love you more Daxton Salvador”


Daxton smiled then leaned forward and kissed her.











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