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Haywire – Episode 21

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Episode 21.




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Fostinah went on shouting until Peter had disappeared into his journey.


The gateman stood by the gate as he watched the drama unfolding.


“What are you looking at?!” She shouted at the gateman.


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“Sorry madam”


“If you want your job don’t you ever allow him into this yard again. Is that clear?”


“Yes madam”


“Foolish man”


Fostinah then went into house and found Josne in the living room. He was looking so low obviously from the incidence which had just happened.


“Hey baby, am sorry about that” she said sitting next to him.


“Who was that?”


“Oh that, it’s my stupid ex. Never mind him. He won’t cause any trouble here again.”


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“And what child was he talking about that you tossed out of the house?”


“Oh it’s the child to my sister I was keeping. I took the child back when the mother didn’t show appreciation for what I did and that’s why he is getting mad thinking am heartless.”


“Why will he poke his nose in the business of your family?”


“Imagine! I am sure he wants to win the heart of my sister so that I can get back together with him. Don’t worry. That will never happen again” fostinah lied. “You have to make sure you are done with your ex because I will not buy this humiliation”


“It won’t happen again.”


“We will see”


“Okay, lets go we shower now”




Peter was really angry with the fact that Fostinah had sent out and neglected her own children so that she could usher in a man into the house he built.


“Fostinah is so stupid. I have been very soft with him it’s now time for me to teach her a bitter lesson. She will know why my name means rock” Peter said as he drove to Grandfather’s house.


He packed his vehicle and came out quickly heading to the door. Grandfather who had been watching him through the window also quickly walked to the door to meet him.


“Hey is everything alright?” Grandfather asked.


“Grandpa, can you imagine!”


“Imagine what?”


“She sent out the children out of the house so that she could be bringing the man into the house.”


“What are you saying?”


“Fostinah is with a man in the house”


“Are you sure with what you are saying?”


“Am from the house. I saw the man with my two eyes and the idiot had the audacity to ask me what I was doing there. Thank God I wasn’t in a nerve because I would have slapped him such that his whole generation would have gone deaf.” Peter said angrily.


“That’s so stupid of her now. Who does that?”


“My ex wife! I even wonder what I saw in her before marrying her.”


“Okay Peter, calm down. Go and meet your children inside. We will talk about our way forward soon.”


“I will teach her a lesson grandpa”


“Don’t worry about her. Fate will deal with her soon. What you have to do is to just watch how Satan will play Zuma with her life.”


Peter went into the house to meet his children. The sick boy was much better that day. This relieved his heart.


He was still not yet settled with the issue of Fostinah, so he went outside a little while later to discuss with grandfather.


“Grandpa, i need to sort out this whole thing today.” Peter said.


“You are already on a right track from what I am seeing but you need to first calm down and take your time before making any decision. If you become haste in your decision, you will end up being the wrong one.”


“I know that is why I have come to you who is not connected to this issue like I am to help me”


“Firstly, what are your intentions from now on?”


“I want custody of my children and to fish her out of that house”


“Yeah, all odds are in your favour. Everything will go as planned.”


“So how will I do it?”


“I will first call her uncles to let them know of the situation and your intentions


after that we will now act”


“Okay. When will you call them?”


“Actually right now.”


Grandfather got his phone and dialed the number to the elder uncle of Fostinah.


“Hello, how are you?”


“Fine how are you?”


“We are fine too”


“I called you to let you know that the children to Fostinah are now here”


“I was told yesterday. That’s so sad”


“Yes, and today when Peter went to the house he found her with a man in the






“Yes that’s it. It’s like she wanted the children out before bringing the man in”


“What has befallen her? Is she running mad?”



“We don’t know too. I have just called to invite you over here so that we can discuss the way forward about their fate.”


“Okay, i have heard but I can not come there. We have sat more that three time for Fostinah in short period of time. She is not the only child we have. Please just do what you seem fit and we will support that.” the uncle said.


“Don’t neglect her. This is the time she needs a lot of help from you.”


“What can I do if she throws out the window any support and advice I give her? She is grown up. She will handle it herself”.


“Okay we will let you know of what we decide here.”


“Please tell us and we will support you. She has no regards for us now”


“Thank you. Bye”


Grandfather held his chin in awe as he pondered over what the uncle said to him. “What kind of a woman is she?”


He then explained everything to Peter of what the uncle said. After that they decided to use the court to be granted the custody of the children and the house. In the afternoon of that day, Peter called Fostinah to let her know of the development. Whenever her phone rung, fostinah hanged it up. Peter tried more than five times but the same hanging up happened. He then decided to drop her a text which read:




The moment Fostinah read the message, she immediately called back. “Hello”


“I knew you wanted to have the old rubbish house back to you. I don’t care actually I will move out tomorrow. You can come and have it. And if you think I will give you child maintenance you are just wasting your time.” “Yes Leave the house”


“I will leave”


“And about child maintenance, i don’t even need it. I have been taking care of them including you with my money only.”


“Aaaah useless scoundrel” she said hanging up.




Peter left the kids at his grandparents’ place as he had to first put things in place at his home in preparation for the kids.


The next day around 10 am when he went to the house, he found that Fostinah had packed the things and left the house. He found the gateman who opened the gate for him.


“Yes morning”


“Morning sir”


“Has she shifted?”


“Yes, just before you arrived, that’s when she left.”


“She was alone?”


“No, with the same man you can draw with your left leg” “Iwe” Peter said pointing at the gateman as they both laughed. “Here are the keys”


“Oh okay, did she say anything before leaving?”


“Yes, she told me that she won’t pay me my salary because I will have a new boss” “Mmmm okay. Don’t worry I will pay you”.

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Peter went inside to check how the house was. It was left in a total mess. They just packed the luggage and other items without sweeping the house later. Peter came out to the gateman and gave him back the keys.


“Clean the house and here is the money for your upkeep. I will bring you your salary tomorrow” Peter said handing him a K250 cash. “Thank you sir”


“The whole of this yard is in your hands now. Take care”


“Okay sir”






Peter started living with his children happily again in the new house that he bought. He didn’t go back to the old house as he felt the memories of Fostinah in it could be haunting them. Throughout these two months, he never heard from Fostinah and he never bothered to find out of her. The children were used living without her and they were happy.


The wife to the gateman was also employed by Peter to be doing some chores at home. She would do some chores and leave together with her husband in the evening. They couple was so happy and grateful working for them as they were very good towards them.


Frequent visits from Tamarah were also a great source of comfort to the children.


Naturally, Tamarah was a great charmer to kids.




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