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My Marriage Diary – Episode 2

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After about one hour after he proposed, Jude took excuse that he wanted to see someone and he left but forgot to take his second phone. Barely five minutes, his phone beeped a message and what I saw scared the hell out of me.


It reads “Baby, why are you keeping me waiting since, can’t you dismiss her and come to me, I am waiting for you at the usual spot. Your love”


Immediately, I began to shake, I was no longer myself, I wanted to scream but it was not coming. Everyone in the hall were just eating and taking pictures but I was no longer the same. I have always read about something of this nature but it has not happened to me before but this time it is real. I searched to find Anita to tell her what I saw. Luckily, I saw her chatting with a male friend. I quickly call unto her because I don’t know what might happen if there was no one to clam me down. I stared at the ring on my hand, it was like I should remove and throw it away but I



was still trying to control myself so as not to create a scene when Anita came to my side and asked me what happened.


“Girlie, what happened to you that your face look squeezed up” She asked me

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“ You have to see me burn, Anita, you introduced me to him …Like….” I could not say anything further


“What is it, like I can’t really decode what is happening here” Anita said staring at me.


I dragged her to a corner of the hotel and explained all that happened, likewise I showed her the message that pooped out of Jude’s phone.


“ What you mean Jude is still cheating after all you have done” Anita exclaimed.


“Yes, I am confused, he just proposed today, should I return the ring and walk out of the relationship” I asked her.


“Wait, you don’t have to rush things, lets wait for him to come back then we will know what to do to him” Anita said to me.


Throughout the day, I was just speechless and I was foaming with anger, I moved from one end to the other, from one corner to another, I was just pacing up and down, my head was not settled, I left the birthday to my house with Anita coming behind me, I switched off my phone because I was really pissed off by what had happened.


I believe that Jude must have be trying my line, probably when he got to hotel, he didn’t meet me nor his phone.

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It was the horn from his car that made me know of his presence, Anita opened the door, he walked in, I think he already knew his game was up. I stood up and confronted him.


“How can you do this to me, after all I have done for you” I said to him.



At first he was pretending as if he knew nothing about what I was talking about but when I removed his ring and threw it at him, he then realized that I meant business. Immediately he started begging that it was the devils’ work and that the lady had seduced him to come to her place.


“Ahh, men, why are you lying, she seduced you or you went to me her” Anita shouted at him.


“I couldn’t control the urge, I am sorry, please” He said as he was already sweating.


“If it was s3x that made you go to her, I gave you my body whenever you demand for it and when you did not, I willingly gave it out for you” I said to him.


Although that was one of my mistakes, s3x will never keep a man, a man that wants to cheat will cheat and the one that will not cheat will not cheat.


“Please I am sorry, forgive me, this last time” he begged me.


Although that was not his first time, I had caught him on several occasion but he defended himself that they were co-workers.


“Jude, how will you be holding another lady by her waist” I questioned him.


“Ehhmm,. She said she was having an ache on the waist” He lied to me.


“Her waist was aching her so you are the doctor to help her massage it” I said to him


“although it was not what you thought” He replied me then.


But when the argument got tense, he was forced to slap me. That was the first time in my life that the guy I am dating would go to the length of slapping me over an argument. I was furious but he kept on begging. Still I don’t know the kind of begging prowess he got, I still decided to stay with him in



spite of the slap he gave me and the way he had been treating me, probably I should say because I was overdue for marriage and with my age then over thirty and men were just dumping me, so I never wanted Jude to go like that but I have to endure the abusive relationship which was another grave mistake I made.


He started begging that night since he knew I met business but I didn’t listen, even Anita supported me in not hearing his plead.

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That night he left my room without any positive response from me. But, it was text messages upon text. Calling always from him till I got tired of keeping distance with him. Anita likewise suggested that I should forgive him since he had promise never to cheat on me again and I did. We were back in our relationship and since I was not getting any longer I asked him to take our relationship to the next level.


My dear reader, I want you to understand something here, I was the one that was interested in getting married not him, I was the one pushing him around, I was the one that needed a husband. It was a mistake that I still regret in my life, don’t force yourself on a man. My dear ladies reading this story. A man will want you if you have a self esteem.


It is through I had my money but I reduced my self esteem all because of marriage that it made it look like I was being pitied by him marrying me.


After a month of getting together and trying all types of S3xu@l act with the slightest chance, I wanted to use this in keeping him as my own. I will dress like an harlot in his presence just to be appealing to him. Oh, lest I forget I was older than him, he is 27 years while I was 32 years so I think this was drive me stupid to do all that and now I regret it.


“So you want us to get married so quick” He asked me.


“Yes, I can’t wait to have my want child, all these years you have been wasting your seeds in the ground, I don’t like that idea, I want your seed inside of me, I want to carry your baby, please marry me” I said to him.


Mind you he proposed to me, but I was the one proposing marriage to him now, which is bad, please don’t do that ladies reading this story.



“Okay, if that is what you want, since it will make you happy, there is no problem about that, I will sure do that” He said to me.


I was happy that day and I started dreaming about how that day will be. Less I forget I had wanted to tie Jude down with pregnancy earlier when I felt I might lose him but as a result of my promise to have a white church wedding to my parent prevented me from doing so.


I prepared for my wedding like it was the end of the world that day and on the D-Day all my husband family were seated including mine. You need to see my gown that day, it was the best in town. It was colourful and lavish that it was the talk of the town.


We finalized the wedding and we got home; you know the joy of seeing your husband again all over without clothes on as both of you explore each other was all over me. Although countless times we both have seen our n@kedness so what should be new but it was all natural that I am now legally married.


“Lets get into business” I said as I was trying to off my clothes.


“Hmm, but you have to wait a bit, am tired right now” Jude said not looking at my eye.


“But I need you right now” I said to him


“Woman, please, today was stressful so please, let me be, I said I am tired” he replied.


At first I was shocked but I left him and went to the bed, looking defeated. But I gave my try again in the middle of the night but what I got was beyond my comprehension,


“What, you….how can you….


Find out in the next episode…

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