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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 36

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I pushed Daxton off and sat up. Jennifer smirked and walked in fully with the others.


“what’s going on here?” she asked me


Daxton looked at me. Was he expecting me to do the talking?


“Chloe.. Where did the Daxton is not my boyfriend go?” Chrisella asked “have you been seeing each other secretly?”


I sighed “Daxton and I….”

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“are engaged” Daxton completed


“I wasn’t going to say that” I snarled


“you’re what?” Rex was shocked


“we’re getting married” Daxton replied


“Daxton?!” I hit him


“you lied to us Chloe” Jennifer seethed “I thought we were friends?”


“I’m sorry. It’s not really….”


“first you told us you were siblings” Jennifer interrupted “did you think we’ll steal your man?”


“No– not all. You’re getting it all wrong” I said


“Then what the hell have been going on between you and Vivian?” Rex asked Daxton


“Nothing” Daxton replied looking at Vivian “we were just helping each other”


“You guys got a lot of explanations to do but for now….” Jennifer smirked and


jumped on the bed “Chloe is getting married”


I giggled and Chrisella joined her in tickling me while Daxton and the guys walked


out with Vivian.






















“… Rex and I will be leaving tomorrow” Jennifer informed us


“Why?” I asked


“Our vacation is over” Jennifer replied


“Awwwn.. I’m really going to miss you” I drawled and hugged Jennifer


“it’s okay.. You got me” Chrisella said and I smiled


“Chrisella was supposed to leave with us but she’s extending her vacation to be with Drake” Jennifer replied


“Daxton and I will be leaving in three days time” I said


“And the wedding…” Jennifer smirked “hope we’re invited”


“I’m not sure of a wedding” I said truthfully





“you girls won’t understand but there’s more to this ring” I looked at my finger then glanced at Daxton who was drinking with the guys “there’s more to us”


Jennifer leaned forward “how?”


I heaved a sigh and forced a smile “never mind”


“we do mind” Chrisella said


“it’s okay if you don’t want to share but I’m not missing the wedding” Jennifer said and went back to what she was doing. I shifted my gaze to the guys and I caught Daxton staring. We held the gaze for a while and none of us was looking away. Daxton was different. His choice, his personality, his interest.. Everything about him was different.


And the way he made me feel, was absolutely different. But I didn’t want to push things to a conclusion until I was done with Dexter.


“he’s not running way” Chrisella waved a hand across my face


I looked away and chuckled “I hope I’m not making a mistake” I said that more to myself


“What are you talking about?” Chrisella asked “it’s obvious from the way you look at him”


“what’s obvious?” I asked


“you got a soft spot for Daxton don’t you?” Chrisella asked


“I don’t know.. I promised Dexter”


Dexter has a girl.. My subconsciousness reminded me.


“What’s wrong?” Chrisella’s voice was soft




“you can’t solve your problems alone”



“no one can help me. I just have to decide” I stated


“do you love someone else”


I glanced at Daxton and he was still looking at me.


“I don’t think I know what love really is”


Chrisella smiled and touched my cheek “there’s another guy isn’t it?”


“his twin”


Chrisella gasped “Daxton has a twin?”


I nodded


“how did you manage to get involved with the two of them?”


“I don’t know” I sighed “let’s talk about something else”


Chrisella shrugged “alright”














“it’s time to club” Jennifer screamed


“let’s go get ready” Chrisella told me


“no thanks.. I’m not going” I declined


“why?” Jennifer asked


“I’m really tired and I need to rest” I replied



“sure you’ll be alright on your own?” Chrisella asked


“Vivian will be out there rocking your man” Jennifer said


“Is Daxton going?”


“I won’t miss tonight’s clubbing for anything” I heard Daxton tell the guys and my question got answered


Jennifer arched a brow “are you still not going?”


“I’m not”




I sat on my bed while the others went to the club. I had thought Daxton wouldn’t stay behind when he found out I wasn’t going but it didn’t stop him. He said goodbye and walked out with the others. Vivian was behind him. I sighed and laid down. I didn’t want to care about anything.


Deborah’s call came in immediately and I remembered my dad.


Bad daughter.












How are you doing Chloe?



Dad I’m good. How are your legs?



I can walk again Chloe. It’s a miracle



Dad I’m really excited about it



Me too



How’s mom?



She’s okay



And Leslie?



Leslie is doing great



I’ll come see you as soon as I get the chance You don’t have to worry.. Daddy is fine

I’m so happy right now



I’d like to speak with Daxton.. That’s his name right?



Yeah but you can’t speak with him



I have to— to show my appreciation



I’ll tell him you’re grateful but you can’t speak with him now Alright.. Take good care of yourself


You too dad



I love you baby



I love you dad



I ended the call with a smile plastered on my face. It felt good hearing my dad talk so fine and knowing he could actually walk again. My life was fitting into normal except I had Dexter and Daxton to settle.


What do I tell Dexter?


What if I got everything wrong and he doesn’t really have a woman?


What if I’m making a mistake?


Oh Dexter! That guilty feeling again.


I picked up my phone and placed a call to Dexter. He answered after few rings.



Sup Chloe?






Sorry I haven’t been calling



It’s okay



How you doing?



I’m good



Chloe I’ve really missed you






Chloe?! What’s wrong?



Nothing. I was wondering if you helped Lovetta settle things with her boyfriend.



Yeah.. They’re good now



You’ll be returning to Salado tomorrow



Yes. How’s Daxton



He’s good



Have you been able to figure out anything?


I twisted my fingers. I wasn’t even thinking about that.






We’ll discuss about that when we return to Salado.



Alright.. I’ll be waiting



Good night



Chloe you don’t sound okay


I forced a smile even if he couldn’t see me.



I’m fine



Alright.. Sleep tight



You too



I ended the call and tossed it aside. Dexter was acting like nothing was wrong. Like Lovetta really didn’t mean anything to him.


A knock sounded on the door and Daxton walked in before I even asked him to.


“Hey! I thought you’d be sleeping already” he sat on the bed


“you should be clubbing”


“it’s boring without you”


I swallowed hard and clenched my fists nervously.


“I was about to sleep”


“I’m not stopping you”


I sighed and pulled the sheet closer.


“Let’s go take a walk” Daxton said


I would’ve said no but I really needed some air. “alright”








Soon we were walking on beach. With the sand on our feet and the wind in our hair.


“My mom called while I was in the club” Daxton suddenly said


“was that why you came back?”


“no” Daxton replied “the club was fun but it’s more fun with you”


I pushed my hair back “This isn’t going well”


“I know” Daxton said “I’d really understand if you can’t let go of Dexter”


“it’s not just Dexter”


“Chloe you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll be fine”


I sighed and slid my hand into his then entwined our fingers.


Daxton stopped and pulled me closer.


“What do you feel for Dexter?” he asked, peering into my eyes


“Daxton I don’t know” my voice came out in a whisper


Daxton tightened our fingers “do you love him?”


“I thought I loved him”


“and now?”


“I don’t know”


“you don’t?”


“I don’t know what I feel for him but it isn’t love” I said truthfully


Daxton cupped my cheeks in his palms and made me look into his eyes “Do You love me?”


I swallowed a lump in my throat. My heart was racing as I gazed into Daxton’s eyes. I didn’t understand how I felt. I just couldn’t keep mistaking every feeling for love.


“it’s alright” Daxton let me go “I wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on you.. Maybe if I hadn’t made the wrong choice from the start, I would’ve had you before Dexter”


“what choice?”


Daxton chuckled “it was really crazy loving a man you know. Thanks for making me realize my mistakes”


I smiled “how long have you been loving me?”


“for so long. Most of the things you moved from my room represented Chloe and not Colton. I kept some cause I was scared of forgetting Colton and you were making me forget him. you were all I was thinking of. When I noticed you were stealing those things I didn’t stop you. Cause you were also wiping memories of you in my head but it didn’t work”


“if you loved me then, why were you so bent on ending our fake relationship?”



“I was scared you didn’t feel the same way. I was scared you loved my brother and I was scared of getting hurt. And I was right after all”


“I’m sorry. I’ve caused more harm than good”


“No Chloe.. You really transformed me and I’ll forever be grateful even if you want Dexter”


“Dexter has always been a true friend. He was the only one I had in Salado and.. I mistook the way I felt for him for love”


“Dexter loves you”


“I’m not sure Daxton.. Dexter is lying to me” I blurted out “when he first left for LA after out engagement, I was broken, devastated and torn apart. That day when he returned, I felt whole again. A sudden happiness filled me. A kind of joy his presence brings to me. But ever since I arrived here, that joy never comes again”




“Ever since I found out about Lovetta and realized Dexter has been lying to me”


“Are you dating him?”




“Then why are worried?”


“because I thought I loved him”


“what if he comes back and he wants you”


I sighed “isn’t there any other thing we can talk about?”


Daxton chuckled “let’s go inside.. You need to sleep”


We walked to the hotel, holding hands and Daxton walked me up to my room.


“Goodnight” he slowly released my my hand


“Goodnight” I replied but didn’t go inside


“Go inside” he gestured


“I will”




I sighed and opened my room door.


“you don’t have to worry about Dexter and I”


I faked a smile and entered my room.


“don’t forget to lock the door” Daxton said before walking out


I locked the door and got into bed. I suddenly felt chills and covered the sheets. The night wasn’t really fun but it meant a lot to me. And it was the beginning of my confusion. I turned off the light and slept off. .













I was the last person to wake up amongst us. I got dressed and went down for breakfast.


“Good morning” I greeted the girls. They were on a different table from the guys


“Our Sleeping Beauty is finally out” Jennifer giggled


I pulled out a seat and sat down “what’s for breakfast?”


“nothing” Chrisella replied


I glanced at Daxton and he flashed me a smile. I smiled back and looked away.


“Rex and I are leaving after breakfast” Jennifer informed


“Awwwn.. So soon?” I drawled


“yes baby.. Rex wants to meet my parents” Jennifer squealed


I smiled “I’m happy for you”


“I’m happy for you too” Jennifer hugged me excitedly “we should get married the same day”


“Awwwn.. I’m the only single here” Chrisella pouted her lips


“you got Drake”


“Drake isn’t talking about Marriage yet” Chrisella said


“uhm girls?!” The guys walked up to our table


Rex took Jennifer’s hand “just a minute” then they walked out


Daxton sat down on a chair beside me “how you doing?”


“I’m fine” I smiled


Drake sat on a chair and Chrisella sat on his laps.


Daxton looked at me and chuckled as they started kissing.


“Let’s go” I laughed and we walked out. Rex and Jennifer left that morning and Drake and Chrisella were no where to be found. Vivian suddenly stopped showing up and I later came to realize that she left.


It was just I and Daxton and Daxton and I left.




















I arranged the last of my things is my bag and zipped it off. Our vacation was over and it was time to go back and face my fate.


The door pushed open and Daxton appeared at the doorway.


“are you ready?” he asked


I nodded “yes”


Daxton walked in, with his box and shut the door.


He left there box by the door and walked up to me.


“If there was ever a way, I don’t want us to return to Salado”


“Why?” I asked


“cause I’m scared. I don’t think I’ll be able to stand seeing you with Dexter again. I know you can’t hurt him”


“I don’t know what to say”


“If you love Dexter, then I won’t force you to love me. And if you feel the same way I do, then there’s no use hurting ourselves”


I swallowed hard “I understand”



“I don’t trust you with Dexter” Daxton chuckled “I won’t be able to do this after now” he leaned forward and kissed me. When he finally broke from the kiss, he touched my cheek with my smile.


“I’ll wait for you outside” he said and walked out with my bag and his box.















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