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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 10

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At around 8.30 he came to the bedroom,”Sharon i know you are inside,”he called me trying to locate me in the darkness.”why are you in darkness,”he asked when he finally got hold of me”.I was waiting for you,” i stood up and lit the candles,I was in a very short but sexy night dress”Supriseeeee,”he was really suprised he never expected this he stood up tongue tied eyes and mouth wide open words failed him.”Come lets have dinner,”i told him in a very sexy voice taking his hand to walk him to the table,”You know you are seducing me in that dress,and dinner in the bedroom is creating a romantic mood why are you doing this,where is the couch?”he looked at me waiting for answers we were seated on the bed the food was untouched.”I want us to be a normal family,(i reached out for his right hand) Tonie for the three months i have been with you i have realised you truly love me,i cant deny that i dont like you too i have some feelings for you i dont know about you but i wish we would just start a real family without faking



anything,” i paused to let my words sink in his head.”Are you sure about this Sharon? i dont want you to do something that you arent sure you want to do it,”he said holding my hands.”yeah am sure i want this Tonie,for the time we have stayed together i can really tell you will make a good husband and am convinced that you love me,lets try this maybe this is our fate.”He smiled at me broadly “I never thought i would ever be given such a golden chance in life,i love you sharon with all my heart,i can do everything for you,” he came close to me his face so close to mine,he just stared at me for some minutes then he looked deep into my eyes as if asking for permision to kiss me,i noded and he kissed me we kissed for some minutes,”i love you sharon i really love you and i will do my best to be the best husband for you and for our baby(caressing my baby bump) i will be the best dad i will do my best to keep you two safe and happy.”he assured me of his love and hugged me tightly “finally mine,”he was thinking out loud.”Can we eat first ?am damnn hungry you know we will be in each other hands for the rest of the night.”my hunger wouldnt let me cuddle with my husband.”as you say you know you are the queen of this palace,”i could read happiness in his face and smiles.

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We ate making jokes i was really happy i never saw the good side of Tonie for all the time i had known him until today.He offered to take the plates to the kitchen when we were done having dinner but i denied him the chance,” am doing everything for you tonight lemmi take this downstairs then i will come back,So when are you starting to demend your rights?”i asked him jokingly.”what right are you talking about,”he knew the right i was talking about but he wanted to hear me say it.”the Conjugal rights ofcourse,”i told him shying away.”But you are pregnant love we cant do that,”he said holding my face in his hands.”Why not and who told you pregnant women cant make love?”i didnt know where i gathered the courage.”Maybe when the pregnancy is from five months and less but you are nearly giving birth am afraid i may hurt the baby,”he told me innocently.”Hehe you cant hurt the baby we just have to use a suitable sex style lemmi come back i will show you how.” i told him and gave him a genuine smile..”you are really crazy Sharon,”he told me as i left to the kitchen.




Life is really unpredictable i thought as i was walking downstairs step by step carefully not to fall.I started to reflect my life from when i was a little gal,my family was a very happy and complete family,my dad and mum loved me and my brother very much and i could notice their love for each other i had always

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admired to have a family like that of my mum.She had a very loving husband and a caring one too we used to do everything together and occasionally we would be taken out for picnics and dinners thats how good my dad was,but all this changed when i was in class five,my dad who used to come home at six just to spend time with his family started coming home late nights and sometimes he wouldnt come home at all,This became his habit whenever mum would question him she would get serious beatings infront of us it continued for some months,dad would stay for weeks without coming home and not even bothering to call and ask how we were doing.I remember when we came from school one day and found mum in the living room with our suitcase packed she told us to sit down and i still remember the pain in her voice that day one could read defeat and pain all over her face.”i know you are wondering why i have this suitcases packed,its because we are leaving am taking you with me to our new house i know right now you cant understand but one day when both of you will have families you will understand why am doing this.I have leaved with your dad for a very long time but i have never seen him behave the way he is behaving nowadays,i love your dad with all my heart but i cant be with him he is hurting me physically and emotionally,” i didnt understand why mum was leaving dad and yet she said she loved him.


To me love was something that can help you conquer all odds so mum telling us she loved dad but on the other hand she wanted to leave him made me wonder how you can leave a man you claim to love,i didnt think there was ever a good reason for that but as i walked down the stairs i understood why you can decide to leave a man you truly love,from the time i agreed to be Dave’s girlfriend i never thought for once i would leave him,i mean he was my world the love of my life .What reason would make me leave him anyway.That day i understood the reason why.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


We moved in to our new house not as big as dad’s,it was a one bedroom rented apartment we didnt struggle very much since mum was employed but we missed our dad,mum struggled to raise us as a single mother i saw all that she was went through for the three years before they reconcilled with dad and i prayed really hard for God to bless me with a good husband in future a husband that will stick with me and our kids forever till death.When i met Dave i knew God had answered my prayers hardly did i knew that Dave was never going to be the man i prayed for.I never saw this coming fate has a way of twisting things.I loved Dave but i guess we were not meant to be if we were meant to be i wouldnt be in Tonie’s house.



I kept the dirty utensils in the sink and went up stairs to make love to my husband i was taking the last step to the door when i suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my abdomen and i let out a very loud scream,Tonie came running calling my name Viv also come out running they found me lying on the floor Writhing in pain Tonie told Viv to go get the car key in the bedroom as he carried me down the stairs to his car,she came running and handed him the key as she joined me in the back seat i was crying the pain was so intense Tonie told me to hold on as he drove crazily to the hospital.







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