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The Lost Princess – Episode 34

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Ann dropped the pictures on the bed she shared with her sister and Bella struggled to take a peek at the pictures.


“Ann where did you get your childhood picture,who is that man and woman with you?” Bella asked confused.


“I just got the picture somehow?” Ann asked more like a question.


“Do you get it from granny?” Bella asked again.

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“Nope and it made me wonder if am really the one in the picture” .


“Am not suppose to tell you this but please promise me you won’t tell our parents”.


“I won’t” she promised.


“Do you know you had lived in this country for like six years before mum and dad bought you over” Bella explained.


“Huh” Ann asked wide eyed “I can’t believe it”.


“It’s true Ann, have you ever wondered why we don’t have any of your childhood picture like babies, infant pictures?”.


“I remembered the first day I asked mum about it, she said it’s in Nigeria, that I can get it here but couple of weeks back I asked her about the pictures again she said it’s in the stores at home, am confused”.


“The thing is that when dad and mom bought you back home then if I could remember, I was told you are my sister, I was eight then I was angry at them, I always thought am the only child but when you are bought, Mum said she gave

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birth to you when we are in Nigeria,I was barely two,said you got down with some kind of disease, they had to leave you here in Nigeria with our maternal grandmother after you had gotten better you were bought back to the house hold”.


“What?” Ann whispered “why am I just getting this now, how come no one never told me?”.


“Ann brace up am not suppose to tell you,mum said to keep it a secret so that you will not feel bad and it’s better that way but seeing you curious about some pictures I decided to tell you” Bella informed.


“Oh ok” Ann replied holding her head “it’s well” she whispered.






The next day


Ann was called urgently at work and she had to travel back to Lagos with Max immediately, their flight was scheduled for the evening.


she was preparing for the flight in her room, Bella was also in the room with her both are not conversing but Bella was chatting off her phone with a sour look on her face.


“Crony what’s wrong?” She asked.


“It’s dave”. Bella replied.


“What about him?”.


“He’s getting on my nerves” Bella snapped.


“What did he do?” Ann asked with an eye roll.


“He’s asking me out” Bella replied as a matter of fact.





“Don’t you get it am in a relationship with Christan”.


“There she goes again,do you even know where you stand in the relationship?” Ann scoffs.


“Shut up idiot,am going to dump him too,I can’t be in a relationship and start another one, I have to end one before I can start one”.


“Till when madam, till Dave got tired of you” Ann jeered.


“Shut up before I hit you, Dave isn’t going to get tired of me infact he’s stuck with me forever”.


“Hmm” Ann chuckles “we shall see”.


“Shut up” Bella yelled.


Ann went back to packing her stuff, she packed the pictures along with her when she heard a phone ring.


“Bella aren’t you going to pick up your call?” She asked.


“I will am just trying to compose the best break up message” Bella replied.


“All the best sis” she laughed.


After few minutes, Bella pick up the call after much practice.


“Hello” she said sweetly to the phone.


“Bella howdy” Christan breaths.


“There’s something I want to tell you?” They both said together.


“What?” They both asked laughing.


“Oh let me go first then” Christan said.


“Ok” Bella replied.


“The thing is that this thing isn’t working have been trying am a man I have needs but Bella it isn’t working”.


“Ok” Bella replied with a bored expression on her face.


“So let end this whole thing” he whispered.


“Christan are you breaking up with me after wasting four years of my life huh”.


“Bella try to understand, this is not working we are continent apart and I have needs”.


“Oh I get it Christan am done with you also, you can go yourself” she yelled.


“Bella I ……” Christan was saying and Bella hung up angrily.


“Yep good riddance to bad rubbish” Ann scoffed.


“Shut up” Bella snapped glaring at her.


“Oh easy babe, isn’t that what you want?” Ann asked.


“Shut up” Bella replied walking out of the room to the kitchen, on getting there she packed a plate of muffins and three packs of yoghurt, she walked back to the room, sat down at the foot of the bed and starts drinking her sorrow away.


“Oh Bella you look so pathetic” Ann said.


“Do you want me to forget just like that,I spent four years of my life with him,it hurts even if it’s what I want” she replied sadly while sipping her drink, she throws some muffins angrily into her mouth.


“Oh sis don’t cry” Ann said sitting beside her.



“Yucks am not crying not everyone cry after breakups and besides I called to dump him too, stop it” Bella replied drowning a handful of her yoghurt.


“Well I guess I can’t say easy sis, it’s not alcohol so drink on baby” Ann jeered.


“You are so stupid” Bella sniffed.


“Huh are you crying should I stay behind?” Ann asked worriedly.


“Nah am ok,do I look like am not, don’t because of me not spend time with your boyfriend and stuff about the company is important” Bella replied.


“Ai Ai captain” Ann smiled.


“Let go meet mum and dad they have some questions to answer” Ann said pulling Bella along with her.


“Sunshine” Ann started sweetly “I want to ask you some questions”.


“What’s it baby” Patricia smiled at her two daughters “Isabella what’s wrong why are you holding two packs of yogurt, do you want to give me one?” .


“No mum” Bella replied sadly.


“Boy problem” Ann chuckles.


“Oh I get it” Patricia replied.


“I know you are from this state and I don’t know if you are from this local government” Ann said.


“No Ann am not from this state my family just lived here am from Asaba” Patricia replied.


“Woah mum I will love to visit there too, that apart where’s dad and granny?”. Ann asked.



“Here I am Ada” granny replied.


“Mum when are we visiting your family, when are we visiting our maternal grandmother?” Ann asked studying her mother’s expression.


“And why are you asking me that?” Patricia asked angrily.


“But mum it’s just an harmless question why are you getting all worked up?”. Ann asked confused.


“Don’t you ever ask me that question again do you hear me?” Patricia snapped angrily at her before walking out of the room.


“Granny what’s wrong with mum? Why is she upset about it?” Bella who had been silent all along asked.


“You kids don’t know anything” granny replied “The question you asked this afternoon is a sensitive topic for her”.


“How?” They asked.


“Your mother Lost her parents when she was young” Granny replied.


“What?” They both chorus


“What happened?” Granny asked alarmed.


“Nothing” they both replied absently each lost in their own thoughts


“Something is fishy” Ann muttered shaking her head.



To be continued







What Happened In Anambra

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