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Crazy Dancer – Season 2 Episode 18

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Episode 18



By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:


After a while, the Audrey lady returned, looking a little better.



She smiled as she took her seat, but stood up with her bag immediately.



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“I’m so sorry, but I have to be on my way now” she said and I arched my brows.



So early?



“Huh? But why? You’ve barely eaten” Mrs Sigmund said.



“Don’t worry, ma’am. I’m actually fine. I just…need to take care of something important. Thanks for accepting me, by the way.



“Um…Noah”, she called.


“Can I have a word with you please?”


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I looked at Noah immediately. What’s she talking about?



“Uh…okay, sure”, Noah replied and stood up.



“Thanks for the dinner once more. Bye Rex” she waved and left the room


with Noah.






Noah’s Pov:


I followed her out of the room, wondering what she had in mind.



We got out to the facade and she stopped walking and turned to face me.



Her bulgy eyes gleamed in the dark.



“Hi Noah”, she gave a light smile.


“I was actually scared you wouldn’t remember me” she added with a chuckle and I also smiled.



“Hi Audrey. Long time” I said



“Yeah – we’ve said that before. I’ve actually…missed you and just wanted to say a proper hi. I can see life is going on well for you. I mean…you actually getting married. Congratulations”.



“Yeah…thanks. And…I pray you find the same happiness” .



“Of course” she smiled and didn’t say anything else.



“So…I guess I’ll be on my way now. Take care” she said and gave me a parting hug which made me a little uncomfortable.



“Bye, Audrey” I cooed and she smiled and finally left.



I took in a deep breath and watched her walk into her car and take off.



Oh! Boy.



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Where has she been all these while?



Hm. Anyway, its a good thing to know she’s actually fine.



As she drove out of the compound, I turned around and returned to the








Maxine’s Pov:


I felt so uneasy knowing Noah was having a secret conversation with her. Why does she have to show up in the first place?



I mean…his ex. Why did she show up, huh?



“So Maxine, you really like my son?” Mrs Sigmund broke into my thoughts and I looked at her.



Oops! I don’t think I’m ready for this conversation.



“Um…yes ma’am”



“Are you sure? Or you’re only getting married to him cause it’s urgent and you probably have an eye on his wealth” Rex said and I looked at him in a ridiculous way.






“Let her speak for herself, Rex” Mr Sigmund cut in and he rolled his eyes. “Okay…let’s continue, Maxine. Are you really getting married to my son cause its urgent or because you like him?’ Mrs Sigmund continued and I cringed a little.


“Well….the thing is, I’ve always crushed on Noah, ma’am, even before I’d


gotten to meet him. So, I actually like him and…see it as an honor getting married to him” I replied and she nodded with a smile.



She was about saying something else when Noah suddenly walked in and I heaved a sigh of relief. At last.



He returned to the dining and took his seat next to me and Mrs Sigmund didn’t say any other thing regarding the issue and I wondered why.



“Is she gone?” She asked Noah and he just nodded and continued eating.



After a while, we were done eating and Noah announced our leaving, considering the fact that it was late.



His parents had excused him for a brief discussion while I waited outside for him.



And while waiting, Rex showed up.



“Hey”, he smirked as he stood beside me and I sighed



Gosh! Not now.



“Please, I don’t want any trouble” I said tiredly and tried walking away, but he held me back.



“Hey, chill. I just want to congratulate you on your engagement” he teased.



“Don’t touch me!” I snapped and wriggled my hand from his.




“Woahh! Looks like someone’s grown some wings, huh?” He laughed.




“Yeah – and trust me – I’m ready to cut out your balls if you mess with me again” I said, pointing my finger at him and he widened his eyes in shock.



“For real?? Wow! Do you care if we carry out some practice?” He said grumpily and moved closer to me.





I heard someone call and turned to see his mother walking out with Noah.



Thank goodness.



“What do you think you’re doing??” She asked, alarmed while Noah just stared.



“Chill, mum. I was only having a conversation with my sister in -law” he said with a chuckle and walked away.






Noah only watched and didn’t say a word and I noticed he was looking kinda moody.



“Goodnight, mum” he said simply and started walking towards me.



“Um…okay son. Goodnight and take care of yourself, okay? Bye Maxine” she replied and waved at me.



“Thank you, ma’am. Goodnight” I replied in obeisance and left with Noah.



Finally. I just couldn’t wait to get home.


I sat next to him in the front seat as he started the car and took off.



Hold on; where’s the driver?



He kept his eyes fixed on the road and didn’t say anything and just immediately, it started raining.



Oh my God!



I had sensed it from the house already. I knew it was gonna rain.



It was more like the rain had been waiting for us to set out on the road because it started falling immediately.



Holy Molly!



Thank goodness the road was clear and Noah tried to drive as fast as he could.



Suddenly, the unexpected happened.



The car broke down.



It screeched to a halt and the manner at which it had happened almost made me shriek.



Oh my God!



“Wh…What’s wrong?” I turned to Noah and asked and he groaned and hit the sterling.




“I think we’re having a flat tyre” he replied and my heart skipped.











Flat tyre


Under the rain.


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