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Haunt By Love – Episode 6

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✅Episode 6 ✅














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Mr Eric’s pleading fell on deaf ears as the police officers did their work just as directed by Mr Edwards, they had already handcuffed Mr Eric. The wife kept pleading and begging but none of them cared to listen to her, junior couldn’t stop his teared wishing his elder brother was there to defend his father, seeing his father dragged out of the room to where the police van was made the boy tears to drop.


“Please just give me one more week please zim going to pay you back “Mr Eric pleaded with me Edwards who was inside the police van but he did nothing about it allowing the old man to continue begging him and finally they took him away.





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Patricia could be seen in the maids room vibrating as if cold is catching, the fear of what happened few minutes ago kept haunting her. How will she possibly explain it to Mike’s parent’s if he tries to hurt her and they ask her what happened.


“Why are you shaking like this Patricia “? Amanda asked examining her body temperature but felt nothing


“I’m fine just that I’m having headache” She lied


“Don’t tell me Oga Mike screw you in his room. If it was me I would really allowed him to do it, I’ve really missed being touched by a guy “she said touching her breast seductively and licking her lips while Patricia left her all alone.




Derrick had already dressed up preparing himself to go meet the person that called him when a call came into his phone as he brought it out looking at the screen it was his mother, he smiled.


“Hello mom ” he greeted


“Derrick it’s your father oh ” she replied


“What happened to him “?


“He has been arrested by Mr Edwards for the dept we owe him ”


Derrick stood without saying anything and of course he had nothing to say, he looked at the sky to see it far and he looked at the ground and see it near, he sighed, grabbed his bag and head to the house to cbeck on the family.




Seeing Ana selling In one of the best restaurants in the city got me wondering what she was doing there but remembering her story of how she lost her parents make me understand everything. I felt lkie helping her but I don’t know where to start



cause I have a lot of things running in my mind. I knew deep down inside of me perfectly well that she’s gonna make it out.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“Hey babe ” Rose said to the phone smiling


“Yes dear, how are you today “? Ana asked the smiling Rose at the other end.


“I’m fine dear, how’s your first day at work “? She asked


“Very stressful but blissful also, at least it will help me reduce some times of thinking ” Ana said forgetting where she is.


“Good to know, I’ll see you when you are back, take care of yourself ” she said and hang the call.


Turning to her left hand Ana met the angry eyes of her mistress rolling over her like an hungry lion ready for a physical comabrt with the elephant.


“No calls when you are on duty do you understand “? Miss Angelina said


“Okay ma’am ” she replied


“If it repeat itself again you wjll face the consequences ” she and walked away.


The finally clicks 9:00pm as darkness took over the atmosphere, Ana pulled off her dress in the inner part of the shop, putting on her normal dressed, she had complete her 5 working hours from 5:00pm-9:00pm.


“Goodnight ma’am “she said picking her bag walking to the door.


“Ana “? Miss Angelina called as he turned back walking to her.


“You’ve really impressed me on your first day, that’s cool “she said handing her a #1000 note for transport to the house.


“Thank you very much ma’am “she greeted


“You’re welcome but remember to be always early to work” She said smiling.




Derrick got to the house after the call, the candle that was burning on the centre table of the house made the house a bit bright. Derrick sit next to the mother who couldn’t help than to think of how her husband is being treated in the police cell. Derick’s thought has also gone far as he thinks of the possible way to bail his father the next day, it’s only one person that can help him If the help. He decided to relax his mind for the night and wait for the next day to come.


“Mom just go get some sleep, everything will be fine tomorrow ” he assured


“My son it’s just that……


“Mom just rest for now everything will be settled “.




The sum rise from the east as being recited by the nursery school pupils, making everywhere to be bright as usual, the birds kept singing their praises to their maker for a new day.


As Ana was dressing for school, so was Derrick also dressing up to go the station also to see that his father is released.




The daily activities began with immediate effect as students could be seen at each angle either walking to the lecture hall or having an early morning discussion. Handsome sighted Ana from a distance as he smiled, allowing his cute face to be seen.


“Hey Desmond” he called her by her surname immediately she got to where he stood



“Yeah Handsome good morning ” she replied


“You look beautiful today ” he complimented


“Thank you ” she replied


“Can we hang out this evening “? He requested


“No ‘ Ana replied rolling her eyes on him


“Why “?


“I just don’t want to ” she asks and walked away as he kept staring at her retrieving figure.


The department of science lecture hall was already full Witt students as Mr Palz began doing his work without any form of stress and too much talking. One can easily detect that he’s not in a good mood. Handsome eyes met with that of Ana who averted it instantly pretending as if she didn’t see him just as Mr Palz wanted to do some explanations, Derrick walked in from the door In a way he almost knocked down Mr Palz.


He walked to Handsome, whispers into his ear as they bott took permission from Mr Palz and left the class.


Ana looked at the direction Derrick went, he didn’t even say Hi to her nor look her in the eye which made her feel bad.


Back to the school compound where Handsome and Derrick stood, he finished explaining everything to handsome asking him for financial assistance since his father is rich.


“Okay fine let’s see what I can do ” he replied.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Thank you bro I will be so grateful ”






Though I was still in class but my mind had gone far seeing how Derrick ignored me made me feel as if we were dating but I can’t just understand why I always feel this way about Derrick. I tried to control my mind not to think of him but I couldn’t, seeing him walked to the class in a hurry and them left with Handsome in a hurry, I sensed trouble but I was not sure. All I want for now is how to stop this madness feelings I’m having for Derrick cause I don’t understand.




Derrick could be seen in a cab with the mom as the car speed along the express road leading to the police station, soon they arrived where their destination as they both climbed down paid the taxi and left.






To be continued


Will they allow Derrick to bail the father??


Has Handsome helped him??


“Whats Ana feelings for Derrick??







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