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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 3

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Episode 3


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6 Years Later


Nadine’s POV


It’s been six years.


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Six years of suffering and hardship.


After Jeremy’s betrayal I was abandoned by my family, sent away into the street.


I had to take care of my baby but didn’t no how.


I dropped off from school and went into prostitution shortly after I delivered Zoe.


Yes Zoe, that’s my little princess name.


She’s as pretty as the stars.


“Mommy! I heard and turned to see my six years Zoe running towards me.” I bent to her level and embraced her.


“How was school baby?” I asked with smiles.


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It was okay mommy, she replied with her tiny sweet voice.


“Alright baby lunch is in the dinning, I announced and she raised her hands up happily.”


“Yeah mom you’re the best, she yelled happily and kissed me.”


“Alright go on, I beckoned and she made for the dinning but stopped mid way.” “Mommy are you spending the night with me today?” She asked. Um..



I searched for what to say knowing I had a client to handle tonight. “Baby, I called and walked to her.”


I squatted to her lever and stroke her hair with my finger.


You’ll have to stay with nanny tonight okay, I said calmly and her face changed instantly.


“You’ll leave me again?” She asked with a teary voice.



No baby I’ll never leave you, but you see I’ve got work tonight but I promise to make it up to you okay, I cooed still stroking her hair.


She pouted her lips sadly and I cleaned the tears off her face with my thumb. “I’ll surely make it up to you someday, I thought to myself.” I hugged her and patted her back.


Alright go on and eat your food now before it gets cold, I cooed and she squatted away.




I went into my room and started getting ready for my wealthy client tonight.


Heard his very rich and handsome.


It takes a lot to impress guys like him but I’ve doing this for the past six years so it isn’t a big deal.


I no crazy styles that could make him c*m right from the door.


I looked at the mirror in front of me.


Woos! I need a change of hair.


This hair style has lasted a week on me which is making me ugly already.


I got up and took my bag and left with one of the cars I got from my numerous client.


I went to the salon I’ve always visited and had my hair changed.


I had them dye it to red and made it really curly and shiny.


I think I need a new sexy dress too.



Just for tonight even tho I have a lot.

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I went to a shopping mall and saw a black dress.


It was short. There was openings at the back and the breast area isn’t that covered.


To top it all it fitted my body perfectly.


“Wait, did I say fitted?”


It glued on my body like a gum.


Satisfied I went home and took my bath.


Brushed my new made hair and applied little makeup.


I don’t usually use a lot of make-up course it makes men crazy over me.


When I say men I mean all kinds. Even those poor rats with pot belly.


So to avoid associating with low class I apply little makeup most of the time.




After I was done with the dressing I looked at the time.


“Oh perfect! I stood up and carried my bag.”


I moved closer to Zoe’s room and looked at her.


Seems she is doing her assignment.


I signed sadly.


I can’t even help her with it.





I arrived at the exclusive hotel and was directed to a room number immediately even without telling them who I was.


“Wait, do I need to tell them when they already no me?”


I cat walked to the room and stood at the door.


Room number 203


I knocked stylishly and heard a manly voice asking me to come in.


I pushed open the door and went in.


And there he was – sitting and facing his laptop.


I moved in slowly and dropped my handbag on the bed.


I went for a glass of wine which he was already drinking and gulped down a large quantity.


He closed his laptop and faced me.


I stood stylishly and smiled at him.


I’m ready for action.



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