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Uzoamaka – The Fat Girl – Episode 5

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A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko




A Story Written By Christabel Nwoko


Episode 5


On hearing Bobby’s heartfelt promises and confessions, Uzoamaka melted because she felt it was all a dream.


“I have been pouring out my feelings and intentions but you have not said anything to me, you only gave a condition, which I accepted, but I want to know if you love me like I love you, Amaka do you love me?” Bobby asked in a low tone, looking into her eyes. She was speechless


“Uzoamaka, Honestly, I love you so much and I have only good intentions, I’m not here to sleep with you , I’m here because I want you and I love you, There’s just something about you that keeps me coming back. I love your smile, your shape, I love the way you laugh, the way you talk and your personality. I don’t know you too well to give a final verdict on your character but all I can say is that you are someone I feel I can be with, you are caring and free spirited, do you feel love for me?” Bobby added


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Uzoamaka was weakened by Bobby’s words and She couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted him as well


“I…..I…I love you too” Uzoamaka managed to say and bobby smiled and kissed her


Lips and this time around, it was alot passionate than the kissed he gave her on her forehead. They held each other tightly and didn’t want to let go of their grip on one another.


As they kissed, Bobby could tell that Uzoamaka was naive when it came to intimacy. He noticed the way her whole body suddenly became cold and her hands didn’t stop shaking. Bobby’s heart was glad at the thought of the good choice he made.


“Yes she is a virgin” He thought and he fall more in love with her.


It was a beautiful day indeed for the two lovers as they were now officially together. Soon after, Bobby digged into the meal Uzoamaka brought and he spoon feed Uzoamaka and she ate in smiles. After the meal, They talked alittle about their new found relationship and when it was almost 6:30pm, Uzoamaka was set to go home.


“Let me leave you, so you can concentrate on your work”


And to Uzoamaka’s greatest surprise, Bobby handed his car key to her “Take get yourself home, I know you have closed for the day” Bobby said so lovingly and she blushed

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“Do you know how to drive?” He asked and Uzoamaka responded “Yes,my


brothers taught me how to drive”.


“Wow, that’s good to know” Bobby said


“But how will you go home, if I go with your car?” Uzoamaka asked.


“Don’t worry about me, the company’s driver will take me home, allow me to care for you, because you are now my woman” Bobby responded and Uzoamaka blushed.


They walked to where Bobby parked his car, immediately Uzoamaka saw the Classic car, she was dumbfounded.”Call me when you get home, or at least charge your phone, so I can call you or do you want a new phone?” He asked and Uzoamaka nodded “no” .


Bobby planted a kiss on her lips and she got into the car and drove off after they sadly said their goodbyes to each other.

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That day was one of the best days of Uzoamaka’s life as she have never truly experienced what being loved felt like. Uzoamaka felt like a queen and wasn’t ready to trade that feeling for anything in the world.


On the drive home that evening, Uzoamaka kept smiling and was feeling emotional. Due to excess excitement, “I never believed that one day I would find my own prince charming, everyone insulted me, my extended family members told my parents that I will never get a man who will love me, They persuaded my parents to marry me off to Chief ebenezar, a widower, here I am, I have found love, God has proved them wrong” Uzoamaka thought.


When Uzoamaka got home, after she had charged her phone battery, she picked up her phone and dialed Barbara’s number, so as to break the good news to her. Immediately Barbara picked up, Uzoamaka screamed in excitement; “Oh Barbara! guess what?” She excitedly said, “What? Where are you? Don’t tell me you are still with Bobby, I thought you will come back to the office, what happened?” Barbara curiously asked at once.


“I’m home now…., Barbara I have accepted Bobby’s proposal, we are now


officially together” Uzoamaka said at once and Barbara was shocked


he also gave me his car key to drive myself home, Barbara you need to see the car, oh my God, it’s so classic, Barbara he even accepted my conditions, no sex till further notice, Oh my! We kissed, His lips were sweet, I’m so happy that Bobby gave me my first kiss, he said he loves my shape, you can imagine, Barbara, I’m finally in a relationship with a man I love, I’m happy that Bobby is the man I want to give my all to; because he deserves it and I love him so much and really want this to work” Uzoamaka said with tears in her eyes.


The good news that came out of Uzoamaka’s mouth killed Barbara within; she almost fainted but somehow she comported herself. At that moment, Barbara was dumbfounded as she wasn’t expecting such sudden news from Uzoamaka.


“no man had treated me like this, This is the first day of their relationship and Bobby had given her a car, what will happen if they are together for one month? Bobby even accepted her condition, this is serious?” Barbara thought within. After about a minute of being completely silent, she finally summoned strength to speak.



“I’m happy for you dear but I hope he is not deceiving you because all that glitter is not gold oh” she said in a low tone and Uzoamaka assured her that Bobby was real. “He even introduced me to everyone in their company, I was so shy but he held my hands and kissed me in the presence of his colleagues” Uzoamaka revealed. If only Uzoamaka knew that the good news will hurt Barbara, she would have kept her good news to herself.


“I’m so happy for you, please come to work on time tomorrow, so you will give me the full gist” Barbara finally said and they hanged up shortly after.


End Of Episode 5


To Be Continued


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