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My Plastic Wife – Episode 8

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Chapter EIGHT


[ The Audition II ]


* *



~ Kaleb’s POV ~


* *


Kaleb! I can’t believe it!” Nadia said exitedly.


Come on in, the rain is heavy. Let me drop you guys at your destination.” I said after realizing that the were still under the rain. She and her friend accepted the lift and entered into the car, then we drove off.

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It’s so nice to see you after all these years Nadia.” I said and she thinned her lips into a grin.


Yes, who knew that fate will bring us together again?” She said and both of us laughed to that.


Who’s your friend?” I asked when I noticed she wasn’t really active in the conversation. Nadia looked at the lady beside her.


Oh pardon my manners. Janelle meet Kaleb, my very good friend way back in College. Kaleb meet my best friend Janelle.” Nadia said and I looked back to see the girl and wow she looked so much like Tricia.


Anything the matter?” Janelle asked when she saw me looking at her keenly.


Oh no. Nothing at all.” I said and stopped looking at her then concentrated on my driving.


Just that you really look like someone I know. Anyways nice meeting you” I said and I could see her flash a smile through my rear mirror.


Studies do show that everyone has six other people who look like them. Maybe this Tricia girl is one of Janelle’s look alikes.” Nadia said and I was surprised at her knowledge.

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Wow! I never knew that until today.” I said and we all laughed.



That means there are six other handsome versions of you in this world. But I’m sure theyre’ not as handsome as you cause you’re the original version.” Janelle said and pouted a kiss to me as she winked. Off course, I could see all of that through my rear mirror.


Is Janelle flirting with me? She just threw a kiss at me and winked. That compliment of hers didn’t seem ordinary. I sense some strings. Anyways, I’ll give her the benefit of doubt.


Nadia, Janelle and I chatted all through and honestly, there was no dull moment at all. Nadia is very enthralling to be with, there’s never a dull moment with her. But off course, good things come to an end and we were about reaching Nadia’s stop.


Oh silly me. I didn’t even ask you guys where you’re going to.” I said after remembering how clumsy I was for not asking their destination.


Oh no need. I figured out we were going to the same area because you took a right turn at Oak Street. There was no need to ask.” Nadia said and I smiled shyly. I was relieved actually because I thought I had missed her stop then I’ll end up turning back or taking a new route. I’m already late as it is.


We’ll be stopping by the Mall over there.” Janelle said and pointed to a large emporium by the left side of the road.


I slowed down my acceleration and stirred left then finally pulled the brakes right at the entrance of the Mall.


Thanks a bunch Kaleb.” Nadia said as she and Janelle alighted from my car and stood by the front passenger’s window


Let’s go Janelle.” Nadia said and she and Janelle left the side of my car and walked inside the building. Janelle turned back and blew a kiss to me just before they disappeared into the crowd.


” Awkward.” I thought and rolled my eyes just before zooming off towards


Schneider Hotels.* *



~ Nadia’s POV ~


* *


He’s a nice guy isn’t he?” I asked Janelle what she thought about Kaleb as we browsed through some blouses at a stall.




Kaleb off course.”


You mean Mr. Handsome?” Janelle said with a wide grin and flustered cheeks.


Seems like you’ve been smothered by him already. I mean he’s not even here and your blushing ov


er him.” I said and Janelle couldn’t stop smiling as she sighed probably fantasizing over him.


Do you know if he’s single?” Janelle asked me and I was taken aback.


Don’t tell me you have interest in him. A while back I thought you were only admiring him.” I said and Janelle twitched her lips.


Well he’s handsome, he looks caring and he’s rich! Can’t you see the car he drives? What girl wouldn’t have interest in him.” Janelle said as she inspected a pink peplum blouse and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Okay lovergirl. Just don’t droll too much over him or else you’ll be too carried away to support me.” I said and Janelle smiled.


I can never stop supporting you even though I droll over Mr. Handsome.” Janelle said and I laughed, shortly after she couldn’t help but also join in the laughter.



I can’t believe this blouse is sold for 90bucks!” Janelle exclaimed as she dropped the peplum top back on the rack.


Oh don’t be so cheap, you’re not Mr. Krabs. Besides 90 dollars isn’t so high, the dress is quality.” I said as I picked the dress off the rack and checked it out.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Here add it to the other clothes.” I said and tossed the dress to Janelle.

























We shopped till we dropped! I mean, who comes to New York City without shopping? We bought clothes, shoes, accessories even things we won’t need during


our stay But trust me, we had a swell time. After shopping we went to a Pizzeria and had some pepperoni pizza. Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel.


Finally! We’re back!” I said and dropped the gazillion shopping bags I was holding on the bed. Janelle also dropped hers on the centre table and threw herself on the bed.


Early morning shopping really hits the spot!” Janelle said and I chuckled.


You’re gonna follow me to Schneider Hotel for my audition right?” I asked Janelle.


Yes I will. Isn’t that why I came to NYC with you?” Janelle said and I couldn’t help but rush to the bed and hug her.


Bestest Bestie!” I said as I hugged her.


I know I am. But I love it when you say it.” Janelle said and disengaged from from the hug.


Now go prepare or you’ll be late okay?” Janelle said and I got out of the bed, got my towel and went into the bathroom.


After showering, Janelle also did the same. We got dressed and we were ready to set out. We ordered for an Uber to take us to Schneider Hotels and it turns out the Hotel wasn’t far off from ours.


So Mr. Uber you knew that this Hotel wasn’t far from us and you made us pay you $150 bucks?” Janelle half- yelled at the Uber Driver.


Chill Janelle. He’s just doing his job. The prices have been fixed already. It’s not his fault.” I said trying to calm Janelle down.


C’mon Nadia, it’s a walkable distance” Janelle said and I giggled.


Don’t be silly Janelle.” I replied her and she rolled her eyes.


I’m trying to manage costs Nadia.” Janelle said and shook my head in disagreement.


No you’re not, you’re just being cheap.” I told Janelle and reached out to my purse and brought out 200 bucks.


Here’s your fare sir.” I said to the driver and he collected the money.


Keep the change.” I said to him and winked then he smiled.


WHAT!?” Janelle yelled.


Thank you so much ma’am.” The driver said with happiness.


No big deal.” I said ignoring Janelle and opened the door then Janelle and I alighted from the car.



Did you just give out 50 bucks all willy nilly?” Janelle asked me as we stepped out and the car zoomed off.


Janelle, I’m highly unsatisfied at your display of cheapness in the car. Imagine if you were in the poor man’s shoes?” I snapped at Janelle and she wanted to protest but I didn’t let her.


50bucks can get that man breakfast. Stop being cheap Janelle and have a heart.” I said and with that I entered into the hotel.


The hotel was so beautiful and looked very expensive. So nice and wonderful. It had a golden fountain at the middle of the reception and had sparkles and shimmers all over.



I located the receptionist and walked to her desk.


Can I help you?” She asked cheekily without looking away from her computer system.


Yes…” I stuttered moving closer to the desk. I was expecting her to reply but she didn’t. Instead she concentrated on her computer.


Look, if you don’t have anything to say move away. I’m a very busy person.” She said impudently and I was astonished at such display of impertinence.


Hey miss, mind your tone.” I snapped at her and she finally looked away from the computer and stared at me angrily.


I wasn’t paid to have you school me. If you don’t have anything reasonable, take the exit.” She said in a sassy tone. I was very angry but I had to keep my cool because this is a public place.


I’m a participant of the Dance2Fame competition held here. Where is the venue please?” I asked and the receptionist looked at me from top to bottom.



You don’t look like someone who can dance. Your legs are so thin and perky! Can you even twirl with those?” She said rudely and that was the crux of all rubbish she has been saying since I got here.


Excuse me?” I asked displeased.


Hall 15.” She said to me and I grunted before leaving the desk.


Such an annoying b*tch.” I mumbled as I walked.


I located the hall and seems they had already started. I was late. I further went in and was shocked at who I saw there.


Kaleb?” I whispered as I saw him as one of the judges. He sighted me as I came in and gave me a thumbs up and I smiled.





















We were hundred candidates and I was number hundred because I was the last to come in. Assuming that monster of a receptionist didn’t waste my time, I probably would’ve been number 90 or something.


The task was to perform a freestyle to any song of your choice and the judges will judge based on what you presented. Only 20 people will be selected and 80 others will have to go home.












I finished presenting my freestyle and then the judges started compiling the




” The results are in!” The judges said and we gathered around.


Nineteen people were selected and a girl named Suzy and I were tied for the twentieth spot. The remaining eighty were asked to go home.


” So who will take the 20th spot!?” Kaleb yelled and Suzy and I became nervous.


I think my journey ends here because Suzy was a mind blowing dancer and she had moves. I just did a nae-nae and some twirls. They’ll choose Suzy off course!


” And the twentieth person is….”












So Nadia isn’t Tricia


Then who is Tricia??








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